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Saturday, 25 February 2012

MALT KILN TAVERN, Mill Bank, Church Street

Mill Bank, Church Street
1841                       Roger Pollard
1851                       John Newsham
*1851                    Charles Breakell ?   See article dated 22.11.1851, below. It suggests that he had been at this tavern 'for a number of years,' but he wasn't here at the time
                                                            of the 1851 Census.
1853                       John Breakell
1860                       Roger Holden    d. 28.8.1860  aged 47 years.
1861                    ?  see article dated 22.6.1861, below.
Preston Chronicle 22nd November 1851
There is something quite unusual here. The Malt Kiln Tavern
was only across the road from Dale Street, but certainly not in it. The article mentions Breakell having been in the house 'for several years,' but the 1851 Census doesn't bear that out.
An inquest was held on Thursday last, before, R. Palmer, Esq.,
Coroner, on the body of John Dolphin, who, on the previous
day, had committed suicide in a most determined manner. 

From the evidence of Robert Kellett, it appeared that he came
into the Malt Kiln Tavern, where he was sitting, about half-past
teo o'clock on Wednesday afternoon last, and after lighting his
pipe went into the yard without speaking to any person. Three
quarters of an hour afterwards, Kellett had occasion to go into
the yard, when he discovered the deceased hanging by the neck
in the privy. He had accomplished his destruction by means of
his handkerchief, one end of which was inserted in a slit in the 
door, and his knees were nearly touching the ground. He was
taken down immediately, but was quite dead.
Verdict: "Temporary Insanity."
Preston Chronicle 7th August 1852
DEATH - On the 28th ult., Mr. Roger 
Holden, of the Malt Kiln Tavern, aged 47.
Preston Chronicle 8th September 1860
A powerful looking man, minus one leg, with a crutch,
named Henry Edmondson, was charged with being
concerned with the theft  of some wearing apparel,
belonging to Henry Hothersall of Goosnargh - 
Mr. Blackhurst, who appeared for the prosection.
said that on Tuesday, the prosecutor bought £3 worth
of clothes at Messrs. Wilson and Jespers', and
afterwards he went to the Malt Kiln Tavern off
Church Street, where, in the company of some other
men, he commenced domino playing, and ultimately
ordered half a gallon of ale.

Whilst playing and drinking, the prisoner and another
 man, whom he described as his "mate," entered the
house, and, with the consent of the company, partook 
of some of the ale. In a short time the prisoner and
 his mate went out, and directly afterwards the 
prosecutor missed his bundle, which was placed on a 
form near which the prisoner had been sitting.

The landlady saw the men in the passage, and having 
ascertained that the bundle of clothes was missing, she
gave an alarm. Some of the company then rushed out
and seized the prisoner; his companion, with the bundle
in his possession, made his escape.

The prisoner contended that he did not steal the bundle; 
that the man who had made his escape, and with whom
he had entered the house, was not his colleague; and
that, in fact, he knew nothing whatever of the robbery.

The case was remanded till Friday, in order to give the
police an opportunity of enquiring after, and, if possible,
apprehending the missing man.
Preston Chronicle 22nd June 1861
Roger Pollard                    30 years                      Beerseller
Ellen Pollard                      40                               Wife
Elizabeth Pollard                 9                                Daughter
Alice Pollard                       7                                Daughter

John Newsham                 58 years                      Overlooker in mill      b. Winmarleigh
Mary Newsham                54                               Wife / Beerseller        b. Chipping
William Newsham             21                                Son                          b. Preston
James Newsham               18                                Son                                    do
Ann Newsham                  16                                Daughter                            do

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