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Saturday, 17 March 2012

VIRGIN'S INN, Anchor Weind

4, 5 or 6, Anchor Weind
formerly the "CURRIERS' ARMS"
The Virgins' Inn was demolished in 1894 as part of the town improvements. The ancient
building is said to have once been a farmhouse, and in its later years was used by country
women who had come to market, and could get cups of tea.
It is said that it was the last thatched  building in Preston, and standing in its
place now is a line of telephone kiosks by the side of what was the Post Office.

This image has been received from a descendant of Jane Lea,
who is, I believe, the lady standing in the doorway.
The photograph has been sent from Canada where Darren Smith,
a nephew of my correspondent, owns and runs the 'Lake of Bays'
brewery (click to visit) in Baysville, Ontario.
Apparently, a recent visitor to his brewery told him that
"The picture always reminds him of the Hob Inn in Bamber Bridge." 
1796                      Henry Smith   DDK/1683/75
1836                      Mr. Rigby
1837                      Mr. T. Ascroft
1840 - 41              Richard Slater
1850                      Thomas Wilkins   d. 12.7.1850 aged 39 years. (Blackburn Standard 17.7.1850)
1851                      Ann Wilkins
1853 - 54              John Southworth
1857 - 71              Thomas Garstang
1873                      Oliver Anderton
1873                      Thomas Lea
1877 - 94               Jane Lea
August 29th 1894   No application. House pulled down.
A man named John Sharples, was charged with
stealing an ass, the property of Mr. T. Ascroft,
innkeeper and currier, of Anchor Weind. 

It appeared in evidence that the animal was
stolen about three or four months ago, from the
prosecutor, and was not seen until the present
fair, when the prisoner was offering it for sale.
On being asked to account for his possession of
the ass, the prisoner said he had bought it some 
time ago off an Irishman. 

The proof of the prisoner's criminality not being
conclusive, he was cautioned and discharged.
Preston Chronicle 11th November 1837
Preston Chronicle   13th April 1844
Blackburn Standard   10th August 1853
Preston Chronicle   14th February 1863
MARRIAGE - On 21.9.1871 at
Preston Parish Church, Mr. Oliver Anderton  
to Miss Elizabeth Fowler.
Preston Chronicle 23rd September 1871
Preston Chronicle  26th September 1874
Preston Chronicle  19th October 1878
Richard Slater                  25 years                       Publican
Ann Slater                        25                               Wife

Ann Wilkins                     36 years                       Publican                    b. Moon's Mill Lane
Ellen Wilkins                    10                                Daughter                   b. Withnell
Sarah Wilkins                   6                                  Daughter                   b. Preston
Margaret Wilkins              5                                  Daughter                           do
Martha Wilkins                 3                                  Daughter                           do
Thomas Wilkins                9 months                      Son                                   do

Thomas Garstang            54 years                        Publican                   b. Longton
Elizabeth Garstang          46                                 Wife                         b. Salmesbury
       ?     Garstang           21                                 Son                          b. Preston

Thomas Garstang           65 years                         Innkeeper                b. Longton
Elizabeth Garstang          55                                 Wife                        b. Salmesbury

Jane Lea                        53 years                        Publican                   b. Preston
Jane Lea                        19                                 Daughter                  b. Cottam
Ellen Lea                        16                                 Daughter                           do

Jane Lea                       63 years                         Lic. Vict.                  b. Preston
Jane Lea                       28                                  Daughter                   b. Cottam
Ellen Lea                       25                                  Daughter                            do

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