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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Skeffington Arms, Ribbleton Lane

Variously as:  180, 118, 192, (later 240)  Ribbleton Lane
 Lancaster Gazette  27th August 1814
Several names here resulted in Preston street names.
Skeffington, Lutwidge, and Holmrook, are all featured.
The Skeffington and Lutwidge became a feature in the 
name of pubs.
1856 - 57                 James Howard
1859 - 69                 Thomas Hammerton  d. 23.3.1869 aged 54 years.
1869                         William Leeming
1869 - 73                  George Billington
1877 - 81                  Robert Geldert   -  wife, Jane, d. 22.10.1879 aged 34 years.
1881 - 82                 Charles Hepponstall
1882                         Robert Gildert
1883 - 87                 William Banks
1887 - 92                 Joseph Banks
1892 - 1904             Joseph Singleton
1907 - 10                 William Ainsworth
1913 - 28                 John Hunter  d. 13.3.1928 aged 46 years.  Former P.N.E. player. Information   
                                                              from Ian Rigby - Official Historian of Preston North End.
1929 - 36                 Richard Livesey (came from the Fox and Grapes in Ribbleton Lane)
1940 - 44                Walter Nuttall
2013       CLOSED
Preston Chronicle  23rd July 1859
Thomas Hammerton, of the Skeffington Arms,
Ribbleton Lane, was charged with having
bought whiskey, contrary to the Excise Act.

It was a practice to offer 'vinegar' for sale, 
where both the seller and the buyer knew
that what was really being offered was whiskey.

On the 15th December 1868, Hammerton had
been found in possession of a large jar
containing 4 gallons of whiskey.

He was found guilty, and fined £50.
pers. comm. a colossal amount at the time.
Preston Chronicle  27th February 1869
VALUABLE Public-house Property in Preston
TO BE SOLD by Private Treaty
THAT well-known and old-established PUBLIC HOUSE,
called by the name of the "Skeffington Arms," in
Ribbletob Lane, and corner of Skeffington Road, Preston,
now in the occupation of Mr. Geldard.

The property is Freehold and free from chief rent,
and will be sold subject to a lease for the life of a person
now aged 62 years.

If requisite, one or two cottages adjoining, belonging to
the same owner, could be had for extending the premises.

For particulars apply to William Gabbott, 
137 New Hall Lane, Preston, or the Solicitors,
Messrs. Turner & Son, Fox Street, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  12th July 1879
The Licensing Committee heard an application asking
for their approval to certain alterations which the
tenant of the Skeffington Arms, Ribbleton Lane, had
made to the house. These included the addition of an
adjoining cottage for living accommodation for the family
apart from the business part of the house.
The plans had previously been submitted and approved.
The alterations were sanctioned.
Preston Chronicle 2nd September 1893
Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season
On the 5th May 1915, John Hunter was fined
10 shillings (50p), for selling stout to a 12 year
Old boy, in an unsealed vessel.
Court Records February 1916
Thomas Hammerton                46 years                   Tailor                   b. Hipperholme? Yorks
Jane Hammerton                     43                             Wife                    b. Claughton
George Hammerton                 13                            Son                      b. Preston
Thomas Hammerton                  9                             Son                              do
Mary A. Hammerton                 1                             Daughter                      do
William Hammerton                 42                             Brother                        do   ?

George Billington                     47 years                    Innkeeper           b. Kirkham
Mary Billington                        44                             Wife                   b. Preston
William Billington                     19                     Son  /  Cotton Weaver        do
Isabella Billington                     15               Daughter / Cotton Weaver        do
Mary Ann Billington                 10                  Daughter / Scholar                 do
Ann Jane Billington                   7                    Daughter / Scholar                 do     
George Billington                      5                             Son / Scholar               do       

Charles Heptonstall                 35 years                    Publican              b. Blackburn
Margaret A. Heptonstall          34                             Wife                            do
Bertha Heptonstall                    6                              Daughter                     do
Henry A. Heptonstall                4                              Son                             do
Eliza Heptonstall                       1                              Daughter             b. Preston
Mary A. Heptonstall               46                              Sister                  b. Blackburn

Joseph Banks                         35 years                    Lic. Vict.              b. Preston
Mary Hannah Banks               31                             Wife                             do
Margaret Ellen Banks             17                              Sister                           do

Joseph Singleton                     45 years                   Publican                b. Preston
Margaret Singleton                  45                           Wife                      b. Clitheroe
Elizabeth Singleton                   22                           Daughter               b. Preston
Mary Singleton                        22                           Daughter                       do
Annie Singleton                       17                            Daughter                       do
Francis Singleton                     21                            Son                              do
Joseph Singleton                     19                             Son                              do
Annie Bradley                         19                             Step-daughter              do
John Bradley                           17                             Step-son                      do

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