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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BREWERS' ARMS, 68 Friargate

c. 1841 - 1865
68 Friargate
This property later became:
BUTCHERS' ARMS  c. 1869 - 1895
BURTON HOTEL.  c. 1895 - 1907
Halewood's bookshop once traded as a public house, the Brewers,
followed by the Butchers' and then the Burton Hotel.
1838 - 51              Thomas Craven     a.k.a. Carney or Carnes or Carny.
1853                      John Craven    
1853                      Jane Craven
1853                      Joseph Roney
1855 - 58              George Livesey
1861                      Sarah Fisher
1869                      J. Clarke
1869 - 71              Thomas Webster
1871                      Elizabeth Webster
1871                      Samuel Tomlinson - 2.4.1871, order to pay costs in a court case.  Offence not known.
1874                      John Bamber
1874                      George Bamber
1876                      John Eamer
1876                      John Turner
1877                      Thomas McKerney
1877 - 78              John Turner
1878                     Anthony Holmes
1881 - 82              John Watson
1882 - 83              Patrick Nolan
1883                     Christopher Upton
1883                     Martin Calpin
1883                     Thomas Kellett
1883 - 85              Frank Warwick
1885 - 86              Henry Hemfrey
1886                     Kate Duffy
1887                     Robert Saul
1887 - 89             James Whiteside
1889 - 90             Sarah Ann Swindlehurst
1890 - 91             Margaret Fiddler   -  died 19.1.1891, aged 52 years
1891                     Richard Bond  (also a record of Michael Bond)
1892                     Patrick Lavell
1892                     Mary Grace Powell
1893 - 94             Elizabeth Brown
1894 -95              John Canby
1895 - 96             Robert Simpson
1896                    John Bonney
1896                    Susannah Martha Ellis
1897 - 1900         Alfred Williams
1901 - 05             Thomas Hartley
1907 - 08             Mrs. Mary A. Wignall
This has been included on the basis that I think there could have been a business conducted
facing Friargate. Halewood's bookshop is in that position today, and it seems, based on this
advertisement, that such was the case in the 1850's, with the public house operating behind 
and above this shop, in the same way that several others did.

Read this in conjunction with the advert dated 6.6.1885 (below)Preston Chronicle 15th June 1850
The family Drummond had lived on Friargate for about 10 years. In the1841 Census they were in the locality of the above premises, on Friargate:

James Drummond                   31 years                      Bookseller                     
Margaret Drummond              31                               Wife
Ann Drummond                       2                                Daughter
James Drummond                    6 months                    Son
Elizabeth Slater, an elderly woman with white locks, was arraigned
on a charge of stealing a woollen shawl, the property of Mary Thornley,
another elderly lady. The prosecutrix was  in the Brewers' Arms,
Friargate, on the preceding day, in company with the prisoner and others,
when, after imbibing "a pennyworth of ale," the former fell asleep, and
on awaking missed her shawl. She had been requested by Slater and
others, before her unfortunate nap, to pawn the article so that more 
drink might be procured, "for the good of the company," but refused;
and when discovered the loss gave information to the police. PC. Hall 
found the shawl at the pawnshop of Mr. Parker, Edward Street, with
whom it had been pledged for 9p by the prisoner Slater, as her
own property. She was committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle   14th October 1854
PC. Crookall preferred a charged against George Livesey, of the Brewers' Arms,
beer-house, Friargate, of committing a breach of the Beer Act.
The officer stated that at 8.20am on Sunday last, he went to the back door
of Livesey's house, when he saw five men standing, and the landlord coming
out of the house with two gill glasses and a large jug in his hands. On seeing 
him Livesey hastily retired into the house, but was followed by Crookall, to
whom he offered some money not to report him.  Mrs. Livesey, who 
appeared to answer the complaint, said her husband had not actually
filled any drink, but would have done,m as the men said they were from
Fined 20s and costs.
Preston Chronicle 2nd June 1855
Christopher Webster, one of the 3rd Royal Lancashire Militia, and who
had only been out of prison for five weeks, was arraigned on a charge of
stealing a table from the Brewers' Arms beerhouse, at the corner of 
Bridge Lane and Friargate, on the previous day.

The prisoner had been some time drinking in the house, when he took an
opportunity to walk off with the table, which he sold for 10p to Mary
Darlington, who lives at Mount Pleasant. When apprehended by 
PC. Hesketh, the thief denied all knowledge of the robbery, and gave
a false name. He was committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle   16th June 1855

Thomas Smith and Matthew Durham were brought up on remand from
Monday week, on a charge of stealing a left luggage ticket, and by its
means having fraudulently obtained possession of the clothes trunk of
a young woman named Alice Sharrocks, which had been left at the 
East Lancashire Railway Station. It was proved by Mrs Livesey, of
the Brewers' Arms beerhouse, Friargate, that the prisoners had
brought the box to her house, and had there sold some of the articles
it contained to persons in the house; and by a young woman name
Mary Walmsley, that she had pawned some other for them. The 
articles mentioned were produced by PC. Steenson, and identified by
the prosecutrix. Several articles of wearing apparel had not been
Both of the prisoners were committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle 24th November 1855
A man named John Tomlinson was charged with assaulting Hugh Cane,
who appeared with his head bandaged. Mr. E. Moore, Surgeon, said that
on Sunday morning  a policeman brought the prosecutor and a woman to
his house. The woman had got the front of her head seriously injured, and she 
was not able to attend the Court that morning. The prosecutor had also 
sustained some injuries on his head. 

