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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

WHITE HART, Gin Bow Entry

5 Gin Bow Entry
Let me give you a few bearings:
Gin Bow Entry stood where Harris Street now stands. The road down the right 
of the plan is Lancaster Road. Everything below Gin Bow Entry is now
covered by the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.
Yes, that's right! We had to sacrifice SEVEN or EIGHT pubs, (possibly as many as TEN) 
just to make way for the Museum.
1805 - 06               William Pollard  -  Sold by the Earl of Derby to James FORSHAW, in 1806. Pollard
                                                                               was the tenant. The property had stables, a brew-house, and other       
                                                                                                                    outbuildings. LRO. DDX824/2
1807                       Thomas Crompton

1808                                                                 Regarding the stables, see Auction Notice dated 9.1.1808, below.
1812 - 21               Richard Shepherd
1821                       Mrs. Mary Shepherd  d. 11.6.1858 aged 85 years.
1825                       Margaret Garth
1831                       Mr. Shepherd - Richard Shepherd. Please see comments at the bottom.
1841 - 51               Robert Lucas
1851 - 63               John Leeming  d.27.9.1863 aged 40 years. Son, Thomas d. 11.3.1856 aged 5yr 7mths.  Infant daughter, Frances Agnes Ellen, d. 4.5.1859, aged 5 months.
1863 - 65               Mrs. Ellen Leeming   I'm at Gin Bow Entry (1861) and noticed that  
                                          John Leeming's son  Robert Leeming has an 
                                          unclear middle initial so I checked it on the 
                                          birth records and he was Robert L. The L stands
                                          for Lucas and I notice on your site that the 
                                          previous innkeeper was Robert Lucas with a 
                                          daughter Ellen. She married John Leeming in 
                                          Mar 1846, so effectively the Inn was in the 
                                          same hands for 24 years.  Thanks to Deidre L.
1865                      William Turner
1865 - 66               James Gould
1868 - 70              John Hubbersty
1870 - 72               Peter Longton  - d 1872 aged 52 years. Formerly at the Anglers' Arms / Home.
1872 - 79               Mrs. Eleanor Longton
1879                      Richard Worden
1879 - 82               John Park
DEATH: On Thursday, last, at Preston, 
Mrs. Pollard, wife of Mr. William Pollard
of the White Hart
Lancaster Gazette  23rd March 1805 
MARRIAGE:  On Tuesday se'ennight, at Preston, 
Mr. William Pollard, of the White Hart Inn, to
Miss Elizabeth Nightingale, late of this town.
Lancaster Gazette   9th November 1805
See Lot. 4
Lancaster Gazette  9th January 1808
Preston Chronicle  3rd March 1821
DEATH:  On the 4th May 1821, at the
White Hart, Preston, Anne Walmsley,
aged 24 years, niece to Mrs. Shepherd.
Lancaster Gazette  12th May 1821
 Preston Chronicle  1st May 1841
 Preston Chronicle  30th November 1844
 Preston Chronicle  30th November 1844
At the house of Mr. Robert Lucas, 
the White Hart Inn, in Preston, 
on Friday 20th December 1844, at 6 o'clock in the evening.
LOT 1.    ALL that old and well-accustomed MARKET HOUSE
and INN, called or known by the name of the "WHITE HART,"
situate in Gin Bow Entry, in Preston, with the Brew-house and
Stable thereunto belonging, and now in the occupation of the 
said Robert Lucas.
Preston Chronicle 7th December 1844
Preston Chronicle  2nd January 1847
Preston Chronicle  4th December 1847
 Preston Chronicle  27th April 1850
Preston Chronicle  1st November 1851
The Leemings were not the last to make the move from the Anglers'Arms to
the White Hart. Peter Longton and his wife made the same move 20 years
later.  I wonder if there was a closer connection between them?
 Preston Chronicle  1st May 1852
 Preston Chronicle  6th January 1855
 Preston Chronicle  19th March 1859
Preston Chronicle  3rd September 1859
Preston Chronicle  18th September 1861
 Preston Chronicle  12th October 1861
Preston Chronicle  11th January 1862
 Preston Chronicle  9th April 1862
 Preston Chronicle  12th April 1862
 Preston Chronicle  20th January 1866
 Preston Chronicle  10th September 1870
Preston Chronicle 15th June 1872*
Preston Chronicle 19th November 1881
Extract from a report of Preston Corporation meeting in 1882:
"...........also that the offer of Mr. John Park be accepted, and that 
there be purchased from him, his leasehold interest of, and in, the
White Hart Inn, Gin Bow Entry, for £500.
Preston Guardian  18th February 1882
Robert Lucas                         45 years                      Publican
Dorothy Lucas                       55                               Wife
Ellen Lucas                            20                                Daughter
William Lucas                        20                                Son

Robert Lucas   Re-married?     55 years                      Innkeeper                      b. Garston?
Elizabeth Lucas                          52                               Wife                              b. Eccles

John Leeming                        38 years                      Innkeeper                       b. Lancaster
Ellen Leeming                        24 (this should be 44?) Wife                              b. Charnock Richard
Robert Leeming                     13                               Son                                b. Preston
Jane Leeming                          9                                Daughter                                 do

Peter Longton                       57                                Innkeeper                      b. Whittle
Eleanor Longton                   55                                Wife                               b. Salmesbury
Job ?  Longton                      25                                Son                               b. Clitheroe
Peter Longton                       19                                Son                               b. Preston
Elizabeth Longton                  17                                Daughter                                do

John Park                              29 years                       Publican                        b. Preston
Margaret Park                       25                                 Wife                                     do


  1. My third great grandfather was Richard Shepherd, one of the mine hosts listed above.

  2. Thanks for that, Vicky.
    Do you have any family details similar to Census details, that you are willing to share?
    It all helps to build up the bigger picture. I have been astounded how many families have been involved with individual pubs - many by marriage - but with changes of name by marriage have made it less obvious.


    1. The only census info I have for him is for 1841. He lived in Avenham Road, there was also someone called James Norris at the same address + a servant. He died in 1844 aged 74 and I have a copy of his death notice from 19th Century British Library Newspapers which says: "June 4, suddenly, aged 74, Mr Richard Shepherd, formerly of the White Hart Inn, Preston". His wife Mary died in 1858 aged 85 and lived in Frenchwood Street, her death certificate says she was widow of Richard Shepherd, Proprietor of Houses, which may suggest he was involved with more than one pub. Their only child I know of at the moment was Joseph Shepherd (my second great grandfather), Professor of Music/Musician I'm afraid he possibly enjoyed drinking too much to run a pub! I am hoping to get a copy of Richard's will, which may shed light on if there were any more children, who could possibly have carried on in the pub trade.