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Friday, 9 March 2012


118 Friargate
Sited more or less where Roper Hall is now -
right on the top of Friargate Brow
Known variously as: "ROAST BEEF OF OLD ENGLAND"
This plan dates from 1890, with Friargate on the left, running roughly from north to south. Note the brew house in the bottom right-hand corner.
1796                       Catherine Mayor   Election expense record:  DDK/1683/63
1808                       Mr. H. Simpson

1812      See the Weavers advert, below.
1814 -                     Mr. Culshaw 
1814 - 18               Robert Nickson
1824 - 25               James Bowker
1825                      John Hoghton (Houghton)  Mrs. Houghton died 15th August 1825.
1829 - 38               James Fowler
1838 - 41               Thomas Carter
1851                      Abraham Pierce
1853 - 57               George Morton
1860                      Edward Ashworth
1861 - 69               Richard Ashworth
1870 - 73               John J. Clarke 
1876                      Edward Marsh
1877 - 80               Miss Jane Raby
1880 - 81               Samuel Swift
1882 - 90               Bernard Meehan
1890                      William Kershaw -Previously at the North End Hotel, Corporation Street.
1890                      Edward Viggars
1891 - 93              George William Milner  -  the Licensing Court Record gave his name as Wilcock??
1893 - 94              Robert Simpson
1894 - 98              William McGuinness
1901                      Mary McGuiness
1903 - 04              Joseph Chapman
1904                     John Taylor
1904                     William McGuinness
1907                     Benjamin Treasure
1910 -11              Thomas Tipping
1913                     George Johnson
1914 - 17             Alfred Latus
1920                     Richard Nightingale     d. 25.10.1920   
1920 - 22             Mrs. Lilian Nightingale
1924                     Joseph Nolan  -  Owned by Matthew Brown & Co. The police were desirous of closing this house because "they were difficult of Police supervision, and
      could be spared without causing inconvenience.''  There was a conviction against the house on 23.7.1923, for supplying beer during prohibited hours.

DEATH  On Thursday, se'enight, (12th)
Mrs. Simpson, wife of Mr. H. Simpson,
of the Roast Beef public-house, in Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  28th February 1808 
Preston Chronicle  9th January 1813
DEATH:  On Saturday se'enight, Mrs. Culshaw,
Wife of Mr. Culshaw, of the Roast Beef Tavern,
In Preston, aged 39 years.
Lancaster Gazette. 16th April 1814
MARRIAGE: On Saturday last, Mr. Robert Nixon,
Innkeeper, to Miss S. Pye, both of Preston.
Lancaster Gazette 28th May 1814
Two young lads named Thomas Dickinson and
Charles Bleasdale were charged with stealing,
on Sunday night last, a quantity of kennel coal,
from the yard of Mr. James Fowler, publican,
of Friargate.
It appeared that the boys were in the act of 
putting the kennel into a sack, when Fowler
detained Dickinson. Bleasdale was apprehended
the same evening, when he admitted being a party
to the theft.
Committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle  24th February 1838
MARRIAGE - On 15th February 1844, 
Abraham Pierce to Miss Isabella Yates.
Preston Chronicle  17th February 1844
The Licensing Session was held on Wednesday last at
the Town Hall, when new licences were granted to 
William Fazackerly, Canal Street, William Atkinson,
Tithebarn Street, John Sedden, near Mr. Bashall's
 factory, William Price, 158 Lancaster Road, and
Richard Dunderdale, North Street.
The whole of the old licences were renewed, with
the exception of the Shelley's Arms and the 
Roast Beef Inn, which were left for further
Preston Chronicle  28th August 1847
at the BULL INN on Wednesday 2nd October 1850

LOT 9.    The undivided moiety of the ROAST BEEF
TAVERN, in Friargate, with Two Houses and Shops
adjoining, £680 was bid.
Mr. Thomas Tomlinson offered, through the Clerk,
£1,000, which was not exceeded.
Preston Chronicle 5th October 1850
 Preston Chronicle  8th October 1853
Apologies for the poor scan.
Preston Chronicle  13th September 1856
 Preston Chronicle  31st October 1857
Preston Chronicle  21st November 1857
 Preston Chronicle  27th November 1861
At a quarter before three o'clock yesterday morning,
a man named John Furgess of 9, Park Street, met with
an accident, at the Roast Beef Inn, Friargate.

