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Monday, 30 January 2012

BLACK TIGER, 63 Church Street

63 Church Street
1840                William Heys
1844                Thomas Bamber
1847                Richard Higham
1849 - 58        Joseph Higham
1859 - 61        David Baxter 
Preston Chronicle 17th August 1844
Thomas Gibb was charged with stealing two ferrets,
 the property of Richard Higham, of the Black Tiger, 
Church Street. He was ordered to pay £2, 
in default of which, two months imprisonment.
Preston Chronicle 11th September 1847
Preston Guardian  11th August 1849
Preston Chronicle 24th August 1850
The Plaintiff, who lives at Bolton, sued Joseph Higham, of the BLACK TIGER,
Church Street, Preston, for 15s. for a dog. The Plaintiff stated that, about 3 years ago, 
he bought a dog, for the purpose of fighting, from the defendant, which be
agreement (produced) he was to return and to receive back his money, if it
did not suit him. The dog proved "doffy" and he took it back to the defendant, 
but Higham had neglected to fulfill his agreements. Higham said that Hall had 
sent the dog back by tramp, from Bolton, and it was much punished. Hall said
he brought it back himself, and that he and Higham had tested its pugnacious 
capabilities in a chamber, at the Black Tiger. Higham told the Court that the 
dog had since died.

The Plaintiff produced the following agreement: "Dear Friend, if this dog, Paday, 
does not suit you, if he proves dufy (sic), your money is redy (sic) for him back
any time. But I hope you are not going to fight him Right of at hand (sic) for wen (sic) 
he fights I am willing to do a good share in the Wager, or it all for that matter, 
for I know he is a good dog. I hope that I hope you will not fight him without
letting me know. I received the money for your friend. I shall bring the
other dog to Bolton next week. You can have that if you choose. So no more at present.

From Yours truly

His Honour thought it best to give the judgement of Solomon, and
 order them to divide the amount.
Preston Chronicle   6th March 1852
Preston Chronicle 29th January 1853
 Preston Chronicle   2nd July 1853
Preston Chronicle 8th May 1858
Preston Chronicle 16th April 1859
Joseph Higham                      32 years                    Beerhouse Keeper          b. Preston
Alice Higham                         28                             Wife                                        do
Thomas Higham                      8                              Son                                         do
Mary Higham                          6                              Daughter                                 do
Ralph Higham                         3                              Son                                         do
Isabella Higham                      2 months                   Daughter                                 do

David Baxter                         45 years                   Beerhouse Keeper           b. Preston
Jane Baxter                            46                           Wife                                          do
William Baxter                        22                           Son                                           do
Thomas Baxter                       12                           Son                                           do
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