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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

ALBION HOTEL, 23 Church Street

Over the years this hotel has been known by a number of names. I strongly suspect that, particularly in the 19th century, it's name was changed in an attempt to blur the poor reputation it had earned, some of which is recorded here. It began its life as the ALBION HOTEL, later becoming the IMPERIAL HOTEL, and eventually the ROYAL HOTEL. I have even found a record of it being called the "GLASS BARREL HOTEL"  between 1879 and 1881. In a court case reported in the Preston Chronicle dated 20th August 1881, it said "Mary Cogan was charged with having broken a window in the Glass Barrel Hotel, Church Street, doing damage to the amount of 3s 8d"  Perhaps the breaking of windows was not an uncommon event at the hotel, hence the (colloquial) name?
In a legal document of 1830 there was still no mention of 'hotel', although there was a reference to there being a 'brew-house' to the rear. Other documents leading up to this one, and including this one, refer to the building as a "mansion." The Grimshaw family, and Thomas Batty Addison have both featured in its ownership.
The entrance to the right of the image led to the hotel yard. Off the hotel
yard was an old warehouse that was at one time used as a 'low-class'
concert hall in the 1840's, one of the earliest in Preston.

It was situated directly across the road from the 'Old Dog Inn' which is still there in 2012.
As the 'Albion'
1832 - 34             William Smith
1835                    Mr. Livingstone (Albion and Commercial Inn)
1836 - 38             James Newsham (Coach Proprietor)
1838                    Charles FrancisWorthington (He went to the Victoria and Railway hotel on 27-10-1838
c1838 - 1854       John Whittaker  - 30 years of age in 1841, but see
                                                                       'John Whittaker's Dividend' below.
                                                       I'm not convinced that there weren't two John W's. Son, 
                                                       then father, after the former became insolvent.

As the 'Imperial'
1857 - 60            Robert Carter
1860                   John Bramwell

As the 'Royal'
1860                   John Bramwell
1861                   John Bannister
1863 - 75           William Wallin
1877 - 79           Mrs Jane Wallin  [d. 17.3.1885 aged  62 years]
1879 - 82           Adam Blackburn  [It was during this mans tenure that
                                                                it was known as the 'Glass Barrel']
1882 - 87           Henry Houghton
1887                  William Dewhurst  d. 1894  at the 'Mariner's Home'                             
1888 - 98          William Preston
1898                  John Wild [owner until at least 1900. He paid £4,250 for it]
1898                  William Edmund Burke
1899 - 1901      Joseph Trevor Thornton
1902                  Robert Taylor
1907 - 10          John Robert Whitehead
1915                  Joseph Pitchford  [Property bought by Pitchford, a Wine and
                                     spirit merchant who live in Mount Cromwell Road, Fulwood].
Tenders his grateful acknowledgements to his numerous customers, for the favours bestowed upon him during the TEN YEARS he has occupied the SWAN INN, New Street, and begs respectfully to inform them, and the public generally, that he has removed to that large and commodious house, now called the ALBION & COMMERCIAL INN, situated opposite the Old Church in Preston, where, by strict attention to the comforts of his guests, and by carefully selecting the very best articles for their consumption, he hopes to merit a share of their future patronage.
 Preston Chronicle 6th December 1832
May have had nothing to do with the inn.
Preston Chronicle 27th April 1833
DEATH - On Monday last, aged 5 years and
8 months, Edward, the eldest son of Mr. James
Newsham, of Avenham Road, coach proprietor.
Preston Chronicle 6th September 1834
MARRIAGE:  On Monday last, at our Parish Church,
by the Rev. R. Carus Wilson, M.A. vicar, (having
previously married at the Catholic Chapel,) 
Mr. Joseph Sergeson, of Liverpool, to Miss Alice Smith,
youngest daughter of Mr. William Smith, Albion and
Commercial Hotel, Church Street.
Preston Chronicle  4th October 1834 
Preston Chronicle 14th February 1835
A case of riotous behaviour at the Albion Hotel................At about seven o'clock in the evening, a very numerous and riotous body of men went to that inn, and commenced an attack upon it with bludgeons, iron bars, and other weapons. The door was closed, but they broke in and destroyed everything that lay within their reach - furniture, windows, doors, &c. They even went further; they ransacked the drawers of the fixtures &c., and threw the whole of the combustible articles they found in them upon the bar fire. The rioters had previously declared that they would pull the house down. While the work of the destruction was going on, the chief constable, with a considerable number of special constables, came up, and by persuasion, and the appearance of the force he brought with him, succeeded in inducing them to desist.

