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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

PRIME JUG, Back Lane.

71 Back Lane  (now Market Street West)
An item that appeared in a Stephen Sartin book.
Trinity Church is in the background.

HIGH STREET is now The Ringway, and the PRIME JUG will be
standing close to the entrance to the Indoor Fish Market.
The Starch Houses were built in c. 1791. 
It isn't known whether this tavern has existed since that date.
1837                         Thomas Patterson - Retail Brewer, Starch Houses, owner James Birkett.
1841 - 49                 James Akers
1851 - 70                 John Wareing
1870 - 71                 Thomas Wareing
1871                         Robert Wareing
1871 - 73                 John Wareing
1873 - 78                 William Ireland
1878 - 82                 Charles Buckles
1883 - 85                 William Ireland
1885 - 86                 Ann Ireland
1886 - 95                 James Brown
1896 - 98                 Mary Brown  d. 24.6.1902 at 105 James Street, Preston
1898 - 99                 James Forshaw
1899 - 1901             Jane Sumner
1901                        Robert E. Sumner
1901                        William Geoffrey Cummings
1902                        John William Croft
1904                        Albert E. Bennett
1905 - 07                George E. Dawson
1907                        Thomas Ward
ALL that well-accustomed Wholesale and Retail BREWERY,
situated in Cable Street, Preston, at present carried on by
Mr. James Akers.
The Brewing Apparatus is conveniently arranged and capable
of Brewing Seven Loads of Malt at a time, with good Vaults,
Brewing House and Pump.
The coming on Tenant may have the Brewing Utensils at
a fair valuation.

All Tenders to Mr. Joshua BAMBER, Cooper, Preston
(the owner).
 For further information apply to Mr. James Akers, 
on the Premises.
Preston Chronicle  4th February 1837
Another snippet from a Stephen Sartin book. The folk on the right would
now be standing under the Covered Market.........just!
THAT old-established and well-accustomed
BEER SHOP, siruated at the corner of
Chadwick's Orchard and Back Lane, Preston.

The taker will be required to take the Stock,
and may have immediate possession, if required.

Apply to Mr. JAMES AKERS, on the premises.
Preston Chronicle  10th February 1849
(Unless previously disposed of by Private Treaty)
or DWELLING-HOUSE, situate at the Starch Houses,
in Back Lane, in the occupation of Mr. JOHN WAREING.
Preston Chronicle  23rd October 1852
Preston Chronicle  19th November 1859
James Bell and John Nolan were charged with
fighting. P.C. Robinson said that at about twenty
minutes past two on Sunday afternoon, he saw the 
two prisoners fighting near the Prime Jug beer-house,
in the Orchard. He separated them and took them 
into custody, where they denied they were fighting,
and said that one had torn the others' clothes, and
they were "just having a bit of bother about it."
It appeared that Bell had been up 17 times and 
Nolan 10 times previously on similar charges, and
they were ordered to find bail, or go to prison for
a month.
Preston Chronicle   21st December 1867
Preston Chronicle  18th January 1868
by  Mr. Richard Duckett
LOT 1     ALL that INN and BEER-HOUSE called
the "PRIME JUG,"situate in Back Lane, near the
Orchard, together with the brewhouse and other
conveniences belonging thereto, which premises arr
in the occupation of Mr. John Wareing.

