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Saturday, 10 March 2012

ROYAL OAK INN, Adelphi Street

11 Adelphi Street
1853                       William Thompson
1869                       James Ashby
1869                       M. Whittle
1870                       Mary Turner     -  see 1871 also.
1871                       Robert McCann
1871                       Mary Turner   -  According to Preston Guardian 4.2.1871, Turner transferred to Higgins.
1871                       John Higgins
1876                       Ellis Rigby
1876 - 77                Mrs. Hannah (Ann) Alston
1877                       Alice Norris
1877                       Richard Wadsworth
1877                       Michael Quinlevin
1878                       James Simpson
1878 - 79               Christopher Keley (Foley)
1879                       Mary Ann Wrigley (Rigby)
1881 - 87               Frances Coward
1887 - 89               William Hawkins (Hopkins)
1889                       Sarah Wynn
1889 - 97               Thomas Billington
1897 - 98               William Hopkins
1898 - 1900           Thomas Dean
1900                       Robert Grime
1900 - 01               John Foster Clegg
1901 - 02               Theresa Aspin
1902                       David Nightingale
1904                       Charles Sweeting
1905                      John Lund
1907                       James Cowell
1909                            ?                 Owned by Albion (Burton on Trent) Brewery.

ACCORDING TO the Licensing Court records, on 14th July 1902,
JANE HOTHERSALL was refused the licence she applied for.
The reason is not known.
James Ashby, landlord of the Royal Oak Inn,
Adelphi Street,  Rachel Fletcher, and Martha 
Marshall, were charged by Elizabeth Sherburn
with assaulting her on Tuesday last.

The complainant had been acting as nurse to Ashby's
mother, and about 10 o'clock on the morning in
question, Ashby went home with the two other 
defendants, and shortly afterwards the assault
was committed.

The case was reamanded until Monday in
order to apprehend Ashby.
Preston Chronicle 20th February 1869
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian

Robert McCann                      34 years                    Beerhouse keeper         b. Walton-le-dale
Mary McCann                        33                             Wife                              b. Preston
John McCann                          2                               Son                              b. Walton-le-dale

Frances Coward                     60 years                    Beerhouse Keeper         b. Great Plumpton
Elizabeth Coward                   39                              Daughter                       b. Preston

Thomas Billington                   54 years                    Painter & Publican          b. Preston
Betsy Billington                       54                             Wife                                       do

John Foster Clegg                  48 years - widower.  Tavern Keeper               b. Morley, Yorkshire

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