A man named Benjamin Dawson, deposed that he saw the prisoner, on Sunday,
strike the prosecutor, in a yard at the back of the Brewers' Arms in Bridge
Street. He saw the female alluded to on the ground. He did not see the
prisoner strike her. He separated the parties, who were neighbours.

The prisoner had a poker (poker produced). It was considerable bent.

The case was remanded for a week.
Preston Chronicle  16th February 1861
On Thursday last, at the Borough Police Court, Margaret Cleminson,
Mary Ann Burke, and Garnett Coward, were charged with stealing
£2 10s in gold and silver, from the person of John Dickinson, a labouring 
man. The prosecutor was in liquor at the time and was asleep in the 
yard of the Brewers' Arms in Bridge Street. He had previously been
 in the company of the female prisoners, who are prostitutes. The male
prisoner  was seen to hold the prosecutor's head while the two females
rifled his pockets, and he afterward changed two half-sovereigns at
different public houses.

PC Haythornthwaite apprehended the prisoners, whom he found near
the Jolly Tars Inn, dividing money. Cleminson gave up to him 9s., and
Burke 8s. 6d. Coward said that he had nothing to do with it. On searching
him he found 2s. 2d.

Mrs Swift, female searcher  at the lock-up, found 6s. 6d., on the prisoner 
Burke. All three prisoners had been in gaol, and were each
committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle  29th July 1865
At the Police Court on Wednesday, a young Irishman named Peter
Bellow, dressed in hunting habit, was charged with robbing his father, 
Peter Bellow of Dublin. The prisoner had robbed his father of £123,
besides a large quantity of jewelry. The father of the prisoner had come
from Dublin, and wished to have the case proceeded with.

The father, on being sworn, said he was a horse dealer and commission 
agent at Dublin. The prisoner was his son by a former wife. Some time
the previous week, the prisoner, during his absence, and that of his wife, 
ransacked the whole house. He broke open a pair of drawers, a writing
desk, and his wife's wardrobe, and stole therefrom four rings, a pencil-
case, a silk jacket, a dress, two suits of clothes, a shawl, and other articles,
and also £123 in gold and notes.

After missing the articles he gave details to the various packet stations at
Dublin and Drogheda. Police Detective Mathers deposed that he
apprehended the prisoner on Monday at the Butchers' Arms, Friargate,
as he could not satisfactorily account for a gold watch in his possession,
which he stated was given to him by his second mother.

The Bench ordered the prisoner to be handed over to the Dublin
Preston Chronicle  9th February 1867
corner of Bridge Street.
Apply John Clarke,
Roast Beef Inn, Friargate.
Preston Chronicle 29th January 1870
Preston Chronicle  4th November 1871
Read in conjunction with the advertisement dated 15th June 1850 (above),
this advert would seem to confirm my theory that the front ground-floor
portion of the building was used for other business purposes.
JOHN TURNER, landlord of the Butchers' Arms, Friargate, was
summoned for selling drink during prohibited hours, on Sunday the
25th February. PS Cave said that at about 8.15 on the Sunday
morning, the 25th ult., he saw a man let into the Butchers' Arms 
by the back door. Witness, along with PC Moorhouse, went into
the house, and they found in the kitchen five men, one of whom was 
a lodger. On the table there were four pint cups and a glass. He 
reported the landlord for summons.
He was fined 20s. and costs, or 14 days imprisonment.

Robert Graham, Michael Dowling, Peter Snape, and Michael
Dickson were each fined 5s. and costs for being on the premises.
Preston Chronicle  10th March 1877
Preston Chronicle  6th June 1885

Manchester Courier & Lancs. General Advertiser
9th December 1885
Henry Hemfrey was the Manager of the Gaiety Theatre in Preston.
 Lancashire Evening Post  6th February 1908
Thomas Carny                  35 years                      Beerseller
Alice Carny                      30                               Wife

Thomas Craven                40 years                      Retail Beerseller                  b. Preston
Jane Craven                     40                               Wife                                   b. Whitehaven
Joseph Craven                  13                              Son                                     b. Preston
James Craven                   10                              Son                                              do
Sarah Thackery                 20                             Servant                                         do

Sarah Fisher                     53 years                      Beerseller                           b. Kendal
Mary Young                     32                               Dressmaker                                do
Sarah Jane Young             11                              Daughter / Servant                       do
Sarah Dickinson                24                              Wife (sic) ?????                  b. Preston
William Wood                   23                                                                        b. Turton??
Ann Wood                         23                             Wife                                   b. ?

Thomas Webster              43 years                      Beerseller                           b. Longton
Elizabeth Webster             44                               Wife                                  b. Walton-le-dale
Mary A.W. Mullen            19                              Servant                              b. Preston

John Watson                    49 years                      Licensed Victualler             b. Preston
Susannah Watson             49                               Wife                                  b. Dilloth ??
Mary Ann Watson            18                               Daughter                           b. Preston
John Watson                     22                              Son                                            do
Francis Watson                 11                              Son                                            do
Alfred Watson                    9                               Son                                           do

Richard Bond                   60 years                     Innkeeper                           b. Penwortham

Thomas Hartley               32 years                      Licensed Victualler              b. Colne
Mary S. Hartley               31                              Wife                                    b. Burnley
Francis Hartley                 5                                Son                                              do
Ethel Hartley                    4                                Daughter                              b. Barnoldswick
Fred Hartley                    2                                 Son                                              do
Annie Hartley                   11 months                   Daughter                             b. Bolton-le-Sands      


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