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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Wide Shambles (1818)
17 Lancaster Road (1857)
from a court case........................'whilst they were on the ground, a person named Bannister saw the prisoner (Stephen Pennington), pull Ward's watch from his pocket, and when they got up he ran to the top of the steps of the Shoulder of Mutton public house. At this moment, Shaw, the Market-place Watchman, came up, and Bannister informed him of what he had 
seen. Shaw took Pennington into custody and the watch was found, concealed in the leg of his trousers.........................he was committed for trial.'
Preston Chronicle 15th December 1855

ALSO: Note the top step to the Shoulder of Mutton. It's been turned over because of the excessive footfall over how many years? This was a common 'trick' used by a lot of public houses, and probably other places with similarly high footfall.
ALSO: Note the horse water-trough by the kerbside.
The road to the east of the Shoulder of Mutton is Lancaster Road, then known as The Shambles.
1796                        Ann Newman   DDK/1683/67  Election expense record.
1811 - 18                Joseph Chew
    I think that somewhere between 1796 and 1811, that a man called Thomas Dilworth was the landlord.
                                    See article dated 25th August 1827, below
1825                        Mr. Dickinson
1837                        Mr. Ingham
1841                        Peter Blackledge Greenough   d. 9.9.1849 aged 43 years - by accident.
1850 - 54                John Hind  
1853                       Shown as John Rogers in Oakey's 1853 Directory
1858 - 61                Jonathan and Alice Wilson  (P.C. 31.7.1858)
1863                        Mr. Worthington
1865                        Robert Blackburn
1865                        George Bibby
1866                        Edmund Hornby
1866 - 67                Robert Richards
1867                        Joseph Haworth
1869 - 74                 William Waddecar   d. 1874
1874 - 75                 Elizabeth Waddecar
1875 - 81                 William Cottam

Preston Chronicle: Report of sale to Robert Miller.  14th May 1881.
Demolition work commenced on the 10th May 1881. 
See Preston Guardian 25th June 1881. "DEMOLITION OF MARKET PLACE PROPERTY"
"Joseph Chew of the Borough aforesaid, Innkeeper, for placing a  quantity
of manure and dung in the Square within the said Borugh, and unless within ten 
days after notice hereof he cause the same manure and dung to be removed,
and desist from placing any there in future, we amerce him in the sum of
forty shillings for the said offence.'
The Square referred to will be Molymeux Square, a portion of Lancaster Road. 

Preston Pilot  25th August 1827
Preston Chronicle 5th August 1837

Bt Mr. Richard Atkinson
On Wednesday 28th July, at the home of
Mr. Peter Blackledge Greenough, Innkeeper,
Shambles, Preston.
In Lots, suitable to purchasers - The
Sale to commence at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
Preston Chronicle  17th July 1841
THAT the Creditors of Thomas Blacow, of
Broughton, Wheelwright, are requested to
meet at the house of Mr. Peter Blackledge
Greenough, Shoulder of Mutton, Shambles, 
Preston, on the 28th July at 4 o'clock.
Preston Chronicle 17th July 1841
On Monday, members of the society of Female Druids
held an anniversary at the house of Mr. Hind, the
Shoulder of Mutton Inn. About 50 sat down, and the 
proceedings were conducted with good feeling.
Preston Chronicle 12th January 1850
Five butcher's assistants named respectively, Richard Hodgson,
Thomas Bickerstaffe, Edward Ward, Thomas Whiteside, and 
James Hayton, were charged with committing a violent assault
upon John Hetherington at the "Shoulder of Mutton" public-
house in Molyneux Square, when he missed 7s 6d from his pocket.

Hetherington, whose face bore unmistakeable evidence of severe 
usage, insisted that he had given no provocation, and a man named 
Richard Hodge supported him in that statement. Hodgson, however,
said that Hetherington had words with Bickerstaffe about some 
transaction representing a pig, and without any cause had "made a
kick at his head," but missed, and struck the oven door.

The servant of the house appeared for the prosecution, but gave 
her evidence very reluctantly. Another witness swore that
Hetherington was the aggressor, and had kicked at Hodgson as
alleged by him.

After a long investigation, however, the Bench were satisfied that
an aggravated assault had been committed upon Hetherington, by
the defendants Bickerstaffe and Ward, who were seen to kick
and strike him, and they were committed for trial. The other
prisoners were discharged
Preston Chronicle 4th February 1854
About 12.45am on Thuesday morning, the occupants
of the Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Lancaster Road,
discovered, on retiring to rest, that a large oak beam,
connected with the flue of an upstairs room, was on fire.
An alarm was lodged at the police station, and after the
application of a few cans of water by P.C. Parker, the 
smouldering flames were overcome, the beam being the
only property damaged.
Preston Chronicle 14th December 1861
ROBERT RICHARDS presents his
compliments to his friends and the public, and begs
to inform them that he has taken the SHOULDER 
OF MUTTON, Lancaster Road, Preston.
N.B. A Splendid Stock of Wines, Spirits, Ales,
Porters, &c.
Preston Chronicle 12th May 1866

Agnes McDuff, a young woman, evidently in a weak
state of health, summoned Thomas Mawdesley, a groom,
to show cause why he should not contribute towards the
maintenance of an illegitimate child of which he was
alleged to be the father. The complainant stated that she 
had not strictly kept company with the defendant, but
that she had, on several occasions met him at the "Free 
and Easy" concert room of the Shoulder of Mutton in
Lancaster Road, and had then gone with him, the result
being the child she now sought to cause him to maintain.
He was ordered to pay 3s a week for 14 years, plus 23s 
Doctor's expenses, and costs.
Preston Chronicle 21st September 1878
The "Shoulder of Mutton Inn"
SOLD for £315 to Robert Miller
along with 3 adjoining dwelling-
houses on 14th May 1881.

Peter Greenough                        30 years                      Publican
Jane Greenough                         30                               Wife
Catherine Greenough                  5                                 Daughter
Adam Greenough                       1                                 Son

James Hind                                55 years                      Innkeeper                     b. Lancashire
Nancy Hind                               54                                Wife                                        do

John S. Wilson                           23 years                     Publican                     b. Stanwix, Cumberland
Alice Wilson                              36                               Wife                          b. Goosnargh
Agnes High                                20                               Servant                     b. Preston
Richard Hayes                           25                     Lodger / Traveller Circus     b. Manchester
Elizabeth Hayes                         23                  Wife of R.H. / Lodger             b. Castle Heaton, Northum'd
Robert Thompson                     39                             Lodger / Butcher          b. Preston
James Worsley                          28                     Lodger / Travelling Musician            do
William Finch                             6                       Lodger / Travelling Circus      b. Manchester
Catherine Lynch                        14                      Lodger / Travelling Circus                  do
Joseph Dean                             10                      Lodger / Travelling Circus                  do
Elizabeth Dean                           9                       Lodger / Travelling Circus                  do 

William Waddecar                     36 years                      Innkeeper                     b. Leyland
Elizabeth Waddecar                   31                               Wife                             b. Manchester

William Cottam                          48 years                      Publican                       b. Leyland
Jane Cottam                               45                              Wife                                     do
Annie Peebles                             24                              Daughter / Agent's wife        do

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