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Monday, 19 March 2012


2  (later 1)  Gin Bow Entry
Let me give you a few bearings:
Gin Bow Entry stood where Harris Street now stands. The road on the right
of the plan is Lancaster Road. Everything below Gin Bow Entry is now
covered by the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.
Yes, that's right! We had to sacrifice SEVEN or EIGHT pubs, just to make way
for the Museum.
1804 -                    Thomas Rigby. -  wife died 6.12.1804
?  -  1811               Richard Anderton    d. 24.6.1811.  See son's death, below.
                                                        Mrs. Anderson d. 10.9.1811
1812                      John Haythornwaite    d.30.3.1812
1812 - 15               Mrs. Mary Haythornthwaite   m. John Simpson 4.10.1815
1815 - 21               John Simpson    d. 16.7.1821
1821 - 27               Mary Simpson
1831 - 38               John Baron ?  see next entry.
1841 - 48               John Baron  d May 1848 aged 73 years.*see article about "The Globe" Gin Bow Entry.
1850 - 51               Thomas Howarth
1853 - 54               Robert Carter
1857 - 60               Simon Yates  - died 25.1.1860, aged 38 years.
1860 - 61               Mrs. Jane Yates  -  
1862                      William Wallin
1865                      Henry Aspden
1865                      Richard Brown
1869 - 71              John Parsons
1873 - 77              William Thompson
1879                     Robert (Richard) Higham        d. 1879   -  His first wife died in 1878
1879 - 81              Mary Higham     Believed to be the second Mrs. Higham.
1881                     Squire Robert Gray
Demolished w/c 20.6.1881 - see article below.
DEATH:  On Sunday last, Mr. Richard Anderton,
of the Wheatsheaf, Preston, aged 35 years.
Lancaster Gazette  29th June 1811 
DEATH:  On Monday last, Mr. John Haythornwaite
of the Wheat-Sheaf public-house, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  4th April 1812 
MARRIAGE: On Wednesday, last, Mr. John
Simpson, tin-plate worker, to Mrs. Mary
Haythornthwaite, of the Wheatsheaf public-house,
both of Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  7th October 1815 
DEATH:  On Monday last, aged 39 years,
Mr. John Simpson, of Preston, Innkeeper.
Lancaster Gazette  21st July 1821 
DEATH -  On Thursday 1st November 1821, 
aged 17 years, Robert Anderton, son of the
late Mr. Anderton, of the WHEATSHEAF in
this town.
So presumably he was here prior to 1816?
Preston Chronicle  10th November 1821
Lancaster Gazette  7th April 1827
John Baron, of the 'Globe Tavern', Gin Bow
Entry, was fined 10s. and costs, for suffering
bagatelle and dominoes to be played in his
house on Sunday night last.
Preston Chronicle 10th December 1831
I suspect that this could be an example of
using a fictitious name for his house to 
avoid bad publicity.
A man named Smith, who stated himself to be a 
saddler, last from Liverpool, was fully committed
 for trial, on a charge of having stolen a horse
curry comb from the premises of Mr. Baron, 
Globe Tavern, on or about Wednesday last, and 
a smoothing iron from Elizabeth Barton, a keeper
of a retail beerhouse.
Preston Chronicle 17th December 1831
Just one week after the above incident (10th December)
we again see the name 'Globe Tavern."
On Monday, John Baron, Gin Bow Entry, 
was fined 40 s. for having, early on the
morning of the 7th instant, persons of
riotous and disorderly conduct in his house.
Preston Chronicle 14th November 1835
Yesterday, at the Town Hall, John Baron,
innkeeper, Gin Bow Entry, was fined 5s
and costs, for permitting drunkeness, on
Sunday evening last.
Preston Chronicle 3rd November 1838
On Wednesday at the Town Hall, a publican
named John Baron, of the Wheatsheaf Inn,
Gin Bow Entry, was charged with refusing to
admit the constables into his house when
required to do so. It appeared in evidence
that the police suspected that some persons 
were in Baron's house whom they wished to
apprehend, when on demanding entrance, on
Saturday night, they were refused. The 
defendant, who had no satisfactory defence 
to offer, was fined 20s and costs.
Preston Chronicle 30th November 1839
Yesterday, at the Town Hall, two young men named
Fallowfield Wilson and James Dewhurst, were 
charged with stealing 27 shillings from the person
of William Burns, a butcher. It was stated in
evidence that the prosecutor and prisoners were
 drinking together in the Wheatsheaf Inn, Gin
Bow Entry, when the prosecutor was thrown
down, and robbed, by the two prisoners.
The prisoners admitted the offence and were
committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle 13th June 1840
Yesterday morning, about half-past six, a fire
was discovered to have broken out in the
Wheatsheaf stables, Gin Bow Entry.
Mr. Bradley was promptly on the spot, and
succeeded in getting it under control before
much damage was done.

