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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

STANLEY ARMS, Church Street

10 - 11 Church Street
This is the site of the Miler Arcade on Church Street. The Town Hall can be seen on the left.
The "STANLEY ARMS" on the right were blocking the entrance to what is now
Lancaster Road, and at the time was adjacent to a passage into the Shambles.
1827 - 34              Henry Crook - d.20.6.1834 aged 52 years; his wife, Ellen, d. 22.5.1840 aged 54 years.  Daughter Ellen, d. 28.3.1836.      Son, William, died 6.4.1836, aged 23 years. 
1835 - 40              Mrs. Ellen Crook  see above for death details.
1841                     Samuel Ainsworth - Possibly synonymous with the Spirit Merchant by that name - interim 
                                                                                              landlord?  Living near Moor Park at the time.
1843 - 44              Richard Preston
1851 - 52              Susannah Preston
 London Morning Chronicle  20th January 1830
DEATH:  On Friday 20th June, 1834, aged 52 years,
Mr. Henry Crook, of the Stanley Arms Public House,
in this town. His disinterested generosity and cheerful
disposition created him many friends by whom he will
be long remembered and regretted.
Preston Chronicle  21st June 1834 
Liverpool Mercury  27th June 1834
This seems to confirm the 1830 item, above, as 'our'
Henry Crook  
Preston Chronicle  4th April 1835
DEATH:  On Sunday last, in the 19th year of her age,
Ellen, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Henry Crook,
innkeeper, Stanley Arms.
Preston Chronicle  2nd April 1836
Preston Chronicle  4th November 1837
In November 1843, James Tomlinson assaulted
Richard Preston of the Stanley Arms, Church Street.

Preston appeared to give evidence this last week,
on a pair of crutches. He said that Tomlinson had
come into his house and made use of some very 
abusive language towards his (Preston's) daughter.
This led to an altercation during which Preston
was kicked, knocked down, and broke his thigh
in the fall. Tomlinson was bound over to keep 
the peace, to answer the charge as the Sessions.
Preston Chronicle  3rd February 1844
MARRIAGE:  On the 12th May 1852, at
St. Wilfrid's Catholic Chapel, Mr. Joseph Aspden
to Martha, second daughter of the late 
Mr. Richard Preston, Stanley Arms Inn, both of
this town.
Preston Chronicle  15th May 1852
Preston Chronicle  9th October 1852

Susannah Preston                       49 years                        Innkeeper                  b. Preston
Martha Preston                          25                                 Daughter                             do
Susannah Preston                       17                                 Daughter                             do
Jane Preston                               11                                Daughter                             do
Mary A. Preston                          5                                 Daughter                             do

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