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Saturday, 5 January 2013

MOOR PARK INN, Garstang Road

Variously as:   Moor Lane
North Road, Lancaster Road,
NOW - 1 Garstang Road.
............the MOOR PARK INN, situate
on the site of the old Gallows Hill.
Preston Chronicle  30th April 1836
Said to be the last public house in Preston to brew its own beer on the premises.
Take a look at this YouTube video footage:
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When first built, this impressive entrance was facing the extensive cattle market
that English Martyr's Church was built on, and St. George's Road created.

1837 - 38               Thomas Bowling
1840 - 41               Richard Parkinson
1841                      Mary Fish
1841                      Thomas Stewart
1842                      Richard Parkinson       
1847 - 49              Peter Blackledge Greenough     d. 9.9.1849, aged 43 years, 'by accident'.
1849 - 60              Jane Blackledge Greenough
1861 - 66              Henry Riley
1866 - 67              The Executors of Ellen Riley d. 10.10.1867
1867 - 91              Thomas Holden
1891                      Henry Brown (Manager)  Was he at the 'Old Legs of Man' in 1971?  He was Holden's brother-in-law.
1891 - 93              James Littlefair
1893 - 1901          Robert Clarkson
1901 - 10              Wilfred Miller
1913 - 17              Ellen Miller
1924                     James Taylor
1930 - 52              Henry (Harry) Wilson  -  The landlord in the video (see above) is Henry Wilson
1953 - 63              James Dougal  -  former P.N.E. footballer - information from Ian Rigby, the official historian for the football club. The pub was affectionately known as "Jimmy Dougals" Recent news received, indicates that Jimmy Dougal married, in 1941, across the road at English Martyr's Church, Mary May WILSON, daughter of the previous licensees, Henry Wilson and Martha Ellen, nee Greenhalgh. So we have a continuance in the family from 1930 thro' to 1963. See lower down for wedding day photograph.
1968                     Frederick Barker.   It was in 1968 that the 'Moor Park Inn' brewed the very last of its home-brewed ale. The house was taken over by Matthew Brown & Co
THE MOOR &c.   Mr. Livesey said:-
......................with regard to the inn on the Moor, he was sorry
that the old Corporation had built it, and should the new body 
continue to build any more of these nests of crime, he should
move that opposite each there should be a Temperance Hotel.

The Steward said the necessary buildings required to complete 
the premises of the Moor Park Inn would cost about £200,
including the brewhouse &c.

Mr. Livesey thought it might let quite as advantageously in
another way than as an inn, as which it was a nuisance. It might, 
perhaps, be let as a Temperance Hotel.

His objections were over-ruled and the motion carried.
Preston Chronicle 13th February 1836
Also, TO BE LET, at the same time and place,
the erection of a STABLE, BREWHOUSE, and other
Conveniences, at the Moor Park Inn.

A Plan and Specification may be seen at
Mr. P. Parks' office, Cannon Street, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  March 10th 1836
LOT 7.  The Moor Park Inn,
Stables, and Premises, Situate at Gallows Hill,
in the occupation of Thomas Bowling.
Preston Chronicle  1st April 1837
Preston Chronicle  7th April 1838
A young man named James Moore, was charged with
stealing four sovereigns from the person of a man
named Robinson at the Moor Park Inn.

Mr. Bowling, landlord, said that in May 1837, the 
prisoner, the prosecutor, and two persons named
William Gudgeon and James Plumpton were at his
house. Robinson was robbed of 4 sovereigns, and
Gudgeon and Plumpton were given into custody for
it. They were tried and acquitted - one of them saying
that he saw Moore swallow it.

The prisoner escaped at the time, and had not since
been heard of until last week. Remanded for one week.
Preston Chronicle  2nd June 1838
Preston Chronicle  20th February 1841
At a meeting of the trustees held at the Town Hall on the
9th April, the tolls of the Preston and Garstang turnpike
road, were let to Mr. Peter Blackledge Greenough, the
old taker, at £1, 207, being an advance of £2 on the price
paid the previous year.
Preston Chronicle  12th April 1845
Preston Chronicle  10th July 1847
Preston Chronicle  17th July 1847
Preston Chronicle  29th June 1850
Preston Chronicle 9th July 1853
Preston Chronicle  7th August 1858
Preston Chronicle  2nd April 1859
Preston Chronicle  27th August 1859
A proposed exchange of land between Mr. Tomlinson and
the Corporation of Preston will be submitted for approval.
Mr. Tomlinson is desirous of continuing Aqueduct Street
which commenced in Fylde Road and across the Oxheys,
Greenbank and Moor Hall Estates to Moor Lane, opposite
the new road called St. George's Road, which the Corporation
have formed from Moor Lane to Deepdale Road opposite
Mr. Huddart's nursery.

