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Monday, 19 March 2012

WHITE BULL, Church Street

Church Street - formerly Churchgate
A sketch form the 1684 map of Preston. Recognizable places so that you can get
your bearings, are Mines Pitt Wind (Main Sprit Wiend), at the bottom of the map;
Stone agate Lane, (Stoneygate), at the top of the map; and
Rd. Jackson, 'Wt.Bull' or White Bull, where the Bull and Royal Hotel later stood.
1670                       Ownership passed from .......?..... French to  ......?..... Worden.  
1684 - 1718            Richard Jackson  - see sketch-map, above.
1718 - 54                John Winder - bought the hotel for £400 in 1731 from William Bushell.
1754 - 66                Mr. Marsden of Brindle bought the hotel for £600
1755                       Francis Daniel  -  see advertisement dated 24.5.1755, below.
1766 - 73                John Smalley - grocer & wine and spirit merchant bought the hotel.
1773                        Bought by Edward Smith Stanley, afterwards became Lord Derby for £854
1783 - 89                Thomas Cooper     L.R.O.Ref. DDX 74/17/1
1791                        Mr. William Birchall See  piece dated 28.2.1791, below. d. 19.3.1816 see below.
London Evening Post  24th May 1755
March 22nd.  Thomas Cowell of Preston Palatine,
Lancaster, Brazer, at nine, at Mr. Birchall's,
the Bull Inn, Preston.
True Briton (1793) London    22nd February 1791.
DEATH:  On the 19th inst., in the 68th year
of his age, Mr. William Birchall, of Goosnargh
Hospital, formerly of the Bull Inn, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  30th March 1816
The following notes sound as though
they are from the pen of Stephen Sartin:
although he tells me he's not !
Perhaps it was J.H.Spencer of the Preston Herald.

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