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Friday, 24 February 2012

LIVERPOOL HOUSE, Shepherd Street

Shepherd Street
Became the "DOG AND RAT"
1839 - 41             James Hope  -  owned by Thomas Lythgoe
1849 - 50             Samuel Leighton
1851 - 69             John Proctor
The area around Shepherd Street was known in
1853 as "The Sandhole."
...............Mary Ann Hodgson and Elizabeth Fazackerley,
two denizens of the "sandhole."
Preston Chronicle 12th March 1853
In a report about a 'highway robbery' was the following:
" a house of ill-fame, in that
beautiful neighbourhood, the Sandhole."
Preston Chronicle  12th November 1842
* Bolton's Court, Shepherd Street,and the clump
 of buildings known as the "Sandhole."
Preston Chronicle  22nd May 1852
.............but instead of going to the Theatre,
most of them repaired to the public-houses
and brothels in the "Sandhole."
Preston Chronicle 16th February 1856
James Proctor, the keepr of the LIVERPOOL ARMS,
Shepherd Street, was charged with committing an aggravated 
assault on his wife, Alice.

Mr. Gibbons (Chief Superintendent) told the Court that, 
"I know nothing good of this man. He is one of the worst
men I ever met with. He is an utterly worthless being - 
always in the company of prostitutes and such like
characters. "

The prisoner begged for mercy, and promised to leave
the town. He was gaoled for 6 months with hard labour -
a decision that seemed to appall the man.
Preston Chronicle 19th September 1857


  1. What do we know about the 'sandhole' was it just a very rough area ?

  2. I don't know an awful lot about it, although it was an area that was commonly referred to as such. It was certainly a rough area. Several low-class beer-houses and many brothels. Some were even both!!