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Thursday, 28 February 2013

GEORGE INN, Friargate

179 / 180 Friargate
The 'George Inn Concert Hall' entrance can just be seen on the
left of this Beattie picture.
The new Friargate / Market Street layout is superimposed over the
pre-existing Friargate/ Back Lane layout. It can be seen how the George Inn and Concert Hall had an entry from Back Lane as well as from Friargate.
The new George Hotel that was built on the corner to the two streets can
be seen to be standing (partially) on the footprint of the original 17th Century Inn/
A section of the 1694 map in L.R.O. showing the George's position in
relation to Anchor Weind, at that time called St. John Weind.
Directly across from the weind was the ancient "Anchor Inn"
or "Golden Anchor."

1689                  Edward Craven
1732                  Roger Walshman (Property owned by him,also).
1788                  Mr. Werden
1801                  Mrs. Parker - wife of the late Tempest Slinger Parker.  Married Mr. W. Corry 9.8.1801
1804 - 10          Thomas Scott
1812 - 18          John Marsden - Mother, Mrs. Ann Marsden, d. 5.11.1818, aged 76 years.
1819                  Mr. Ratcliffe
1820                  Mr. Cooper   -   see death notice below, 12.8.1820.
1825                  William Chambers    d. 11.1.1836 aged 51 years, living in Park Road.
1829                  Thomas Alker Wrigley  -  On Monday 11th July T.A.W. was discharged at the Court                                                                                                          of Insolvent Debtors in Lancaster.
1837                  Thomas Sutcliffe    -  d. Saturday 11th February 1837, aged 44 years.
1837 - 39          Mrs. Jane Sutcliffe
1839 - 41          Thomas Charnley
1843                  John Charnock
1844                  Mr. Butcher
1846                  James Haworth
1851 - 54          James Emery
1854 - 57          James Wignall
1858 - 61          William Skelton   d. 7.3.1865 aged 44 years
1861 - 62          James Topham
1864                 William Dickinson
1864 - 69          Edward Blackoe
1869 - 79          Leonard Waddington
1879 - 83          Martin Brown
1885 - 91         Esther Smirk
1891 - 92        John Coward
Taken from "A Topographical, Statistical, and Historical Account of the Borough of Preston"
-   by   Marmaduk Tulket   -

Rev. Nicholas Banastre was Priest of St. Wilfrid's ParishChurch, in this town, and was ejected from the said church,on account of the popish practices, and obligated, by theBishop of Chester, to remain in any part of the countypalatine (except Preston) in the 3rd year of Elizabeth (AD 1561)

Descendants from the family of the said N. Banastre, kept the George Inn, in this town, so late as the year 1788.
The last was a female, married to a person of the name of Werden.
Because of the amount of cuttings, etc., I have put the
Census Returns at the top of the page.
Bankruptcy Enlarged:  October 15th 1796.
Robinson Shuttleworth, late of Preston, Lancashire,
bankers, at ten, at the 'George and Dragon Inn,' Preston.
True Briton (1793) (London)  22nd August 1796
July 27th 1797.  Robinson Shuttleworth, late of
Preston, Lancashire, banker, at eleven, at the
'George and Dragon Inn,' Preston.
True Briton  (1793) London. 5th July 1797
MARRIAGE:  On Sunday 9th August, 1801,
at Preston, Mr. W. Corry, master-builder and 
cabinet maker, to Mrs. Parker, of the George Inn,
Friargate, and relict of Mr. Tempest Slinger Parker,
of that town.
Lancaster Gazette  15th August 1801 
Lancaster Gazette  11th February 1804
Lancaster Gazette  19th May 1804
Lancaster Gazette  24th November 1804
Lancaster Gazette  14th September 1805
York Herald  28th November 1807
Lancaster Gazette  16th June 1810
DEATH:  On Tuesday se'enight, aged 17 years,
Miss Elizabeth Cooper, niece of Mr. Cooper,
George Inn, in Preston
Lancaster Gazette  12th August 1820 
Preston Chronicle 17th September 1831

