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Thursday, 8 March 2012

RAM'S HEAD INN, Gin Bow Entry

2 Gin Bow Entry
Let me give you a few bearings:
Gin Bow Entry stood where Harris Street now stands. The road on the right
of the plan is Lancaster Road. Everything below Gin Bow Entry is now
covered by the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.
Yes, that's right! We had to sacrifice SEVEN  or EIGHT pubs, just to make way
for the Museum.

1750                       Michael Em(m)ett
1796                       James Howard  - became known as "Ram Jams" - see below.
                                              [The Election expense records of 1796 bears the address - 
                                                                James Howard, Ram Jams]. DDK/1683/61.
1812                      William Worden
1838 - 73               Nicholas Lea
1877 - 78               Mrs. Mary Lea  - I think this is Nancy or Nanney Lea, formerly Rossall.
1878 - 80               Joseph James Cunliffe  -  married Nancy Lea in 1878
1880 - 85               Richard Crook - Nicholas Lea's first wife was a Crook - any connection?
Correction(s) to the above:
I have received, from the 4 X Great grandson of our 1750 Michael Em(m)ett, who lives in Perth, Western Australia, information that requires an amendment to parts of the above.
The statement that there were seven sons who survived childhood is correct, but Michael, who became a Methodist Preacher, was the 2nd eldest, and not the eldest.
The eldest son was John, and he is the one who was responsible for designing the obelisk which now stands (again) at the southern end of the Market Place, having been taken down and 'lost' for many years.
John was born 31st August 1758, and christened 21st September 1758.
Michael was born 14th September 1759, and christened 7th October 1759, both at the Parish Church of St. John's.
Michael, the innkeeper's wife was Ann Corles, who was the mother of the seven boys.
Many thanks to Michael Emett of Perth, Western Australia

MARRIAGE - At Preston Parish Church,
Mr. Nicholas Lea of Rufford, to Miss.
Margaret Crook, of this town.
Preston Chronicle  8th February 1840
DEATH - On Monday 27th March 1842,
Margaret, the wife of Nicholas Lea, of
the Ram's Head Public House, in this town,
aged 33 years.
Preston Chronicle 2nd April, 1842
MARRIAGE - On Tuesday 26th October, 1847,
at Walton-le-dale, Mr. Nicholas Lea, innkeeper
of this town, to Ellen, third daughter of John
Hartley Esq., of Walton-le-dale.
Preston Chronicle 30th October 1847

 Both from Preston Chronicle  8th January 1848
 Preston Chronicle  3rd January 1852
DEATH - On Wednesday 31st December 1856,
Ellen, wife of Mr. Nicholas Lea, of the Ram's
Head Inn, Gin Bow Entry, aged 44 years.
Preston Chronicle 3rd January 1857
Preston Chronicle  11th September 1861 
 Preston Chronicle  14th September 1861
The following piece from the Preston Chronicle
gives the impression that the properties referred
to in it were on the site of the New Covered Market.
They weren't!
Gin Bow Entry, for instance, ran very roughly
where Harris Street now runs, ie. directly across
from the front entrance to the Guild Hall on
Lancaster Road.
Preston New Covered Market
Terms ahve been agreed to purchase land and property
owned by the Earl of Derby, necessary for the New Covered 
Market for the town.

The property named below will be transferred to the
Corporation for the sum of £8,300:-

Cross Keys Inn, Market Place,
Mr. Wallin's Vaults,
Mr. Nicholas Lea's tavern,
The fish shop in Gin Bow Entry,
Mr. M_ _de's shop,
Mrs. Brindle's shop,
Mr. Westworth's shop,
Bull and Butcher Inn, Molyneux Square,
Shop formerly owned by Mr. Roney,
The Shoulder of Mutton, and houses owned by 
Sarah Ingham, William Whiteside,
and John Lee in the Shambles.
Preston Chronicle  2nd July 1864
 Preston Herald  30th June 1866
 Preston Herald  29th August 1874
TO BE SOLD, by Private Treaty,
TEN SHARES in Matthew Brown
and Company Limited.
Apply - R. CROOK
Ram's Head, Preston.
Preston Chronicle 23rd October 1880
Preston Chronicle   23rd October 1880
 Preston Chronicle  20th June 1885
Nicholas Lea                     25 years                   Publican
Margaret Lea                    30                             Wife

Nicholas Lea                     37 years                   Publican                      b. Rufford
Ellen Lea                           38                             Wife                          b. Walton-le-dale
Elizabeth Lea                      2                             Daughter                    b. Preston
Margaret Lea                     6 mnoths                  Daughter                             do
Edward Lea                      73                             Father                        b. Rufford

Nicholas Lea                    48 years - widower   Innkeeper                   b. Rufford
Elizabeth Lea                    12                            Daughter                     b. Preston
Margaret Lea                   10                             Daughter                             do
Edward John Lea              6                              Son                                     do

Nicholas Lea                    57 years  Unm.         Innkeeper                   b. Rufford
Nancy Rossall                  43           Unm.          Housekeeper             b. Great Eccleston
Margaret Lea                   20                             Daughter                    b. Preston
John E. Lea                      15                             Son                                     do
Ellen Lea                          10                             Daughter                             do
Ann Lea                            5                              Daughter                             do
  WHO WERE THE MOTHERS OF ELLEN AND ANN?  Information received from a
  descendant claims that they were the daughters of Nancy (or Nanney) Rossall, the housekeeper.
  In 1873 Nancy Rossall and Nicholas Lea were married, but in 1876 Nicholas died, aged c. 62   

Richard Crook                 38 years                    Retailer of Wines,       b. Preston
                                                                            Spirits & Beer.
Alice Crook                     38                             Wife                                 do
Leah? Crook                    15                             Daughter                          do
Martha Crook                  10                             Daughter                          do
Richard Crook                   8                             Son                                  do
Alice A. Crook                  4                              Daughter                          do

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