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Thursday, 8 March 2012

QUEEN ADELAIDE, St. John's Place

9  (later 40)  St. John's Place
Referred to on one occasion as "QUEEN ANN"
More geography!  The Parish Church (Minster) is to
the left of St. John's Place, with the cobbles of Stoneygate
and Library Street still visible.
Pay a visit, and see how tightly packed
together all these properties must have been.
pre- 24.2.1838      Alexander Wearden ?    See Notice dated thus, below.
1841                     Henry Greenwood
1853                     Richard Baines
1861                     John Barker      b.1821 m. Mary Parkinson in 1847. d.1865
1869                     Mary Barker
1870 - 74             William Sidgreave(s)
1877 - 86             Thomas Henry Fisher
1886 - 1900         William Barker   The son of the above John and Mary Barker.
1900 - 17             Samuel Astley
1924                    Alfred Hind
1926 - 32             George Edmundson
1936 - 38             Mary Elizabeth Edmundson
1940   NO MENTION   
Preston Chronicle  24th February 1838
There is no certainty that Wearden was at
this public house. However, at this date there
was only this one active as far as I am aware.
Awaiting further evidence!

Mr. Fazackerley, Innkeeper, was at the "Fleece Inn."
Preston Chronicle  18th September 1869
At the Licensing Sessions of September 1870,
an objection to the beer licence was made on
the grounds that the premises were frequented 
by prostitutes. Sidgreave was cautioned, but 
the licence was renewed.
On this occasion it was reported that
the house was called the "QUEEN ANN"
There have been several instances
where a 'fictitious' name has been
used in court cases, presumably in
an attempt to avoid bad publicity.
Personal comment.
Preston Chronicle  30th May 1874
John Barker                   39 years         Beerhouse Keeper           b. Pewsey, Wiltshire
Mary Barker                  36                             Wife              b. Aighton, Bailey and Chaigley
James Barker                 13                              Son                                        b. Preston
Mary Ann Barker           11                              Daughter                                   do
John Barker                     8                              Son                                                do
Richard Barker                6                              Son                                                do
William Barker               1                               Son                                               do


Thomas H. Fisher            36 years                   Beerseller                          b. Preston
Mary A. Fisher                30                            Wife                                           do
Mary Fisher                      9                             Daughter                                    do
Edward Fisher                  7                             Son                                            do
Elizabeth Fisher               56                             Mother                                      do
Henry Barker                  18                             Brother-in-law                           do

William Barker               31 years                    Lic. Vict.                            b. Preston
Elizabeth Barker             28                             Wife                                           do
Mary Jane Barker           10                             Daughter                                    do
John Barker                     8                              Son                                            do
Richard Barker                6                              Son                                            do
Margaret E. Barker          1                              Daughter                                   do

Samuel Astley                69 years                    Beerhouse Keeper              b. Preston
Eliza Astley                    38                             Wife                                   b. Wigan
Louisa Astley                  6                              Daughter                             b. Preston
Alice Astley                    4                              Daughter                                     do

Samuel Astley               79 years                     Publican                             b. Preston
Eliza Astley                   48                              Wife                                  b. Wigan
Luisa Astley                  16                      Daughter / Appr. Dressmaker    b. Preston
Alice Astley                   15                     Daughter / Appr. Millliner                    do

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