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Thursday, 15 March 2012

TAP ROOM, Church Street

Church Street
1807                 John Thompson
1807 - 10.         Mrs. Thompson
1810 - 13          Matthew Garth   [I have a record of there being a Peggy Rigby here in 1812].
1836 - 41         Thomas Shackleton
DEATH:  On Wednesday 18th March, 1807,
in the prime of his life, Mr. John Thompson ,
landlord of the Tap-room, Bull Inn, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  21st March 1807 
MARRIAGE. On Sunday, Mr. Matthew Garth,
Bookkeeper, to Mrs. Thompson, of the
Bull Inn Tap-room, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette. 22nd December 1810
DEATH:  On Sunday last, aged 34 years,
Mr. Matthew Garth, of Preston, Innkeeper. 
Lancaster Gazette  13th March 1813
Preston Chronicle  13th March 1813
DEATH:  On Monday 12th December, 1836,
aged 62 years, Elizabeth, wife of Thos. Shackleton,
of the Bull Inn Tap Room, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette 17th December 1836
- Believed to have been a separate bar within the Bull and Royal Hotel.

- In the 1960's there was a separate bar called the "COCKPIT BAR,"
which I recall was at the front of the property overlooking Church Street.
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