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Saturday, 10 March 2012

ROYAL OAK, St. John Street

26 St. John Street
1808                             see Death notice, below, as evidence of existence at this date.
1818                      Robert Weilding (Wilding?)
1825                      John Hope
1829                      Thomas Buck
1834                      Thomas Brierley - licence suspended 6.9.1834.
1838                      Mrs. Nancy Brierley - Mrs. B charged with an offence under Excise Duty laws, at 
                                                                                  a time when the licence was already suspended. 
                                                                                                 Had it been suspended since 1834?
1838 - 42               Edward Calvert
1842                      Mr. Pickburn - Only there 6 weeks on ths occasion, but was "formerly landlord of
                                                        the Royal Oak" - when?  See 'Insolvent Debtor Notice, below.
c. 1842                  Joseph Counsell  -  see Insolvent Debtors notice in Preston Chronicle 18.2.1843.
1843                      Ralph Crook  -  Mr. Brierley was the owner of the Royal Oak. Since when?
1851                     William Pennington
1851 - 54              Robert Chew   - given as John Chew in Paley's Directory 1853.
1856                     William Lupton
1856 - 57              Henry Thompson
1859                     William Marginson
1859 - 60              Joseph Wilcock
1861                      George Hewitson
1865                      Margaret Crankshaw
1869 - 71              Henry Brierley
1871                     William Badger
1873                     James Noblet
1873                     William Noblet
1877                     Thomas Wade
1877                     Thomas Marshall Samson
1878 - 81              George Dibden
1881                     Peter Chambers
1882 - 85              William Cottam
1888 - 89              Jane Cottam
1891 - 92              Jane Ward  
1893                     Esther Smith
1894                     Francis Knighton
1895                     James Shillitoe
1895 - 97              Frederick Rawlinson
1898  Renewal of Licence not applied for.
DEATH:  On Monday se'enight, at the Royal Oak 
public-house, Preston, Mr. Ramsbotham, formerly
a sergeant in the Royal Lancashire Militia, and
Lancashire Fencibles.
Lancaster Gazette  6th February 1808
Preston Chronicle  12th March 1831
Preston Chronicle  13th February 1836
Some background knowledge about Joseph
Counsell, who was to have a brief spell at the Royal Oak.
See also, Insolvent Debtor's notice below.

Preston Chronicle  3rd March 1838
Preston Chronicle  15th September 1838
Preston Chronicle  30th May 1840

Preston Chronicle  5th November 1842
There are two former 'Mine Hosts' of the Royal Oak here - Joseph COUNSELL and Thomas PICKBURN.  There is still a lot to be
learned about this pair.

Preston Chronicle 18th February 1843
The parties in this case are EDWARD CALVERT, late innkeeper,
Royal Oak, St. John Street, and Mrs. Nancy Brierley, owner of the
house, and Henry Calvert, auctioneer, both residing in Bolton. The
action was brought to recover damages for an excessive and illegal
distress, made by the latter in March last.

JOHN RIGBY - sworn - was a broker in Preston. He knew Nancy 
Brierley and her two sons, Henry and Edward very well. He knew
the Oak Inn, in March 1842, when the plaintiff lived at the inn.
On the 8th March 1842 he was sent for to the Oak, and whilst
there it was agreed between Calvert and Edward Brierley, that a 
distress should be put in on the following day, (the 9th), for £26.

The sale was not conducted properly; it ought to have been
advertised. The witness (Rigby) lived in the neighbourhood and
had he not heard the bell-man going round he never would have 
known of the sale.

THOMAS HALL - sworn - to be continued.

Preston Chronicle 8th April 1848
Two licences were refused at the Magistrate's Court
on the 5th April 1848. One of them was an application
made by Mr. Henry Taylor, for the transfer of his licence 
to Mr. Thomas Martindale, for the Royal Oak Inn,
St. John Street.

It was opposed on the grounds that it was a fraudulent

It appeared that Henry Taylor was at present in
Lancaster Castle for debt, and his wife and family were
remaining at the Royal Oak Inn. The goods had been 
valued for Mr. Thomas Martindale(Mr. Taylor's
father-in-law), to prevent the creditors from obtaining 
the amount of the stock, and when Taylor came out of
Lancaster Castle, he would have the house again.

Martindale is a plate-layer on the North Union Railway,
near Chorley.
Preston Chronicle  8th April 1848
HENRY THOMPSON, landlord of the Royal Oak, 
St. John Street, was charged with committing a
ferocious attack on Enoch Hetherington on the
8th January. Thompson denied the charge, saying
that someone else had carried it out. Hetherington
was dangerously ill and in the House of Recovery.

It was alleged that Hetherington had tried to interfere
 in a perceived robbery in a "back place" at the Royal
Oak, but that Thompson had pulled him away, and struck
him with a sharp instrument.

When P.C. Crookall arrived, Thompson's wife was
"cleaning up," but she denied there had been a distrubance.
Crookall saw blood on a chair and on the wall.

Thompson was released on bail of £50, with two sureties
of £25 each.
Preston Chronicle  9th January 1858
Appearing on remand, the Bench decided that Thompson
had a case to answer, and was committed for trial to the
Sessions, on bail of £50 surety himself, with two further
sureties of £30 each.
Preston Chronicle  23rd January 1858
FREE AND EASY, every Saturday
night, at Mr. Joseph Wilcock's Royal Oak,
St. John Street.
An excellent glass of ale and good spirits.
Admission Free.
Preston Chronicle 3rd March 1860
"THE ROYAL OAK" St. John Street.
An excellent spirit vault attached;
stock to be taken at a valuation.
Apply to Mr. Duckett, Auctioneer,
Preston Chronicle 4th August 1860
At the 1862 Licensing Sessions, following
information laid by the Chief Constable, the
Magistrates suspended the licence of the "Royal Oak".
Preston Chronicle  30th August 1862
I don't know who the licensee was, or why the 
licence was suspended.
Edward Calvert                    32 years                     Innkeeper
Agnes Calvert                       28                              Wife
Mary Calvert                         5                               Daughter
Ann Calvert                           3                               Daughter
Richard Calvert                     4 months                    Son

John Chew                          55 years                      Lic. Vict.                       b. Preston
Jane Chew                           51 ?                            Wife                                     do
Robert Chew                       23                               Son                                      do
Jane Chew                           18                               Daughter                              do
Sarah Ann Chew                   8                                Daughter                              do

George Hewitson                54 years - widower.     Publican                        b. Preston
Thomas Hewitson               25                                Son                                       do
Margaret Hewitson             22                                Daughter                               do
Henry Hewitson                  20                                Son                                       do

Henry Brierley                    35 years                       Publican                       b. Walton-le-dale
Margaret Brierley               35                                Wife                             b. Preston
Elizabeth Alice Brierley        9                                 Daughter                               do
Ann Brierley                        7                                 Daughter                               do
Henry Brierley                     3 months                     Son                                       do

Peter Chambers                 27 years                       Beerseller                     b. Accrington
Isabella Chambers             24                                Wife                             b. Blackburn
James Henry Chambers      3                                  Son                                       do
Emily Chambers                 1                                  Daughter                                do

Jane Ward                         42 years                       Innkeeper                     b. Preston
Joseph Winn                      19                                Son                                      do
George Winn                     17                                Son                                       do
Ada Winn                          15                                Daughter                               do
James Ward                       9                                  Son                                      do
Bessie Ward                      6                                  Daughter                               do

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