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Monday, 6 February 2017

BIRD-IN-HAND, 28 North Road

28 North Road

1837 - 53                   Alice Bradshaw  (Brewer)  -  own property    [Preston Chronicle 2nd September 1837]
1860 - 64                   Alice Withnell    d. 22.11.1864 aged 77 years  - believed to have formerly been Alice Bradshaw.
1865 - 74                   Thomas Grundy
      ?                           Mrs Alice Fisher
1882 - 85                   William Southworth
1885 - 86                   Henry Shuttleworth
1886                          Ellen Pomfret
1886                          George Rayton
1888                          Alexander Strickland
1889                          George Kelly
1889                          Joseph Thompson
1889                          Thomas Boardman
1891 - 92                  William Henry Pennington
1892                          Robert Standing
1892                          Jane Chadwick
1893                          Ann Quigley
Preston Chronicle 28th July 1849
Preston Chronicle 9th October 1858

Preston Chronicle 7th January 1860
Preston Chronicle 23rd June 1860
Preston Chronicle 7th February 1863

All persons having CLAIMS or DEMANDS on the estate of
the late ALICE WITHNELL, beerseller, of the "BIRD-IN-HAND"
Preston, are requested to send in particulars of the same to Mr. JOHN
WITHNELL, No.11 Bridge Street, Higher Walton, administrator to the
estate; and all persons indebted to the said estate are requested to pay 
their accounts immediately to the said JOHN WITHNELL
November 18th 1864
Preston Chronicle  19th November 1864

DEATH - On 7th March, James,
infant son of Mr. William Grundy,
Bird-in-Hand, North Road, aged 5 weeks.
Preston Chronicle 10th March 1866
Preston Chronicle 8th December 1866
MARRIAGE:  On the 21st August, at St. Paul's
Church< Preston, by the Rev. W.M. Myres, M.A.,
Mr. Thomas Samson, horse dealer, Driffield,
Yorkshire, to Hannah, daughter of Mr. T. Grundy,
Bird-in-Hand, Preston.
Preston Chronicle 23rd August 1873
Preston Chronicle 5th January 1889
MARRIAGE - On the 21st inst., at St. Paul's
Church, Preston, by the Rev. W.M. Myres, M.A.,
Mr. Thomas Samson, horse dealer, Driffield,
Yorkshire, to Hannah, daughter of Mr. Grundy,
Bird-in-Hand, Preston.
Preston Chronicle 23rd August, 1873
Preston Chronicle 2nd August 1890
Alice Bradshaw                   55 years                   Beerseller
Joseph Ashworth                 20                            Brewer

Alice Bradshaw                   68 years widow        Beerseller                      b. Blackburn
Ellen Appleby                      47                            Daughter                       b. Over Darwen
Alice Appleby                     24                             Daughter                       b. Preston
Elizabeth Holding                 32                            Servant                          b. Over Darwen

Alice Withnell                     50 years                    Beerseller                      b. Whittle
    Could this have been the daughter of the Alice Withnell that died in 1864, aged 77years?

Thomas Grundy                 52 years                    Beerseller                      b. Preston
Elizabeth Grundy               53                              Wife                             b. Little Hoole
Ellen Grundy                      30                             Daughter                       b. Preston
Robert Grundy                  23                              Son                                      do
Martha Grundy                  16                             Daughter                               do
Hannah Grundy                 20                             Daughter                               do
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