William Caton, a mechanic, of High Street, said that he had been standing outside the Grey Horse public house (Church Street) at about 7 o'clock on the evening in question, when he saw a number of men come out, and meet others who were waiting in the street, and they distinctly said "We'll go and pull down the Albion and destroy it." They had bonnets, blue and yellow mixed together. They had no colours that he saw, but they brought some red colours back with them from the Albion - not their own. There were about fifty of them together talking. They said, "We'll pull the Albion down; we'll pull the windows out", &c. They were men with caps and bludgeons that led them off. He went after them. Saw many of them 'thrutching' at the door, and many of them go in.

The chief constable took a body of about 80 special constables with him.

Mr. Birchall, for the defence, submitted that the whole was only an electioneering row - provoked by speeches made at the house, and contended that the parties accused had merely gone in revenge, for the taking away of one of their colours. The landlord had got himself mixed up with a party; he had becomne a partisan.

Preston Chronicle  28th March 1835
Preston Chronicle  30th April 1836
Preston Chronicle  1st April 1837
Preston Chronicle  3rd November 1838
Blackburn Standard  23rd October 1839
Charles Francis Worthington, formerly of the Albion Hotel, Church Street, Preston, licensed victualler; and late of the Victoria and Railway Hotel, Fishergate, formerly innkeeper and licensed to let post-horses and carriages for hire; and late out of business.
Preston Chronicle  31st October 1840
 Preston Chronicle  23rd January 1841
Preston Chronicle  20th November 1841
At the Town Hall, yesterday, two men named John
Wallbank and John Whittaker were charged before
James Mounsey Esq., with having stolen three
barrels, the property of Mr. Whittaker, who was the 
landlord of the Albion public-house.

He had made an assignment of all his effects to
assignees, for the benefit of all his creditors, six or
seven weeks since. Twenty-one barrels, part of his
effects, had been removed just previously to the 

The assignees, having learned where the barrels 
were deposited, they went, and gave orders that they
were not to be delivered up to anyone. Whittaker
subsequently went with Wallbank, and obtained
three of the barrels, and disposed of them.

They both found bail to answer the charge at
the Sessions.
Preston Chronicle 24th December 1841
The following is the report submitted by (I think) the Head of Preston Prison, and a member of the clergy, in their efforts to address the low-class entertainment on offer at the time:
The black arrow indicates the 'Concert Room' referred to in the above report. The map helps to show that the building was directly opposite St. John's Place, the little cobbled street that still runs next to the Minster. In an Indenture dated 4th November 1830, the room, which measured 304 square yards, was described as "a storeroom for the 3rd Regiment of the Royal Lancashire Militia." It was also, at one time occupied by the Cotton Spinners' Institute.
DEATH - On the 2nd November 1840, William, infant son of 
John Whittaker,  Albion Hotel, Church Street, aged 22 months.
Preston Chronicle 21st May 1842
It's likely that there was a father and son, both called John. It was quite a common custom for names to be repeated through the generations, occasionally causing a lot of confusion for family historians.
Preston Chronicle 25th June 1842
DEATH -On 25th September 1845, aged 9 years, Nanny, daughter of Mr. Whittaker, of the Albion Inn, Church Street.
Blackburn Standard  17th May 1854
 Bolton Chronicle  20th May 1854
 Preston Chronicle  31st May 1856
Will be held THIS EVENING  (Saturday) in the large room of the Imperial (late Albion) Hotel, Church Street, when Sir GEO. STRICKLAND will address them. The Chair will be taken at 6 o'clock PM.
Preston Chronicle 21st March 1857

