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Sunday, 13 January 2013

OCEAN MONARCH, Sidney Street East

7 Sidney Street East
On Thursday 24th August, 1848, the American
ship "Ocean Monarch" left the Mersey with
about 360 people on board. Not long after she left 
the channel, she was reportred to be in flames.
By five in the afternno she was reported to be a
mere hulk, burnt to the water's edge, and that as
well as could be calculated, about 100 people had 
died in it. At around the Great Orme she had
attempted to turn and return to Liverpool, with a
distress flag flying.

It would seem to be in recognition of this
tragedy that the beerhouse was named.
Almost in the centre of the map is the 'Ocean Monarch'
Lots of the features on this map remain to this day, including the convergence of
Lancaster Road and North Road (the large purple patch is the 'Church Hotel'
and the one on the corner of Acton Street is the 'Commercial Inn'
1849                       Robert Ball
1851 - 53               William Cookson
1861 - 71               Mary Cookson
1877 - 79               Thomas Rawlinson
1879                      W. Wilkinson
1881                       Robert Noblett
1882 - 83               John Seed
1883                      Joseph Garth
1883 - 84              Edmund Cooper
1884 - 86              Patrick Murray  [possibly with a gap during 1885 when Israel Finch was the landlord]?
1886                     Matthew Grime
1886 - 90              Mary Ann Wells
1890                     Rebecca Marsden
1891                     Robert Marsden
1891 - 95             William Garth
1895 - 97             John Winders
1897 - 98             William Southworth
1898 - 99             Joseph Talbot
1899 - 1900         Jane Turner
29.8.1900    Renewal of licence refused on the grounds that the house was of a disorderly character.
This incident happened just ONE year after the disaster to the
ship 'Ocean Monarch' from which the beer-house got its name.
Whether it had a different name prior to that I don't know.
Although it gives the address 'North Road' in the article, it does
refer to this house. North Road is the road to the east of
Sidney Street, in the map above.
Preston Chronicle  9th June 1849
There was an objection to the transfer of a
licence of the OCEAN MONARCH, Sydney
 Street East, on account of five convictions
having been recorded against the house.
William GARTH applied that the licence 
may be transferred to him from Rebecca

Garth was already in possession of the house, 
and there was no objection on the grounds of
character, but the objection was to the house,
which the Chief Constable described as "disorderly."

The licence was granted at an adjourned 
meeting of the Magistrates.
Preston Chronicle  29th August 1891
It is believed that at the same hearing, the
Chief Constable suggested that the customers 
of the Ocean Monarch were running the pub, 
rather than the licensee!

William Cookson              50 years                       Beerseller                    b. Wharton, Lancs.
Mary Cookson                 49                                Wife                            b. Burscough

Mary Cookson                 59 years                       Beerseller                     b. Burscough
Mary Mawdesley             16                                 Grand-daughter                      do

Mary Cookson                 70 years                       Beerseller                     b. Burscough

Robert Noblett                27 years                        Tailor and Beerseller     b. Goosnargh
Ann Noblett                    35                                  Wife                            b. Clayton Green
Margaret Alice Noblett    9                                   Daughter                      b. Blackburn
Elizabeth Jane Noblett     6                                    Daughter                                do
Annie Noblett                 4                                    Daughter                      b. Over Darwen
John Noblett                   2                                    Son                             b. Preston
Agnes Noblett                 1                                   Daughter                              do

Robert Marsden             39 years                         Fruit Dealer                  b. Preston
Rebecca Marsden           37                                 Lic. Beerseller              b. Blackburn
Thomas Pallitt                 16                                  Son                                      do
Mary E. Pallitt                14                                   Daughter                    b. Preston  ??
Jane A. Marsden            10                                  Daughter                              do ?
James Marsden               6                                    Son                                     do  ?
Robert Marsden              3                                    Son                                     do  ?
John Marsden                 1                                    Son                                     do  ?

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