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Thursday, 15 March 2012

SWAN INN, Churchgate

Churchgate (now Church Street)
Possibly in existence between 1602 and 1696.
1702                    Mr. Sudell  (Sudall)
                                                    L.R.O.  Bos DDCr 1 - 4  Items 1/15;  1/21;  1/22; 1/23; 1/24.

1732                    James Hamilton   -  Mrs. Sudell - widow - owner.
According to Stephen Sartin:
This inn was on the site of the Miller Arcade.

From the verbal description he gave to me, I
would imagine that it was where the KING'S ARMS were.

That inn was a 17th century establishment, and may
well have been known previously as the Swan Inn.
According to the 1732 Poor Law Rate
Assessment book, in that year it was
known as the "KING'S ARMS & WOOLPACK"
L.R.O. Ref:  CNP/ 3/1/11

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