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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

SPINNERS' ARMS, Lancaster Road

61 / 62 Lancaster Road
1866 - 70               Matthew Simpson
1870 - 71               (John)? James Singleton
1877 - 78               Mrs. Mary Gregson  d. 1878
1878                       Mary Gregson  - her daughter?
1878                       Christopher Gregson
1878 - 84               Thomas Sandiford
1884 - 85               Ann Sandiford
1885 - 1900           Roger Milner  -  Ann Sandiford married Roger Milner.
1900 - 07               George Sandiford - Son of Ann Sandiford, now Mrs. Roger Milner.
1910 - 17               Alfred Sandiford - Son of Ann Sandiford, now Mrs. Roger Milner.
1919                       Hugh McKerney - owned by Florence Sandiford, 14 Hawkins Street.
Preston Chronicle  1st December 1866
Preston Chronicle  15th March 1873
Preston Chronicle  5th September 1874
Re: Mrs Mary GREGSON, deceased
The Creditors and others claiming on the Estate
of the late Mrs. MARY GREGSON, of the 
SPINNERS' ARMS INN, Lancaster Road, Preston,
deceased, are requested to sent the particulars of
their debts and claims to me forthwith.
T. EDELSTON, Solicitors,
7 Winckley Street, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  28th September 1878
John and Alfred Sandiford, two very respectable-
looking young men, answered a charge that they
had assaulted their mother, Ann Sandiford, landlady
of the SPINNERS' ARMS public house, on Saturday
night last. It appeared that Alfred Sandiford, about
17 years of age, lived with his mother; he would not
work; and his mother would only be willing to keep
him, only he would not conduct himself properly.

On the evening named he came home, kicked up a 
row with one of the customers, thrashed and abused
his mother, and subsequently fetched his brother
John, who also assaulted his mother. The case was

John was bound over to keep the peace for six
months, himself in £20 and two other sureties of
£10 each, in default 1 month imprisonment.

Alfred was ordered to find two sureties in £10 each for
 6 months, with one month imprisonment in default.
Preston Chronicle 18th April 1885
James Singleton                     32 years                      Beerseller                     b. Chipping
Letitia Singleton                     32                               Wife                             b. Liverpool
Henry ? Singleton                  12                                Son                             b. Preston
John Singleton                         6                                Son                             b. Blackburn
William Singleton                    5                                 Son                                       do
Ellen Singleton                        2                                 Daughter                     b. Todmorden
James Singleton                     11 months                    Son                             b. Preston
Henry Singleton                     60                                Father                         b. Chipping
Ellen Singleton                       60                                Mother                                  do                

Thomas Sandiford                 41 years                       Beerseller                    b. Preston
Ann Sandiford                       40                                Wife                                     do
George Sandiford                  17                                 Son                                     do
Alfred Sandiford                    14                                 Son                                     do
Thomas Sandiford                  8                                  Son                                      do
Mary Sandiford                      3                                  Daughter                              do

Roger Milner                       54 years                         Lic. Vict.                     b. Catterall
Ann Milner                          50                                  Wife                            b. Preston
Thomas Sandiford               19                                  Step-son                               do

George Sandiford                37 years                          Publican                     b. Preston
Emily Sandiford                   37                                    Wife                                   do
Annie Sandiford                   17                                   Daughter                             do

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