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Sunday, 5 February 2012


2 - 3 Percy Street
The Coach and Horses seems to have been built into Matthew Brown's
Brewery - or the brewery was built around it. Who can tell me?
MINE HOSTS:                
1838 - 41           Thomas Watmough   (Property owned by him as well)
1848                   Mr. Taylor
1851                   Betty Taylor
1853                   Ellen Worden
1861 - 64           Alice Anderton
1869 - 71           James Shaw
1878 - 82           John McNevin
1883 - 84           Robert Thompson
1884 - 85           James Helmn
1885                  Annie Helmn
1885 - 1907       James Kymer
See:  Thomas Watmough
Preston Chronicle  24th June 1843
Preston Chronicle  25th March 1843
Preston Chronicle  3rd June 1848
Preston Chronicle  16th March 1850
Preston Chronicle  2nd January 1858
Alice Anderton of the Coach and Horses, Percy Street, was charged
with harbouring a deserter. PC. Jones said that on the 13th June, he 
went to the Coach and Horses to apprehend William Walker, a
deserter from the Army Hospital Corps, but was told by the defendant
that he wasn't there, but would be there at 8 o'clock that evening.

Insp. Wray said that he went there at 6.30pm and Walker's presence 
was again denied. However, Insp. Wray went upstairs and found Walker
in bed, partly dressed, and arrested him.

Anderton claimed that she had denied the man's presence to the
Police Officers, because she wanted PC>Moorby to apprehend him,
and get the reward.

The case was adjourned in order to call PC. Moorby.
Preston Chronicle   2nd July 1864
When PC Jones was making his way to the Coach and Horses, he was
met by Moorby, who by this time had left the force, and who gave the 
information to Jones, that he was already aware of. Insp. Wray went
WITH Moorby at 6.30pm on the13th June.

NB.  When Moorby appeared in Court, he told the Magistrates that
he had been required to resign from the force. He admitted that he had
 made an arrangement with Mrs. Anderton, by which she was to inform
him when she had deserters in her house, for by apprehending them he 
received a sovereign reward.

Anderton was discharged.
Preston Chronicle  9th July 1864
 Preston Chronicle  25th November 1865
Preston Chronicle  31st August 1867
Preston Chronicle  22nd January 1876
Leeds Mercury  4th May 1881
Preston Herald  25th February 1882
Lancashire Evening Post  12th April 1907

Betty Taylor                  47 years                Beerseller                      b. Burnley
James Taylor                 23                         Son                               b. Preston
Alice Taylor                   16                        Daughter                                do

Alice Anderton              55 years                Beerhouse keeper         b. Colne
William Anderton           14                        Son                               b.     ?

James Shaw                  38 years               Beerseller                       b. Blackburn
Sarah A. Shaw              40                        Wife                               b. Walton-le-dale
William Shaw                14                        Son                                b. Preston
Robert Shaw                  6                         Son                                       do
Richard Shaw                 9                         Son                                       do
Thomas Shaw                5                          Son                                       do

John McNevin              47 years               Beer seller                       b. Preston
Agnes? McNevin          44                        Wife                                        do
George McNevin           26                       Son                                         do
Maria McNevin             19                       Daughter                                  do
Isabella McNevin           12                       Daughter                                 do

James Kymer                43 years              Beerseller                        b. New Mills, Derbyshire
Mary A. Kymer             38                      Wife                                b. Liscard, Cornwall
Florence E. Kymer          9                       Daughter                         b. Whalley
Mary G. Kymer              6                       Daughter                         b. Preston
Maud Kymer                  3 months           Daughter                                  do

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