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Sunday, 5 February 2017

GRIFFIN INN, Water Street

6 Water Street
(now the lower part of Manchester Road, close to Church Street)
1840                      Mr. R. Cook
1841                      Edward Croft - Owned by Joseph Croft.
1841                      Joseph Kenrick (or Kendrick)
1850 - 57              Roger Garth
1858 - 60              James Sharrock
1861                     (William) John Watson
1861 - 69              Joseph Banks - Licence suspended on 27.8.1862, but active again by 23.10.1862.
1867                      Martha Banks
1869                  Licence refused to Joseph Banks, but transferred to:-
1869                     "The Landlord" -  Preston Chronicle  18th September 1869
1870                      George Kirk
September 1869  Licence refused to Joseph Banks - transferred to the landlord. See notes below:
All that Newly Licensed PUBLIC HOUSE,
situate in Water Street, and nearly opposite
the "RIFLEMAN" public house, lately
occupied by Mr. R. COOK, Porter Dealer
and Coach Proprietor, with extensive Stabling,
Outhouses, and Yard, &c.
Preston Chronicle 26th September 1840
Begs to inform the inhabitants of Preston and
its vicinity, that he has entered upon the above
commodious premises, where he trusts, that hy
keeping a first-rate article, to merit a share of
that patronage which it will always be his study
to deserve.

R.G. also begs to call the attention of Pig Breeders
to his noted young BOAR "Major Dawson," which
he flatters himself is unequalled in the town of Preston.

Good Stabling - Hay and Straw sold.
Preston Chronicle 1st June 1850
Preston Chronicle  1st May 1858*
JAMES SHARROCK Jun., begs to inform his
friends and the public generally, that he has
RE-OPENED the above Inn, which has been
under-going a thorough repair, and is now
replete with every comfort and accomodation
for such of his friends who may deem him 
worthy of patronage, and also that it is his 
intention to conduct the house on such principle
as to insure a continuance of their support.

J.S. begs to call the attention of the public to the
quality of his superior Home-brewed ALE, 

TO BE LET, a large ROOM, newly papered and
beautifully fitted up, 16 yards by 10; entrance
distinct from the house.

Entrance to the New Vaults - Back Grimshaw Street.
Preston Chronicle 7th August 1858
Preston Chronicle 16th November 1861
Preston Chronicle 23rd July 1862
A young woman named Ann Gillighan, alias Steel,
was charged at the Police Court with stealing, on
Thursday, two pint pots, the property of Joseph
Banks, the landlord of the Griffin Inn, Water Street.
The robbery was committed on the previous day.
The prisoner pleaded guilty, but said she was drunk
when she took the pots. She was sentenced to two 
months imprisonment at the House of Correction.
Preston Chronicle  25th October 1862
A woman of disreputable character, named
Alice Booth, was charged with stealing a 
purse, containing 2s 21/2d and five tin checks,
value 11/2d each, entitling the holder of them
to liquor of that value, at a public house in 
Main Sprit Weind.
The theft occurred at the Griffin Inn, Water Street.
Preston Chronicle 25th July 1863
On Saturday, at the Police Court, a man, named
William Ireland, and a woman, named Margaret
Heaps, were brought up on remand, from the 
previous Thursday, and charged with wilfully
smashing two plate-glass windows, at the Griffin
Inn, Water Street. Both prisoners were committed 
to the Sessions for trial.
Preston Chronicle February 6th 1864
A man, with a military air, named Thomas McDermot,
was charged, at the Police Court, on Thursday,
with smashing a window, at the Griffin Inn, Water
Street, on Wednesday night. The defendant admitted 
the offence, and was discharged on agreeing to pay
the damages (6s 6d), and costs.
Preston Chronicle  June 11th 1864
Preston Chronicle 12th November 1864
Preston Chronicle 14th January 1865
Preston Chronicle 21st January 1865
At the Police Court, yesterday, a man named Patrick
McKeon was charged with stealing a silk pocket
handkerchief, from the sh pf Mr. J. R. Brandreth,
pawnbroker, Church Street, on the 12th inst.

It appeared that on that day, the prisoner went to
Mr. Brandreth's shop and asked to look at some
handkerchiefs. Several handkerchiefs were shown
to him, but he did not purchase any. Subsequently
he offered for sale a handkerchief to Patrick 
Murray, in the Griffin Inn vaults, Water Street,
whom he told he had "nailed" it.

The evidence was of a conclusive character, and
the prisoner was sentenced to a month's imprisonment.
Preston Chronicle 22nd April 1865
Preston Chronicle 7th July 1866
Preston Chronicle 5th January 1867
Preston Chronicle 24th August 1867
Preston Chronicle 26th October 1867
Preston Chronicle 7th December 1867
Preston Chronicle 23rd May 1868
Preston Chronicle 10th April 1869
Preston Guardian  10th April 1869
Messrs Walter Bibby, currier, and I. M. Oakey, druggist, attended as a reputation to complain of the disorderly and dangerous state of Water Street and Shepherd Street, which they described as a modern revival of "Alsatia," as described by Scott in Peveril of the Peak.
They attributed the main source of the disorders to the ill-kept licensed lodging-house in the district, particularly the house known as the "Griffin," which they represented as a perfect model of decorum and noiseless need as a public-house before the Magistrates took away the public-house license, as compared with its present pandemonium-like condition as a registered lodging-house.
Preston Chronicle  26th August 1871
Preston Chronicle  2nd July 1881
Joseph Kenrick                  25 years                   Publican
Catherine Kenrick              25                            Wife

Roger Garth                       44 years                   Innkeeper                    b. Grimsargh
Ann Garth                          45                            Wife                            b. Walton-le-dale
Sarah Garth                        20                            Daughter                     b. Kellett
Jane Garth                          18                            Daughter                             do
William Garth                     17                            Son                                     do
Edward Garth                     12                           Son                                     do
Mary Garth                         8                             Daughter                             do
Elizabeth Garth                   4                              Daughter                             do
Ann Garth                           3                             Daughter                             do
Emma Garth                       4 months                  Daughter                     b. Preston

John Watson                      39 years                   Publican                      b. Leyland
Margaret Watson               37                            Wife                                    do
William Watson                  20                            Son                            b. Preston
Margaret Watson               18                            Daughter                              do
John Watson                      12                             Son                                     do
Hugh Watson                     10                             Son                                     do
Miles Watson                      8                              Son                                     do

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