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Sunday, 5 February 2017


89 High Street
1851 - 53                 Charles Morgan 
1869 - 70                 John Smith   d. c30.12.1870 aged 59 years.
1870 - 77                 Mrs Hannah Smith
1881                        William Preston  -  Owned by William Garth and Robert Richards - representatives of the late Roger Garth.
1882 - 85                 James Wood
1885                        William Worden
1885 - 87                 John Moulding
1887 - 89                William Eccles
1889 - 90                Joseph Swales
1890 - 91                John Gorton
1891                       John William Barnes
1891 - 93                Daniel Banks
1893                       Robert Duckett
1893                       Joseph Ashton
1894                       John William Lawrenson
1894 - 96                Ellen McKeowen     NB. Owned by Thomas Rooney c. 1889 - 1895.
1896 - 99                Thomas Bennett
1899                        Theresa Johnson
1901                        Henry Johnson
1902                        James Green
1904                        John Armstrong
1907                        Robert Bernard Matthews
On 21st February 1883
LOT 1.     ALL that BEERHOUSE, messuage, Brewhouse
and Premises, called the "PRINCE OF WALES," situated
on the south side of High Street, in Preston, and the Brew-
house, land, and appurtenances situate on the south side of
High Street, in the occupation of Mr. James Wood, as tenant.

The premises are subject to a yearly ground rent of £1. 2s. 2d

The property is most centrally situated, being in one of the
best business thoroughfares in Preston, and in close proximity
to the Covered Market.
Preston Chronicle  10th February 1883
FOOLISH LANDLORD - Jno Moulding, landlord of the Prince of Wales beerhouse, High Street, was summoned for supplying beer during prohibited hours, and Isabella Horsfall for aid and abetting.
PC's Forrest and Parkinson were on duty near the public house in question on Sunday 23rd ult.,  when they saw the female defendant go into the house. They followed her, and found her with a quart bottle containing beer. There was a shilling placed on the counter of the bar. The charge was denied.
Moulding was fined 10/- and costs, the conviction not to be endorsed on the license; and Horsfall 5/- and costs.
Preston Herald  5th September 1885
Preston Chronicle  1st October 1887
At the Preston Police Court, yesterday, John W. Lawrence, landlord of the Prince of Wales beerhouse, High Street, was fined 20s and costs for supplying beer during prohibited hours on the morning of Sunday the 13th inst. At five minutes past nine on that date a policeman noticed the defendant leave his house with a jug of beer, which he handed to a tripe boiler named Robert Johnson, who was mulched in a fine of 5/- and costs for aiding and abetting.
Blackburn Standard  26th May 1894
The Licensing Court of 1895 heard an objection to the renewal of the license for the Prince Of Wales, High Street. The objection was that the value of the property was insufficient. Mr. W. T. Smith, on behalf of the Vigilance Committee attempted to prove incompetence on behalf of the architect called by the applicant, when Mr. Blackhurst caused loud laughter by asking the witness if he had valued the house for the Vigilance Committee, to which he applied in the affirmative!
The licence was renewed.
Blackburn Standard  31st August 1895
PC'S McGuire and Pickup went into the Prince of Wales public house in High Street on Friday night last at 10 o'clock, and found William Wilson in a very drunken condition in the kitchen, which apartment was used for customers. Wilson was so drunk that he mistook the day for Sunday. The defendant did not appear, and the Bench imposed a fine of 5/_ and costs.
A summons against the landlord, James Green, for permitting drunkenness on his premises was then gone into, and being proved, the defendant was fined 10/- and costs, or 14 days in default.
Preston Herald  15th November 1902
Hannah Smith                         56 years                      Beerseller                   b. Preston

William Preston                       68 years widower       Cooper                      b. Preston
Martha Woodruff                    57                    Sister / Housekeeper                      do
James Etherington                   19                           Assistant cooper            b. Churchtown
Robert Kirkham                     12                      Grandson  /  Scholar           b. Preston
Richard Kirkham                     5                       Grandson  /  Scholar           b. Yorkshire, Betty Wife Hall?

John Gorton                           35 years                      Beerseller                   b. Walton-le-dale
Mary Ellen Gorton                 30                               Wife                           b. Preston
Miles Gorton                           5                                Son                                     do
Thomas Gorton                       1                                Son                                     do

Henry Johnson                       46 years                     Head                           b. Longton
Theresa Johnson                    40                              Wife /                          b. Preston
                                                                                  Beerhouse Keeper
Elizabeth Johnson                   21                             Daughter                      b. Longton
Henry Johnson                       18                              Son                             b. Preston
Thomas Johnson                    10                              Son                                      do

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