The Creditors of Mrs. Jane Sutcliffe, late of the
George Inn, Friargate, within Preston, Innkeeper, 
are requested to send full particulars of their demands
to the office of William Banks, in Friargate, aforesaid,
on or before Monday 16th December instant; and all
such Creditors neglecting to do so, will be excluded the
benefit of a first and final Dividend of her Estate and
Effects, which will be declared on that date, and afterwards
paid at the office of the said William Banks, Solicitor.
Preston Chronicle 7th December 1839
On Tuesday next, in the Neighbourhood of Preston,
will be Shot for, at Sparrows, a double-barrelled GUN
value £6, by 12 subscribers at 10s each - wight of shot 11/2oz. 
Afterwards, on the same day, a small SWEEPSTAKES
will be shot for, at Blue Rock Pigeons.

Subscribers must enter their names at the George Inn,
Friargate, on Monday next.
Preston Chronicle 28th March 1840
by Mr Richard Duckett
On Tuesday 1st February 1841, at
the George Inn, Friargate
Further particulars will be given next week, and
catalogues will be ready for delivery four days
before the Sale, and may be had from the Auctioneer,
at the office of this paper, and at the George Inn.
NB. The whole must be sold without reserve,
as the incoming Tenant does not choose to take 
any of the Furniture at a valuation.
Preston Chronicle 22nd January 1842
Preston Chronicle 29th January 1842*

At a low rent, with immediate possession.
That well-accustomed INN known by the name of
the "GEORGE INN,"situate in Friargate, Preston.
There is a good brew-house, excellent cellaring, and 
Stabling for upwards of forty Horses, with other

The George Inn is centrally situated, and one of
the best situations for Wine and Spirit Vaults. 
The Stock may be taken at a valuation.
Preston Chronicle 13th May 1843
On Tuesday last, John DAGGER, a well-known
character, was charged at the Town Hall with stealing
a cock, the property of Mr. George Clarke, of Everton
Gardens, which he sold to Mr. Butcher of the George Inn.
He was committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle 15th July 1843
On Monday last, a Canary Show was held at
the house of Mr. Howarth, the George Inn, 
Friargate. There were a large number of very
fine birds exhibited, and 23 prizes were awarded.
Preston Chronicle 21st November 1846
J. EMERY, landlord in 1851 - 54
had a workshop behind the Inn
where he made CANE FRAME
carriages for horse-drawn coaches:-
Preston Guardian 21st May 1853
The preliminaries of a match have been agreed upon
between Stephen alias Tim Ingham and William Durrant,
of this town. Tim is to give Durrant an hour's start, and
walk or run from the George Inn, Preston, to the White 
Cross, Lancaster, and back again, a distance of about 42 miles.

The match will take place on Monday the 18th inst. Durrant
will start at 8 o'clock in the morning, and Ingham an hour
after that time. The match is for £10 a side, of which one
half is already deposited, and the other half is to be 
deposited next Monday.

Ingham is 47 years of age, and Durrant fifty. The match is
one that will, no doubt, cause considerable sensation in the
sporting community of the neighbourhood.
Preston Chronicle 9th August 1851
Won by Durrant in 73/4 hours.
Agreement between Tim Ingram and William Durrant.
Walk or run from the George Inn to the Oddfellow's
Hall, Kendal, and back, for £20 a side.

£5 deposited in the hands of Mr. J. Emery.

Race to be on the 22nd September 1851

Ingham to give half an hour's start.

Start 6am and 6.30am.
Preston Chronicle 6th September 1851
Margaret Caffrey was arraigned on a charge of stealing from
the person of Jane Bradley, a purse containing 8s 6d in silver. 
The prosecutrix and the prisoner had gone into the George Inn, 
Friargate, on the previous Tuesday, to "have a gill together,"
but as Jane got too many gills she fell asleep, and her friend
siezed the opportunity of taking the purse from her pocket, and
hiding it in her own bosom. The trick was perceived by a person
named Hoskinson, and Caffrey was given into custody.

