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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

PET DOGS, Green Street

1 Green Street (North)
Green Street was a part of what is now Walker Street.
1858                        Robert Moxham
1861                        John Smith
1862                        Hannah Smith
1865                        Mrs. Betsy Simpson
1869 - 71                Joseph Potter
1873 - 76                Richard Moss
1876                        Michael Maloney
1875                        James Moss
1877                        Michael Maloney
1880                        James Parker
1881 - 83                George Armstrong - Wine Licence granted in 1883.
1884                        Thomas Rooney
1884 - 90                George Armstrong
1890                        Catherine Armstrong
1891 - 92                Thomas Parker
1892                        John McGinn
1892 - 93                Patrick Gorman
1893 - 95                Bridget McGinn
25th September 1895.  The licence was surrendered on a licence being granted to the Selbourne Hotel.
Preston Chronicle  12th June 1858
Preston Chronicle  11th December 1861
Preston Chronicle  4th January 1862
Preston Guardian  28th January 1865
Preston Chronicle  25th February 1865
Preston Chronicle 16th October 1869
Joseph POTTER, landlord of the Pet Dogs Inn, 
Walker Street, on remand, was summoned for assaulting
 P.C. Dawson on Friday last.

Potter was having a quarrel with his wife, when
interfered. Potter struck him and they had a 
struggle together, during which they struck each
ofther several times.

The Bench dismissed the case.
Preston Chronicle  1st July 1871
Richard Moss, landlord of the Pet Dogs beerhouse,
corner of Snow Hill and Walker Street, was
summoned for a breach of the Licensing Act.
P.S. Byrns said that on the night of 15th February,
he was on duty in Walker Street, and that shortly
before 1 o'clock he saw two women go into the
beerhouse named, and come out with a quart of
beer. He went to the landladt and told her what 
he had seen, but she denied it.

In court it was said that the defendant was having 
a little jollification with some friends in the house in
the same street, and that the defendant had sent for 
some beer from his own house.

Moss admitted the offence in court, and was fined
20 shillings plus costs.
Preston Chronicle 1st March 1873
On the 4th May 1875

LOT 2     ALL those seven freehold MESSUAGES or
DWELLING-HOUSES, situate at the corner of Snow Hill, 
Green Street, and Vicar Street, Preston, and one of which
dwelling-houses is used as a BEER-HOUSE, and called
or known by the name of the "PET DOGS," and is
occupied by James Moss, as tenant.
Preston Chronicle  24th April 1875
Preston Chronicle  27th May 1876
Preston Chronicle  21st February 1880
Preston Chronicle  29th May 1880
Preston Chronicle  7th May 1881
Preston Chronicle  19th September 1885

 Preston Chronicle  12th March 1887
Preston Chronicle  19th March 1887
Preston Chronicle  16th April 1887
John Smith                       51 years                    Beerhouse Keeper                     b. Preston
Hannah Smith                  48                              Wife                                                   do
Sarah Maria Smith           12                              Daughter                                   b. Manchester
Thomas William Smith       9                               Son                                          b. Preston
Henry Smith                    58                              Brother / Cotton Spinner                   do
Betty Smith                     44                              Sisiter-in-law / Cotton Spinner   b. Lytham
Elizabeth Ann Smith          7                              Niece                                        b. Preston
Mary Jane Smith               4                              Niece                                        b. Australia
Sarah Ellen Smith              1                              Niece                                                do
John Billington                 17                              Nephew                                    b. Preston
Isabella Billington             15                              Niece                                                do
Benjamin Billington          13                              Nephew                                             do
Henry Smith and his family had just arrived back from Australia.

Joseph Potter                  33 years                     Beerseller                                  b. Leyland
Ann Potter                      31                              Wife                                          b. Walton-le-dale
Margaret Potter               3                               Daughter                                   b. Preston

George Armstrong           28 years                    Publican                                    b. Ireland
Kate Armstrong               24                             Wife                                                 do
Mary Armstrong               2                               Daughter                                  b. Preston
Bridget Armstrong           50                              Mother                                     b. Ireland
Catherine Armstrong        21                              Sister ??                                            do

Thomas Parker                25 years                    Beerseller                                  b. Farington
Mary Parker                   32                              Wife                                         b. Ormskirk

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