Robert Carter, "mine host" of the Imperial Hotel, Church Street, was summoned to answer a charge of resisting the police, and of abusive language. 
The defendant entered the dock with an air of the most admirable carelessness. PS. Cunningham said that on Tuesday morning last,  at ten minutes to one o'clock, that he went to the defendant's public house. In the vault there were four men with four glasses, containing ale. He went through the vaults along with another officer up a passage to the kitchen, where he found two men, one of whom began to be abusive with his tongue.
The landlord had followed, and placing himself in a doorway said, "What do you want here? What the hell do you want here? You have no business to examine my house. Damn you, you are always here" The defendant then said, "If you're not out of this, and goddam soon, I'll kick you out. What do you visit my house more than other people for?"
He carried on his noise, and as I was leaving the house he called out after me, "I don't care a damn neither for you, nor those that sent you. Spell that"
The police officer said, "I have visited the defendant's house nearly every night for the last three weeks. It is likely that the defendant will feel a little irritated. I did not find anything on those occasions to bring before the magistrates. The officer was asked  if it was his duty to visit the public houses on the west side of the church as well as on the north side, and he said, "Yes" He was then asked how many times he had visited those houses within the last three weeks, and he said "Not at all". The defence suggested that the reason for that was that he dare not. The officer replied, "Oh, yes, I dare, and I have done."  Mr. Watson, for the defence asked,  "When?" and he replied "Not lately." He was asked why, and he replied, "I haven't heard any noise there." Mr Watson asked, "Did you listen for a noise?" and the officer said, "No, I can't say I have."
Mr. Watson then contended that Carter's language did not amount to the resistance complained of in the summons.
The Magistrates asked Mr Watson if he would promise that his client should behave better in the future, and pay the costs of the case.  He said he would. The defendant then tried to speak, but Mr. Watson said to him, "LISTEN AND DON'T SPEAK." The defendant then paid the costs and left the court.
Preston Chronicle  1st May 1858
Preston Guardian  12th June 1858
Preston Guardian  28th April 1860
In 1870, this hotel had a reputation as a 'resort of prostitutes', but at the Licensing Sessions in September 1870, William Walley and Elizabeth Walley, were, after being cautioned, granted a licence, without the hotel being named in the paper. 
[Note the different spelling - particularly after they had been so long at the premises. Either the reported mis-heard the name in court, or, as was often the case, had changed it to cause a little confusion].
This is the first mention of "Royal Hotel" that I have come across.
 Preston Chronicle  10th January 1863
Preston Herald  5th September 1863
 Preston Herald  22nd February 1864
Preston Chronicle  1st September 1866
MEETING OF MASTER SMITHS - On Wednesday evening, a meeting
of master blcksmiths was held at Mr. Wallin' Royal Hotel, Church Street, to consult on the increase of the price of work done both in the shoeing and jobbing departments according to the increased price of iron and coals. Mr. Blackburn was chairman, and Mr. Wallin vice-chairman. It was resolved that the following increased prices be charged for shoeing - Hunters, 4s 6d., carriage horses 4s., heavy horses 4s 6d., cart horses 4s., farmers', butchers', bakers', and grocers' horses 3s 6d., and all horses under 14 hands 3s., and that a number of bills with the above prices be printed and circulated in the different blacksmiths' shops and posted in the town. It was also resolved that another meeting be held next Wednesday evening, and that a committee of five smiths be chosen to go to the workshops and announce to those smiths who had not been present the decision of the meeting.
Preston Chronicle  11th May 1872
Preston Guardian  12th January 1878
Preston Guardian  February 2nd 1879
WANTED, Lady PIANIST and VOCALIST, to open at once. Must be good, and able to read. State salary expected, to live on the premises.  Apply, Mr. A BLACKBURN, Royal Hotel, Preston.
The Era 25th May 1879
Mary Cogan was charged with having broken a
window at the Glass Barrel Hotel, Church Street,
doing damage to the value of 3s. 8d.
P.C. Ash proved the case.
She was fined 2s. 6d and costs,  and to pay for the
damage. Seven days imprisonment in default.
Preston Chronicle   20th August 1881
Preston Chronicle  8th October 1887
 Lancaster Gazette  27th January 1892
 Northern Daily Telegraph  5th March 1892
 Preston Herald  3rd May 1899
 Preston Herald  16th November 1901
Lancashire Evening Post  26th August 1902
 Lancashire Evening Post  23rd September 1902
 Preston Herald  22nd July 1903
 Preston Herald  23rd October 1909
 Preston Herald  25th November 1911
John Whittaker                 30 years                 Publican
Ann Whittaker                  30                          Wife
Ann Whittaker                   6                           Daughter
Mary Whittaker                 4                           Daughter
Alice Whittaker                  1                          Daughter
William Whittaker             17                          ?
John Johnson                    25
George Withington?          20
Mary Tattersall                 30
Sarah Rider?                    15

