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Thursday, 15 March 2012


1, Bridge Lane
1861                        Matthew Eastham
1864                        Henry Livesey
Preston Chronicle  19th January 1861
Preston Chronicle  26th January 1861
Preston Guardian  6th February 1864

Preston Chronicle  6th February 1864
Note the slightly different name from the article above.

Preston Chronicle February 6th 1864
Last  Saturday, Henry Livesey, a beerseller of
Bridge Lane, Preston, was charged with having taken 
a red-hot poker and assaulted therewith a man named
William Cowell. Particulars of the case have already
appeared in the Chronicle - the evidence was not
conclusive and the prisoner was discharged
Preston Chronicle 5th March 1864
A young man, named James Cowell, was yesterday brought
up at the Police Court, and charged with committing wilful
damage at the Tacklers' Arms beerhouse, Bridge Street.
Henry Livesey, landlord of the house in question, stated
that one Sunday afternoon about eleven weeks ago, the
prisoner came to the door and asked for some beer. He 
was told he could have none at that hours. He then went 
away, came back again with three or four men, and broke
open the door.

The prisoner told the Bench that he (Livesey) had only
brought him here through spite. I summoned him the other
day for assaulting me with a poker.Livesey replied, 
"I tried to get you before that."

Cowell was ordered to pay for the damage, 1s and costs,
with seven days imprisonment in default.
Preston Chronicle 6th February 1864
Matthew Eastham                    29 years                   Lic. Vict.                     b. Leyland
Caroline Eastham                     25                            Wife                           b. Shrewsbury
Elizabeth Eastham                     5                             Daughter                     b. Preston
Mary Anne Eastham                 8 months                  Daughter                             do
John ? Davis                           21                      Boarder / Carpenter           b. Wales
Joseph Clemment                   20                      Boarder / Telegraph Man   b. Kendal
Joseph Richardson                 21                      Boarder / Telegraph Man    b. Lancaster

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