Two fine horses which were in at the time,
 were, however, much scorched. The fire was due
to the carelessness of the ostler.
Preston Chronicle 17th December 1842
The Fire in Gin Bow Entry
Two of the horses injured at the fire, which
occurred on the morning of yesterday week,
at the Wheatsheaf stables, in Gin Bow Entry,
died on Saturday last, and one yesterday.
The premises were uninsured, but beyond the
loss of the horses, the damage was but trifling.

The ostler, through whose carelessness the
fire originated, absconded immediately after
the occurrence.
Preston Chronicle 24th December 1842
Robert BARON  v  Matthew BROWN
Preston Chronicle 29th July 1848
 Preston Chronicle  28th December 1850

Preston Chronicle  12th April 1856

The Vaults from which this wholesale trade was conducted would be adjacent
to the Wheatsheaf.
 Preston Chronicle  10th January 1863
Preston Herald  3rd October 1863
 Preston Herald  10th December 1864
Preston Herald  28th January 1865
 Preston Chronicle  8th December 1866
James Parsons of the Wheatsheaf Inn, Gin Bow
Entry, was charged with selling drink during 
prohibited hours on the 14th November.

The police visited the house, in which they found
some men; also five women upstairs in one of the
rooms. They also found some fresh-drawn ale in
the bar. Fined 40s and costs.
Preston Chronicle 4th December 1869

Preston Chronicle 24th September 1870
 Preston Chronicle  13th May 1871
Preston Chronicle  15th July 1871
Preston Chronicle  13th January 1872
Not specifically relating to the Wheatsheaf, but of interest anyway. 
Preston Herald  3rd October 1874
...................the next Corporation inn meriting
notice, is the Shoulder of Mutton, Lancaster
Road. This public-house brings in a rent of
only £29, a good deal too little, if the two
adjoining Corporate houses - the Ram's Head 
and the Wheatsheaf in Gin Bow Entry, be as 
we are told they are fairly rented at £50 and
£40 respectively.
Preston Chronicle 4th August 1877
 Manchester Times  12th October 1878
Bristol Mercury  19th October 1878
Preston Chronicle  16th August 1879
Preston Chronicle 11th June 1881
John Baron                     65 years                         Publican
Robert Baron                 30                                  Son  /  Ostler
Robert Baron                  4                                   Grandson
Ann Baron                     25                                   Daughter-in-law

Thomas Howarth           35 years                         Innkeeper                           b. Leyland
Elizabeth Howarth          34                                  Wife                                  b.    ?
Catherine Howarth          1                                   Daughter                            b. Preston

Jane Yates                    38 years                         Publican                          b. Douglas, I.O.M.
Joseph Yates                 15                                   Son                                   b. Preston
Susannah Yates             14                                  Daughter                                      do
Simon Yates                   8                                   Son                                             do
William Yates                 4                                   Son                                              do
John Yates                     1                                   Son                                              do

John Parsons                65 years                          Publican                             b. Exeter
Margaret Parsons         35                                   Wife                                  b. Ireland
William Henry Parsons  18                                   Son                                   b. Preston
Edmund Parsons           15                                   Son                                             do
Andrew Parsons           13                                    Son                                            do

Squire Robert Gray      29 years                          Lic. Vict.                           b. Burnley
Elizabeth Mary Gray     28                                  Wife                                  b. Preston
Elizabeth Mary Grace Gray  5                             Daughter                                   do
Joseph Frederick Garner Gray   3                       Son                                           do
Thomas Garner Gray                 2                        Son                                           do

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