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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ANCHOR INN 29-31 Nile Street

13 (later 29-31) Nile Street
 On the right of the picture the distinctive anchor sign 
can be seen at the corner of Nile Street and Lord's Walk.
The taxi is standing outside the Miller Citax (or was it Ronnie Unsworths') office, also
on Lord's Walk.
These hand-drawn images were copied from architect's drawings in the LRO.
1841                     Thomas Greenwood (Brewer)
1853                     John Webster
1855                     Mr. Best
1861                     Richard Gregson
1870                     Mary A.M. Bryend
1870                     Henry Hindle
1871 - 74             William Quigley  d. 3.7.1874 Aged 38 years - suicide.
1874 - 77             Mrs. Ann Quigley (went to the Sir Walter Scott in 1880)
1877 - 84             Isaac Finch  (Birch)
1884 - 86             John Hayhurst   d. 27.12.1886 aged 47 years.
1887 - 88             Elizabeth Hayhurst
1888 - 96             Jonathan Swarbrick -Jonathan Swarbrick married Elizabeth Calderbank [nee       Grime] in 1896 in the Garstang area. Elizabeth was the widow of John Calderbank and buried two
                                                      husbands in six years before dying herself in 1899. John died in 1897. 
1897 - 1901         Mary Ann Swarbrick  - This was Jonathan's elder sister, who carried on here after Jonathan had left to marry Elizabeth Calderbank. She was at the 
                                                                   "Duke of Cambridge"
                                          Both the above notes are courtesy of Dave Swarbrick.
1901                    Richard Gardner   - See note from Dave Swarbrick, a relative, below.
1904                    Mary A. Swarbrick - This should, I think, read 'Mary A. Gardner'
1907 - 24             Mrs. Mary A. Gardner  
1926 - 27             Richard Gardner
1930 - 44             James Woodhouse
1946 - 48             James Hilton. - wife Annie died 30.10.1946 aged 47.  Son Wally.
I have a note that a Thomas Holland had a beerhouse at 25 Nile Street in the 1840's. I think it was probably the Anchor Inn, particularly as there's a gap in the information during those years.
Possibly related to the Hollands who were at the Red Lion and the Old Dog Inn.
These plans to change the windows were made in 1902. It isn't know whether the plans were implemented
but it would be interesting to see a photograph from later in the century. I remeber the inn still being there in the mid-1960's
Pre-1927 lay-out of the Anchor, above, with the
amendments made, below.

A young man named William Harlow was summoned
for aiding and abetting in the sale of beer during
prohibited hours, on Sunday, November 14th.
S.D. Brown said that on the day in question he
visited the Anchor Inn, Nile Street, when he saw the
defendant drinking a glass of beer at the bar counter.
He got his name and reported him. The defendant, 
who denied drinknig the sale in the officer's presence,
was fined 5s and costs. Edward Astley was mulcted in
a similar sum for committing a similar offence on the
21st inst., at the instance of P.D. Dawson.
Preston Chronicle  24th December 1869 
William Quigley, landlord of the Anchor Inn,
Nile Street, was summoned on the information
of Police Constables Charnley and Richardson,
for selling beer during prohibited hours on Sunday
the 11th inst.  The police-officers deposed to
seeing a man knock  at the defendant's door
shortly after 8 o'clock on the day in question, and
which was answered by the landlord. 

The man asked him for a quart of ale, and got 
something srom the landlord, and put it under his
coat. At 9.15am they saaw a boy named Francis 
Holmes, nine years of age, get on the back wall
of the beerhouse, and hand the defendant a half
gallon jug which was empty. The landlord shortly
afterwards returned, and handed the lad, who paid
who paid him some coppers, a quart jug which was
filled with beer.

Witnesses then told the landlord what they had
seen, and also that they should report him for a
summons. He replied, "I don't deserve to be
summoned, as the lad was on the wall a long
time before I let him have the jug."

The defendant was fined 20s and costs.
Preston Chronicle 24th February 1872
Preston Chronicle 11th July 1874
Preston Chronicle 7th December 1878
An extract from the trial of the murder
at the Sir Walter Scott Inn, of Annie Ratcliffe,
daughter of the landlord of the (Ye Olde Blue Bell.
Preston Chronicle 12th November 1881
Preston Chronicle 1st March 1884
Thomas Greenwood                 40 years                   Brewer
Susannah Greenwood               30                            Wife
Isabella Greenwood                  12                            Daughter
Robert Greenwood                     5                            Son


Richard Gregson                      54 years                   Beerseller                   b. Goosnargh
Elizabeth Gregson                    47                            Wife                           b. Treales
Sarah Gregson                         15                            Daughter                    b. Preston
James Gregson                         12                           Son                                    do

William Quigley                       35 years                   Bricklayer                   b. Wexford, Ireland
Ann Quigley                            31                            Wife                           b. Preston
Martin Quigley                        14                            Son                                     do
William Quigley                       12                            Son                                     do
George Quigley                       11                            Son                                     do
Mary Ann Quigley                    4                             Daughter                             do
John Quigley                            3                             Son                                     do
Edward Quigley                       2 weeks                  Son                                     do

Isaac Finch                            47 years (widower)   Publican                    b. Goosnargh
James Finch                           16                            Son                           b. Preston
Mary Ellen Finch                     6                             Daughter                           do
William Dolphin                      25                           Assistant                            do 

Jonathon Swarbrick               33 years                   Licensed Victualler    b. Churchtown
Mary A. Swarbrick                44 years                   Sister                                     do  

Richard Gardner                    48 years                   Beerhouse Keeper     b. Claughton-on-Brock
Mary A. Gardner                   54                            Wife                          b. Kirkland
It would appear that Mary A Swarbrick married Richard Gardner - see 1901 census.

Richard Gardner                    58 years                   Beerseller                  b. Goosnargh
Mary Ann Gardner                64                            Beerseller                  b. Kirkland
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  1. Richard Gardner married Mary Ann Swarbrick in Preston in 1899. She was the sister of Jonathan Swarbrick who died in 1897. Jonathan and Mary Ann Swarbrick were two of the children of Robert and Elizabeth [Whiteside] Swarbrick. Jonathan and Mary Ann were my 1st cousins 4 times removed.

    Dave Swarbrick

  2. Thank you Dave: That's really helped clear up the mystery about Mary Ann. Although when you know the full story, it's no long a mystery. Marvellous!