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Friday, 9 March 2012

RING O'BELLS, High Street

6, High Street
Almost certainly became the
1834 - 38                John Fishwick   d. c21.12.1860 aged 66 years.
1851 - 61                Ellen Crook
1862                       Mrs. Ellen Moore
1868       See article of 9.5.1868
Preston Chronicle 11th May 1861
Preston Chronicle  13th December 1862
One of the most cruel acts that has been heard of for
some time has occurred in this town.

On Saturday evening, a woman, named Sarah Salisbury,
residing at 64 Atkinson Street, went to the police station,
and reported that she had been informed by a militia-man
named Green, that he had bought a dog a day or two before
for a shilling; that he had skinned it; that the landlord of the
"Ring O'Bells" beer-house, High Street, had cooked it for 
supper; that a sweep named William Reed, and a man named 
Sharples, had eaten the dog; and that the man Sharples had 
been ill as a consequence of it.

Two police officers have enquired into the circumstances, and
have learned that a dog was killed at the beerhouse and stewed 
in the oven. Reed and Sharples went into the house when it was
being cooked, and they were in the act of taking it out of the oven
when the landlady told them not to touch it, as it was a dog, but 
they did not believe her and took no notice of her.

It was alleged that the dog was cooked for the purpose of getting
the grease out of it, to rub on the arm of a girl who had had an 
accident, in the belief that it would operate a "complete cure".
Preston Chronicle 9th May 1868
1851    Address in census given as 6, High Street.
Ellen Crook                        39 years                          Beerseller                         b. Inskip
William Carter                    42                                   Sawyer                             b. Walton-le-dale

1861      Address in census given as 86 High Street.
Ellen Crook                       49 years                           Beerseller                         b. Eccleston
William Webster                50                                    Sawyer                            b. Walton-le-dale
  Did Webster change his name from Carter? or did Ellen just like sawyers from Walton-le-dale?

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