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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

ROEBUCK HOTEL, Lancaster Road

Variously as - 9 Molyneux Square
8 and 19 Lancaster Road
188 Lancaster Road South
The original Roebuck Hotel was demolished when the Shambles
and Molyneux Square were demolished in around 1853 - 54.
Those two thoroughfares were to the rear of the Harris Museum.
I would suspect it was earlier than 1905. The pub surrendered its licence in
early 1902, and it still looks as though it's open in the photograph.

1796                      Richard Tovey - Election expenses of £162 4s 8d incurred by Miles Myers
                                                        at the Roe Buck.  DDK/1683/64
1808 - 29              Robert Greer  d. 14.9.1841 aged 78 years. Mrs Greer d. 3.9.1846 aged 74 years. I think this is Mrs. Greer, number 2.  See below.
1812                      Richard Martin
1834                      Mrs. Tuson
1835                      Robert Tuson  -  See death notice below, 1835.
1839                      George Parker - also Auctioneer and Appraiser.
1841                      Jane Irwin
1842                      James Swarbrick - born 1803 at Weeton, a son of William and Jane [Cardwell] Swarbrick. He 
                                                                               married Margaret Bromilly in 1829 at Bolton. The 1841 census has him in
                                                                              Market Street, Chorley, working as a publican.  pp, Dave Swarbrick
1843                      T. Charnley
1848                      Ellen Davis
1951 - 62              Leonard Rich   d. 15.4.1862 aged 47 years.
1862 - 81              Isabella Rich
1882 - 90              Joseph Lofthouse
1890 - 92              Elizabeth Lofthouse
1892 - 1901          Edward Lofthouse
Feb. 11th 1902   Licence surrendered.  Edward Lofthouse went to the Derby Arms, Lord Street, 
                                                              either before or in 1904. That property was next door.
DEATH  On Saturday se'enight, Mr. Marshall,
of the Roebuck  public house, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  19th January 1811
Not sure who Mr. Marshall was. 
DEATH:  On Saturday last, in this town, aged 87 years,
Mrs. Tuson, Grimsargh, mother of Mr. Robert Tuson,
Innkeeper, Roe Buck, Molyneux Square.
Preston Chronicle  15th August 1835 
N.B. The notice mentions "that he has taken again
the Roe Buck.
Preston Chronicle  10th August 1839
THAT A DIVIDEND of the Moneys arising from the
Estate and Effects of Mrs. ELLEN DAVIS late of the
Roebuck Inn, Molyneux Square, Preston, will be
declared on Wednesday, the 23rd day of August, inst., 
at 3 o'clcok at the Counting House, of Messrs. Lawrenson
and Co., Wine Merchants, Church Street, where the Deed
of Assignment is now lying for execution by the Creditors.

All Creditors not executing the Deed of Assignment on or
before the said 23rd day of August, will be excluded from
any benefit arising from the same.
Preston Chronicle  19th August 1848
Preston Chronicle  29th April 1876
Preston Chronicle  29th September 1883
Preston Chronicle  2nd August 1884
Jane Irwin                         20 years                          Publican

Leonard Rich                    37 years                          Innkeeper                   b. Woodplumpton
Isabella Rich                     35                                   Wife                           b. Cartmell
Agnes Rich                        9                                    Daughter                    b. Preston
Septimus Burton               20                                   Brother-in-law            b. Cartmell

Leonard Rich                   47 years                           Innkeeper                   b. Woodplumpton
Isabella Rich                    45                                    Wife                           b. Cartmel
Agnes Rich                      19                                     Daughter                    b. Preston
    ?    Rich                        6                                      Daughter                            do
Henry Rich                       3                                       Son                                   do

Isabella Rich                   55 years                             Publican                     b. Cartmel
Agnes Rich                     29                                      Daughter                    b. Preston
Kate Rich                       16                                      Daughter                             do

Isabella Rich                   65 years                            Lic. Vict.                    b. Cartmel
Henry Rich                     23                                     Lic. Vict. / Son            b. Preston

Elizabeth Lofthouse        70 years                             Lic. Vict.                    b. Lancaster
Edward Lofthouse          37                                     Son                            b. Preston
Mary Elizabeth Lofthouse 30                                   Son's Wife                  b. Wrexham

Edward Lofthouse          47 years                            Lic. Vict.                    b. Preston
Mary E. Lofthouse         40                                      Wife                          b. Wrexham
Elizabeth Lofthouse          9                                       Daughter                   b. Preston
Jessie M.J. Lofthouse      5                                        Daughter                           do
Alice V.M.M. Lofthouse  3                                       Daughter                           do

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  1. James Swarbrick was born in 1803 at Weeton, a son of William and Jane [Cardwell] Swarbrick. He married Margaret Bromilly in 1829 at Bolton. The 1841 census has him in Market Street, Chorley, working as a publican.

    Dave Swarbrick [no relation]