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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

GROVE INN, Fylde Road

155, then 117  (later) 240 Fylde Road
- also given as Green Bank Road in 1838 -
1838                      Thomas Addison  -  Owned by Thomas Dewhurst in 1838.
1838                      John Fisher
1838                      Mrs. Dixon
1841                      Daniel Dewhurst
1849 - 50              Thomas Dewhurst
1850                      Thomas Moore
1851 - 53               Robert Weaver
1853 - 55              Thomas Pearson
1857 - 61               Richard Whittle
1863                      Christopher King  -  wife, Agnes, died 23.11.1863, aged 31 years.
1865                      Henry Topping        - Owned by James Thornton.
1866                      James Ford
1867                      Thomas Holliday
1867 - 69               Edmund Barry
1869 - 91              William Turner
1891                      Sarah Turner
1892 - 97              Joseph Marsden   -  brother of John James Marsden - see Windsor Castle (1901), 
                                                                                and the Wellfield Tavern, (1901 - 02)
1897 - 99             Thomas Kilshaw
1899 - 1901          William Livesey
1901                      Richard Wharton
1905                      Robert Goddon
1907                      Thomas Cobham
1910 - 14               Robert Brown - Advertised 'Bramley's Noted Ales.'
1917                      Richard Cowgill
1924                      Ellis William Smith 
1926 -27               Arthur Darkens
1932 - 37              Alfred James Smith - wife, Elizabeth / Margaret?
1940                      Thomas Codd
1944                      Robert E. Tomlinson
1948                      Arthur Yates
Notice the name of the road -
I'd no idea that Fylde Road was once called 'Green Bank Road'
Preston Chronicle  27th October 1838
Daniel Dewhurst, formerly of the Grove Inn, in Water Lane,
appeared on a charge of bigamy. On the 6th December 1838, he was
married to his first wife, Ann Dixon,  at Kirkham Church, by whom he
has three children. 

In the month of January last, he became acquainted with a young
woman, by the name of Mary Hemmings, who resided with her mother
in lodgings in Fylde Road. By dint of craft and cunning, Dewhurst
insinuated himself in to the good graces of Mrs. Hemmings and her
daughter, persuading them that he was a Mr. Benson, from London, 
and possessed considerable property in France.

Having won the young woman's affections, he was married to her 
at St. Ignatius's Church on the 20th July, under the name Daniel 
Benson. He subsequently induced the mother and daughter to move
to Liverpool, under the pretence of setting up a business in that town,
and got possession of all the ready money which they had. A large box,
containing wearing apparel to a considerable amount, was fortunately
prevented from falling into his hands.

On Monday week, he removed his quarters to Manchester, his wife
and mother accompanying him. It was there he was traced by Mr.
Bannister and arrested.The facts of the case being fully established, 
he was committed to Lancaster Castle to take his trial at the Assizes.

During his sojourn in Liverpool he wrote to his first wife not to trouble
herself with the thoughts of suing him again, for shortly he would be 
in the hands of death. His relations having made him of late an outcast
of the family, and her friends a scorn, he had sought that happiness
from another, which, to use his own words, would never be had from
his own. He had acted, he was aware, contrary to the laws of England, 
but not contrary to his own conscience. He then exhorts her to spend
her days in her duty to God, and prays for blessings to attend his own

We may here add that the "uxorious wretch," prior to his second 
marriage, had been keeping a school, and courted Mrs. Hemmings 
close under the nose of his first wife. He had also, we understand,
formed an engagement with another female.
Preston Chronicle  7th September 1844
Preston Chronicle  3rd January 1846
Pursuant to a Decree of the Court of Chancery, made in a
cause, "The Preston Banking Company v Dewhurst & Others
On 30th October 1850

LOT 4.  ALL that INN or PUBLIC HOUSE, called the
"GROVE INN," with the Stables and Outbuildings thereto
belonging, situate in the Fylde (or Green Bank) Road, Preston,
in the occupation of Thomas Moore, together with the shop 
The Lot is subject to an annual Ground Rent of £14 12s 2d
payable to Edward Pedder, Esq.
Preston Chronicle  12th October 1850
Preston Guardian  20th October 1855
Preston Guardian  23rd October 1861
Preston Guardian  26th October 1861
Preston Guardian  30th November 1861
TO BE LET, by Ticket, all that old-established INN or PUBLIC HOUSE,
called "The Grove Inn," situate in Fylde Road, Preston.
There has been a vault recently added, which is fitted up with
the most modern improvements.
Apply to Richard Duckett, Approaiser, 174 Friargate, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  4th June 1864
Edward Barry, of the Grove Inn, Fylde Road, was 
charged with permitting two policemen to play at
cards in his house when they should have been on
duty. PS. Almond said that at about 11.20pm on the 
10th inst., he went to the defendant's house, where
he found the landlord and two policemen sat down
playing at cards. They were PC's Wilkinson and Dagg.
Both had been discharged from the force.

In his defence, Barry said that he'd only been a
landlord for about a month, and thought that if
policemen came in and asked for a pack of cards,
they were entitled to have them!

Fined 20s plus costs
Preston Chronicle 21st December 1867
NOTE:  Under the Bye-laws, any person harbouring
a policeman or permitting him to remain on his premises
when he should be executing his duty was liable to a fine of £5.
By Mr. Duckett, at the Red Lion Hotel, Preston.
on the 29th July 1869

LOT 1  ALL that well-accustomed INN or PUBLIC
HOUSE, called "The Grove Inn," also the TINMAN'S
SHOP and BUILDING LAND  adjoining thereto, situate 
in Fylde Road, Preston, in the occupation of Edmund Barry.
Preston Chronicle  24th July 1869
Daniel Dewhurst                 30 years                      Innkeeper
Ann Dewhurst                    30                               Wife
Margaret Dewhurst              9                                Daughter
Mary Dewhurst                   2                                 Daughter
John Dewhurst                     6 months                    Son


Richard Whittle                  60 years                       Innkeeper                  b. Walton-le-dale
Sarah Whittle                     40                                Wife                          b. Barton
John Jameson                      9                                 Stepson                    b. Preston

William Turner                  40 years                        Lic. Vict.                   b. Heaton
Sarah Turner                     45                                Wife                          b. Lancaster
Sarah Turner                     10                                Daughter                   b. Preston
Ellen Turner                       7                                  Daughter                           do

Sarah Turner                    53 years                        Publican's Wife          b. Lancaster
Ellen Turner                     17                                  Daughter                   b. Preston

Sarah Turner                    65 years                        Publican                    b. Lancaster
Sydney Gardner               27                                 Son-in-law                b. Preston
Ellen Gardner                   27                                 Daughter                           do
Isabella Gardner                6                                  Grand-daughter                 do
William Gardner                4                                   Grandson                         do
Arthur Gardner                 2                                   Grandson                          do
Ernest Gardner                 6 months                        Grandson                         do

William Livesey               32 years                          Publican                   b. Preston
Agnes Livesey                 35                                   Wife                                 do

Robert Brown                 44 years                         Publican                   b. Thornton, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Jane Brown      42                                  Wife                         b. Padiham
Herbert Brown                17                                  Son / Clerk              b. Cltheroe
Allan Brown                    15                                  Son / Draper's Asst.          do
Rennie Brown                  11                                 Son / Scholar           b. Padiham

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