Mr. Monk for the prisoner, said that the prosecutor had 
frequently on tippling occasions such as the present, given Caffrey
 her money to "take care of" for her, and as the Bench appeared
to think one as bad as the other, they discharged the prisoner and
advised the prosecutrix to keep sober for the future.
Preston Guardian 10th December 1853
The George Inn, in Friargate, carried on under the name of
James Emery, and the business of Basket, Skip, and Conveyance
Maker, in Friargate and the Market Place, carried on under the
name of Samuel Venables, are alone the property of Thomas Threlfall
Junior and Co., Wine and Spirit Merchants.

The public are respectfully informed that all debts due to the above
estates must only be paid to us, and any communications relating to
the same must be addressed to Thos. Threlfall Jnr. & Co,
Wine and Spirit Merchants, Bolton's Court, Preston.
Preston Guardian 18th March 1854
MR. MURPHY, the celebrated young IRISH GIANT, 
GEORGE INN, Friargate. On the 18th instant he will
remove to Blackburn for three days Exhibition.

Admission: - Forenoon 3d;  From 6pm - 10pm  2d
Preston Guardian  16th December 1854
NB.  Mr. Murphy was an extraordinary specimen of the genus homo. 
He stood 7ft 63/4in high, though only 18 years old, and was very
intelligent and prepossessing. By May 1857 there was a report
that he had reached 7ft 101/2in in his stocking feet.
In 1862 he died of small pox in Marseilles.
Preston Chronicle  29th April 1854
Preston Chronicle  27th January 1855
Preston Chronicle  14th February 1857
Preston Chronicle  5th February 1862
Preston Chronicle 26th April 1862
Preston Chronicle  10th December 1864
The image of this token comes courtesy of
Pete Vickers, Preston.
Preston Herald  24th June 1885 

Thomas Charnley               20 years                    Publican
Margaret Charnley             20                             Wife
Mary Charnley                    5                              Daughter
Thomas Charnley                3                              Son
John Charnley                     2                              Son

James Emery                     30 years                    Publican                       b. Preston
Sarah Emery                      30                             Wife                                    do
Mary Ann Emery                7                              Daughter                              do
Jane Emery                         5                              Daughter                              do
Sarah Ann Emery                2                             Daughter                               do
Harriet Emery                     1                              Daughter                               do

William Skelton                 40 years                     Innkeeper                    b. Hull
Elizabeth Skelton               34                              Wife                            b. Preston
John Skelton                      12                              Son                                      do
Ann Skelton                       11                              Daughter                              do
Alice Skelton                      9                               Daughter                               do
James Skelton                     7                               Son                                      do
Elizabeth Skelton                5                               Daughter                               do
William Skelton                  3                                Son                                      do
Emma Skelton                    1                                Daughter                              do
Rebecca Skelton                1 month                      Daughter                              do

Leo Waddington               36 years                      Innkeeper                    b. Lancaster
Mary Waddington             29                               Wife                            b. Poulton
Elizabeth A. Waddington    5 months                    Daughter                      b. Preston     
Mary Noblet                     28                               Servant                        b. Myerscough
Elizabeth Gregson              12                               Servant                                 do
Thomas Singleton              25                               Ostler                          b. Goosnargh
George McVan                 28                               Commercial Traveller   b. Scotland

Martin Brown                   40 years                      Lic. Vict.                      b. Preston
Margaret Brown               42                               Wife                             b. Bolton
Elizabeth Clark                 21                                Daughter                      b. Preston
Ada Clark                         1                                 Grand-daughter                    do
Maud A. Clark                 8 months                      Grand-daughter                    do

Esther Smirk                     57 years                     Lic. Vict.                      b. Preston
Lizzie Smirk                      22                              Daughter                              do
Thomas Smirk                   16                             Son                                      do
Mary Hastings                   19                             Pianist                          b. London
Daisy Wingfield                 34                             Professional Singer                do

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