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Saturday, 31 March 2012

GUILD TAVERN, Tithebarn Street

Tithebarn Street
formerly the "CENTRAL HOTEL"
And believed at one point to have taken over the licence from:
 The "ROYAL OAK" St. John Street (later renamed Tithebarn Street.
This photograph was taken from Lancaster Road. The building on the left is the
Guild Hall, and that on the right, the Stanley Arms.

1926 - 27              John Fishwick Barton  - Former P.N.E. player - info from Ian Rigby, PNE Official Historian
1932                     John Fishwick  (same as above??)
1936                     George Mallinson
1940                     Frank G. Gough
1944 - 48             William H. Riley
Mid-1940's           Frank Gallimore  -  Former P.N.E. player - info from Ian Rigby, PNE Official Historian

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  1. If there are any Gallimore's out there related to Frank, who would like to get in contact with relatives in Canada, e-mail