It appears that he went there, and wanted to remain 
in a room that had been hired by another party. He grew
rather obsinate, and was pushed down the stairs,
through which one of his legs were broken. Dr. Spencer
was called in, and he bandaged the leg, and gave 
orders for his removal home. He has since been moved 
to the House of Recovery, from which it is stated that he 
will not be able to be removed for the next six months.
Preston Chronicle  19th March 1862

Preston Chronicle  19th April 1862

 Preston Chronicle  5th January 1867
 Preston Chronicle  26th January 1867
 Lancaster Gazette  31st August 1867
 Preston Chronicle  15th July 1871
Bernard MEEHAN, landlord of the
ROAST BEEF, Friargate, was summoned
for setting off Fireworks in Friargate,
on the 2nd July.
P.C. Unsworth saw the defendant set off
two Roman Candles.
Fined 2s. 6d. and costs.
Preston Chronicle  21st July 1883
WANTED, a PIANIST for the Harmonic Room;
also a respectable Man to act as Chairman
for same.
Apply - Roast Beef Inn, Friargate.
Preston Chronicle  4th August 1883
Lancashire Evening Post  24th May 1887
 Lancashire Evening Post  31st May 1890
 Preston Chronicle  16th August 1890
 Lancashire Evening Post  13th April 1896
Lancashire Evening Post  4th July 1896
 Lancashire Evening Post  21st June 1897

Lancashire Evening Post  31st October 1899
 Lancashire Evening Post  11th February 1924
 Lancashire Evening Post  3rd September 1924
Thomas Carter                      39 years                        Publican
Elizabeth Carter                    44                                 Wife

Abraham Pierce                    32 years                        Innkeeper                    b. Coulton? Lancs
Isabell Pierce                        35                                  Wife                           b. Higher Kellett
Mary Ann Pierce                   2                                   Daughter                     b. Preston

Richard b Ashworth             31 years                         Innkeeper                    b. Preston
Ellen Ashworth                     31                                  Wife                                    do
Richard Galicti????               66                                  Father                                 do

John J. Clarke                     33 years                          Lic. Vict.                     b. Glamorgan
Jane Clarke                         28                                   Wife                           b. Pembrokeshire
Ann Clarke                         14                                    Niece                         b. Glamorgan

Samuel Swift                      27 years                          Lic. Vict.                     b. Halifax
Elizabeth Swift                   29                                    Wife                           b. Preston
Florence Swift                    1                                     Daughter                              do

George Milner                    37 years                          Publican                      b. Manchester
Susannah Milner                 34                                   Wife                           b. Chapelfield, Lancs.
Ellen Milner                        14                                   Daughter                     b. Bury
Edward Milner                   12                                    Son                                   do
Annie Milner                       8                                     Daughter                    b. Clitheroe

Mary McGuinness              56 years                          Lic. Vict.                    b. Ireland
Mary L. McGuinness          26                                   Daughter                    b. Preston
Ellen McGuinness               15                                   Daughter                            do
Catherine McGuinness        15                                   Daughter                            do
William McGuinness           14                                   Son                                    do
Eliza Green                        30                                    Daughter                            do
Thomas Green                    8                                     Grandson                           do
William Green                    6                                      Grandson                           do
Gerald Green                      3                                     Grandson                           do

Thomas Tipping                47 years                            Manager of Public House  b. Preston
Anne Tipping                    47                                     Wife                                 b. Manchester
Mary Francis Tipping        21                                     Daughter                          b. Preston
John Tipping                     19                                     Son / Clerk                              do
Elizabeth Tipping               17                                     Daughter / Student                   do

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