The property is Freehold, is in an excellent situation,
being within a few yards of ther New Covered Market,
in the course of erection in the Orchard, and has a
good business connection.
Preston Chronicle  8th October 1870
TO BE LET, with possession in May, the SHOP and premises in Friargate, (west corner of Hope Street,) occupied by Mr. Rennick, grocer. Apply to Messrs TURNER and SON, Solicitors, Fox Street, or Mr. John Wareing, Prime Jug, Orchard, Preston.
Preston Herald  12th April 1873
Preston Chronicle  24th January 1874
Preston Chronicle  9th May 1874
Preston Chronicle  26th June 1875
Preston Chronicle  29th January 1876
Preston Chronicle  7th October 1876
Preston Chronicle  24th December 1887
"COVERED MARKET" writes to complain of an offensive smell which issues from some place near the Prime Jug beerhouse, Preston, and asks that the attention of the Nuisance Inspector shall be drawn to the matter.
Lancashire Evening Post  13th April 1891
Last evening, Messrs Jabez B. Jones and Sons, at their rooms in Church Street, offered for sale the beerhouse, with wine license, the Prime Jug, Back Lane, Preston. There was a good attendance, and the property, after brisk bidding, was sold to Messrs Matthew Brown and Co. Ltd., for £2,500. Messrs Firehawk and Parker were the vendor's solicitors.
Lancashire Evening Post  27th July 1898
TO BE SOLD, cheap, a good PHONOGRAPH.
Apply, Prime Jug, Back Lane, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  24th June 1899
THEFT OF A WATCH.  John William Walker, 38, was charged with stealing a watch, the property of Jane Sumner. Mr. W. T. Smith appeared for the prosecution.
Mrs. Sumner is the landlady of the Prime Jug, and she said the watch produced was worth 10s. She last saw it safe in the drawer in the bedroom about a fortnight ago. She did not miss it until Detective Parkinson brought it to her. She knew the prisoner by sight. He had lodged at her house on Wednesday night, the 14th inst.
Detective Parkinson said that about 10 o'clock on the morning of the 16th inst., He apprehended the prisoner in the Black Horse public-house, and brought him to the police station, where he searched him and found the watch produced in his "sweater" pocket. He afterwards charged the prisoner with stealing the watch. At first he made no reply, but subsequently he said, "I don't know how it got there. Someone must have put it there."
Major Little said the prisoner had been convicted 14 times on various charges of felony, five times for stealing watches. The prisoner was committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions.
Preston Herald  28th June 1899
BROWN - In loving memory of my darling Nelly, the beloved daughter of the late James Brown, of Prime Jug, Preston, who died October 2nd 1900, aged 13.
Gone from us, but not forgotten;
Never will her memory fade;
Sweetest thoughts will ever linger
Around the spot where she is laid.
Lancashire Evening Post  2nd October 1901.
PRIME JUG INN, Back Lane, early possession; brew part. Apply, Matthew Brown and Co. Ltd., Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  22nd October 1901
Jas. Akers                             45 years                       Retail Brewer
Ann Akers                             35                               Wife
Cathrine Akers                        2                                Daughter
Philly|Akers                           11 months                    Daughter

John Wareing                        33 years                       Innkeeper                       b. Preston
Ann Wareing                        33                                 Wife                                       do
Robert Wareing                     7                                  Son                                        do
John Wareing                         5                                  Son                                       do
Mary A. Wareing                   3                                  Daughter                                do
Anne Wareing                       9 months                       Daughter                                do

John Wareing                       43 years                         Beerseller                       b. Preston
Ann Wareing                        43                                 Wife                                        do
Robert Wareing                    17                                 Son                                         do
John Wareing                        15                                 Son                                        do
Mary Jane Wareing               13                                 Daughter                                 do
Ann Wareing                         10                                 Daughter                                 do
Joseph Wareing                      9                                  Son                                        do
Thomas Wareing                    7                                   Son                                       do
George Wareing                     5                                   Son                                       do

Robert Wareing                   27 years                          Beerseller                       b. Preston
Elizabeth Wareing                27                                   Wife                               b. Liverpool
Mary A. Wareing                 5 months                         Daughter                        b. Lancashire

Charles Buckles                   31 years                         Beerseller                        b. Preston
Sarah Jane Buckles              28                                  Wife                                         do
John Buckles                        8                                    Son                                          do
Robert Buckles                    5                                     Son                                         do
George Buckles                    3                                    Son                                         do
Amelia Elizabeth Buckles      1                                    Daughter                                  do

James Brown                       49 years                         Publican                          b. Wigan
Mary Brown                        35                                   Wife                              b. Preston
Ellen Brown                          4                                    Daughter                                do

Robert E. Sumner               37 years                          Beerhouse Keeper           b. London
Jane Sumner                       38                                   Wife                                b. Bamber Bridge
Edwin Sumner                    14                                   Son                                  b. Preston
Albert Sumner                     9                                    Son                                  b. Bamber Bridge
Edith M. Sumner                11 months                        Daughter                          b. Preston

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