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Thursday, 23 February 2012

KEYSTONE INN, Brook Street

80 Brook Street
There's the Keystone.
1856                       Thomas Mayor
1860 - 71               John Roe
1873                      Nathan Wilcock
1877 - 94               William Ellis
1894 - 97               William Gerrard
1898 - 1907           William Sankey
1910 - 13               John Sutton
1917                       John Seed
1920                       Thomas Woods
1926 - 32               John Winckley
1936 - 40               William Thompson
1944                      Alice Thompson 
1948                      John R. Brook
c. 1954 - 56.          J. W. Beattie

Mr. Cookson was at the 'General Havelock.'
 Preston Guardian  9th May 1874
Preston Guardian  2nd January 1875
A young man named Clarkson charged a tall, brawny
fellow, named Taylor, with having committed a violent
assault on him. From the evidence it appeared that the 
complainant and the defendant were playing at dominoes
in the Keystone Inn, Preston, when a quarrel arose bout
"turning up."

Clarkson alleged that Taylor leaped up and kicked him out
of the house. Whilst in the street, Taylor kicked Clarkson
several times between the legs, badly maiming him. A number
of the defendants "pals" held the vault door closed, to
prevent the complainant's brother coming to his rescue.

Fined 50s. and costs.
Preston Chronicle 9th May 1874
Joseph Goodair was charged with stealing a boat
anchor, value 5s, the property of William Ellis,
landlord of the Keystone Inn, Brook Street. The
anchor had been seen safe in the Corporation
yard, in a boat, on the 19th inst.

The prisoner subsequently sold it for 2s 6d
saying that he had found it in the Ribble.

He was remanded until Wednesday.
Preston Chronicle 26th February 1881
Preston Guardian  27th September 1884
Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907. Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian
Taken from the 1909 edition of Preston North End's Record Book.
Supplied by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian.

John Roe                   34 years                  Beerseller                         b. Preston
May Roe                   27                           Wife                                          do
Elizabeth Roe              6                            Daughter                                   do
Sarah Roe                  5                             Daughter                                   do
William Roe                3                            Son                                           do
Prudence Roe             1                            Daughter                                   do
Joseph Roe                4 months                 Son                                           do

John Roe                  44 years                   Innkeeper                        b. Preston
Mary Roe                 39                            Wife                                        do
Elizabeth Roe            16                            Daughter                                 do
Sarah Roe                 15                            Daughter                                 do
William Roe               13                           Son                                         do
Joseph Roe                10                           Son                                         do
Prudence                    6                            Daughter                                  do
Mary Ellen                  5                            Daughter                                  do
Hannah Roe               3                             Daughter                                  do
Ann Jane Roe             10 months               Daughter                                  do

William Ellis              44 years                   Lic. Vict.                         b. Preston
Amelia Ellis               44                            Wife                                b. Scotland
Emma Ellis                22                            Daughter                          b. Preston
Elizabeth Ellis            16                            Daughter                                   do

William Ellis              55 years                   Publican                           b. York
Amelia Mary Ellis     54                            Wife                                 b. St. Helier, Jersey.
                 Why have the places of birth been changed so dramatically??

William Sankey         40 years                  Lic. Vict.                          b. Preston
Margaret A. Sankey  42                           Wife                                         do
Florence Sankey        16                           Daughter                                  do
Bernard Sankey         14                           Son                                          do

John Sutton               47 years                  Lic. Vict.                        b. Broughton, Preston
Agnes Sutton             53                          Wife                               b. Preston
Herbert Sutton           26                          Son / Labourer                       do
Isabella Sutton           23                          Daughter / Servant                  do
Robert Sutton            21                          Son / Engineer                        do
Ethel Sutton               15                          Daughter / Dressmaker           do
Arthur Suton               2                           Grandson                               do

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