John Whittaker                40 years                 Lic. Vict.                            b. Belmont
Ann Whittaker                 41                         Wife                                   b. Rishton
Mary Whittaker               14                          Daughter                            b. Blackburn
Alice Whittaker               10                          Daughter                            b. Preston
John Blanchard                20                          Vocalist                             b. Manchester
Thomas Wilson               25                           Vocalist                             b. London
Jane Wilson                    21             Wife of Thomas / Vocalist                         do
James Boiler                   16                           Scholar                                       do
James Catterall               19                            Musician                           b. Preston
Richard Woodhouse       42                           Brewer / Servant                       do
Joseph Parson                32                           Carpenter / Servant                   do
Edward Mellicks?           35                           Painter / Servant                       do

John Bannister                 28 years                 Victualler                   b. Ashton
Ellen Bannister                 28                          Wife                          b. Walton-le-Dale
Ann Marshall Bannister     1                            Daughter                  b. Preston
Mary Alice Bannister         3 weeks                Daughter                           do

William Wallin                  44 years                Lic. Vict.                     b. Preston
Jane Wallin                       47                         Wife                            b. Isle of Man
Jane Walln                         8                          Daughter                     b. Preston
James Wallin                      6                          Son                                      do
Eleanor Wallin                   5                           Daughter                              do
Margaret Ann Wallin          3                          Daughter                              do
Joseph Yates                    25                         Step-son                               do
William Thomas Yates      14                         Step-son                               do
John Wallin                       65                         Father                          b. Ireland

Henry Houghton               34 years                Licensed Victualler      b. Preston
Betsy Houghton                32                         Wife                                  do
Thomas Houghton              5                          Son                                   do
William Houghton               2                          Son                                   do

William Preston                39 years                Proprietor                 b. Preston
Elizabeth Preston              34                         Wife                                 do
Alice Preston                     9                          Daughter                          do
William Preston                 7                           Son                                 do
John Preston                      4                          Son                                  do
Betty Preston                    2                           Daughter                          do
Marina E. Preston             1                           Daughter                          do

Joseph T. Thornton          30 years                Manager of P.H.      b. Preston
Alice Thornton                 29                         Wife                        b. Woodplumpton

John Robert Whitehead    37 years                Publican                   b. Shaw, Lancs
Florence Annie Whitehead  39                      Wife, Assistant                do
Margaret Elizabeth Lupton  40                      Sister (in-law?)               do
Mary Ann Lupton               75                      Mother (in-law?)             do

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