Opposite the Moor Lane outlet of St. George's Road, a
piece of enclosed land, a portion of the garden of the Moor
Park Inn, and to the south of the house offers an obstacle
to the outlet of Aqueduct Street. It had provisionally been
agreed that the Corporation will give this piece of land to
Mr. Tomlinson inreturn for an equal quantity to the east of
the inn.

The advantage will be that the outlets of the two roads will
then be opposite each other, and provide an unbroken road
one and a half miles in extent.
Preston Chronicle 29th October 1859
Meeting held at Mr Joseph Banks's Moor Park Inn
Preston Chronicle  27th January 1862
On the 14th February, a person or persons got
on the porch at the back of the inn, and gained
admission through one of the windows into the
house. The thief or thieves stole £7 10s in gold
and 17s in silver. In the same drawer as the
money was a silver lever watch which was 

Some time on the same day, the landlord removed
100 sovereigns from the same drawer, wrapped 
them up, and placed them on the top shelf of the 
cupboard. It, too, had not been touched.

It is believed that the robbery happened about 
9pm, when the dog was heard to bark loudly, but
it wasn't discovered until about midnight.
Preston Chronicle  19th February 1862

Preston Chronicle  24th January 1863
Preston Chronicle  21st November 1863
Preston Chronicle  14th October 1865
Preston Chronicle  7th December 1867
Preston Chronicle  1st February 1868
Preston Chronicle  3rd October 1868
Preston Chronicle  28th July 1877
Preston Chronicle  1st September 1877
Preston Chronicle  20th October 1877
Preston Chronicle  20th October 1877
Preston Chronicle  27th October 1877
Preston Chronicle  20th November 1880
The full-licensed HOUSE, known as the "MOOR PARK
INN," situate at the corner of Aqueduct Street East, and
Garstang Road. Sealed Tenders endorsed "MOOR PARK 
INN"to be sent to the CORPORATION STEWARD, 
16 Church Street, Preston, not later than 12 o'clock at
noon on Tuesday 17th March next.
Preston Chronicle 28th February 1891
On 26.3.1891, a recommendation was made to the
Council that the Moor Park Inn should be let to
James Littlefair for £190 per annum.
Preston Chronicle  30th May 1891
Preston Chronicle  3rd June 1893
Moor Park Hotel, Garstang Road, Preston (+ film clip) by Preston Digital Archive
From the first decade of the 20th century
Lancashire Evening Post  5th May 1941

Take a look at this YouTube footage:
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Mary Fish                      25 years                        Innkeeper
Sarah Fish                      2                                   Daughter

Jane Greenough             41 years                        Innkeeper                 b. Broughton
Catherine Greenough     14                                 Daughter                   b. Preston
Adam Greenough          10                                 Son / Scholar                     do
Sarah Greenough            5                               Daughter / Scholar                do
Elizabeth Greenough       1                                  Daughter                            do
Margaret Marsh            61                           Visitor / Cotton Weaver   b. Claughton
Elizabeth Alston            56                            Lodger / Servant             b. Goosnargh
Thomas Alston              14                            Lodger / Cotton Weaver           do

Henry Riley                   50 years                        Innkeeper                  b. Salmesbury
Ellen Riley                     57                                 Wife                                     do

Thomas Holden             44 years                       Publican                     b. Wyresdale
Margaret Holden           37                                Wife                           b. Salmesbury

Thomas Holden             55 years                       Lic. Vict.                    b. Wyresdale
Margaret Holden           48                                Wife                           b. Salmesbury
Elizabeth Holden            4                                  Daughter                    b. Preston
Margaret Holden           2                                  Daughter                             do
Ellen Holden                  9 months                      Daughter                             do

Henry Brown               42 years                        Hotel Manager           b. Balderstone
Mary A. Brown           44                                 Wife                           b. Salmesbury
Elizabeth Brown           14                                 Daughter                    b. Preston
Ellen Brown                 10                                 Daughter                            do
Margaret Brown           9                                  Daughter                            do
Mary Brown                 6                                  Daughter                            do
John Brown                  1                                  Son                                    do

Wilfred Miller              28 years - widower       Publican                     b. Preston
Agnes G. Miller           10 months                     Daughter                             do

Wilfred Miller              39 years                       Publican                      b. Preston
Ellen Miller                  43                                Wife / Assistant                    do
Agnes Miller                10                                School                                 do
Winifred Miller              7                                School                                 do
Wilfred Miller                4                                School                                 do
Jane Miller                   72 years, widow    Mother / Private means     b. Broughton
Rose Smith                  19                               Domestic Servant        b. Whitehaven, Cumberland

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