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Saturday, 3 March 2012

OLD RED LION, Church Street

8  Church Street
See also: 'OLD RED LYON'
1779 - 86               Samuel Dawson
1786                      William Birchall 
1797                      William Burrows
Pre-1799               William Sailsberry  
1799 - 13              Edward Clough
1815 - 16              John Holland   -  see 'New Red Lion'
1816                      Matthew Nelson
1817 - 24              William Garth
1825 - 27              William Cotton
London General Evening Post  12th August 1779
The passage of time will lead to the same place being referred
to as "The Old" or "The New" something.
 Manchester Mercury   4th July 1786
 Manchester Mercury   28th March 1797
MARRIAGE:  On Thursday 10th October 1805,
at Heversham, Westmoreland, Mr. Clough of the
Red Lion Inn, Preston, to Miss. Dodgson of the
former place.
Lancaster Gazette  12th October 1805
Lancaster Gazette 1st February 1806
 Lancaster Gazette  12th July 1806
Lancaster Gazette  6th June 1807
Lancaster Gazette  13th June 1807
Lancaster Gazette  12th September 1807
On the 13th October 1808, an announcement of
Dividend will be announced in the Bankruptcy case
of R. DEWHURST, Upholsterer, at the
Old Red Lion, Preston.
London Morning Post, 14th September 1808
Lancaster Gazette  3rd August 1811
Preston Chronicle  28th November 1812
Lancaster Gazette  3rd June 1815
MARRIAGE:  On Saturday last, Mr. Alexander
Murdock, to Miss Nelson, daughter of Mr. Nelson,
Red Lion Inn. Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  20th July 1816

Preston Chronicle   14th February 1821
Lancaster Gazette  10th October 1818
DEATH:  On Tuesday 13th March 1821, in
Walton-le-dale, at a very advanced age,
Mrs. Nancy Sailsberry, relict of the late
Mr. William Sailsberry, formerly of the
Old Red Lion Inn, in this town.
Preston Chronicle   17th March 1821
April 17th 1820:  A dinner was given by his friends
in Preston, to J. T. CAWTHORNE, Esq., M.P. for
Lancaster, at the Old Red Lion Inn, Preston.
James Pedder, Esq., in the chair; Mr. Jonathan Lodge,
vice-chairman. The same evening the Freemen of
Lancaster, resident in Preston, were regaled at two public houses in honour of the occasion.
In a 'Looking Back' feature:
Lancaster Gazette 27th May 1865
From the ANGEL INN, Dale Street, Liverpool
The VICE-CHANCELLOR, every Afternoon
at 4 o'clock, through Ormskirk and Tarleton, to
Mr. GARTH'S, the Old Red Lion, in Preston,
in four hours; returns from thence at 6 o'clock
every morning.
Performed by R. Chambers and Co.
Liverpool Mercury 21st November 1823
Leeds Mercury  8th May 1824
A document in the possession of Linda Barton, Preston Historical Society, and the
property of Colin Stansfield, of the same Society, mentions the "Red Lion" in
Church Street in 1730.  See "RED LYON"

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