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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

NEW WEAVERS' ARMS, Carlisle Street

14 Carlisle Street
1861                       William Maymond
1869 - 70               Christopher Brown
1870 - 71               Joseph Morley
1871 - 74                Edward Smith
1874 - 77                William Berry
1881 - 84                William Snape
1884                       Stephen Hall
1884 - 85                Josiah Kynaston
1885                       John Singleton
1885 - 86                Stephen Hall
1886 - 88                Henry Waddington
1888 - 89                Elizabeth Hayhurst
1889 - 95                John Hilditch
1900 - 01                William Fielden
1901 - 04                Betsy Fielden   -   may have remarried, becoming Betsy Brindle.
1905                       Mrs. Elizabeth Pennington
1907                       William A. Hartley
1907                       John Fewery.  Owned by Matthew Brown and Co.
Edward Smith, landlord of ther "NEW WEAVERS' ARMS,"
Carlisle Street, was summoned for selling drink during 
prohibited hours. 

It appears that at 11 o'clcok on the 1st October, PC's 
Charnley and Helm, from circumstances which aroused
their suspicions, followed the landlord into the cellar, 
and there found three men hid, and the landlord with a
gallon jug in his hand, which contained a quart of fresh-
drawn beer.

Fined 20 shillings and costs.
Preston Chronicle  7th October 1871
HULL & Sons   v   HALL and others
James Hull and Sons, Brewers, sued Stephen
Hall, Joseph Sumner, and Robert Geldard for
£24  17s. 9d., balance due on a promissary note
given by the defendants on 7/7/1884, for £63. 19s

Stephen Hall, at the time the promissary note was
 given, took the NEW WEAVERS' ARMS, public
house, and was at that time in want of the amount 
which the plaintiffs advanced him, the other defendants
being sureties.

On entering the public house he went on trading
with the plaintiffs for some time, and then left the house.

A verdict was given for the plaintiffs against all
the defendants.
Preston Chronicle  15th January 1887

Lancashire Evening Post  12th April 1907
William Maymond                       57 years                 Beerseller                 b. Mellor
Ephraim Maymond                     21                           Son                          b. Preston

Joseph Morley                           29 years                  Beerseller                 b. Preston
Ellen Morley                              28                           Wife                                  do
Margaret Morley                        6                             Daughter                           do
Ellen Morley                            18 months                  Daughter                           do

William Snape                           41 years                   Beerseller                 b. Clifton
Charlotte Snape                        38                            Wife                         b. Moon's Mill

John Hilditch                            43 years                    Beerseller                 b. Manchester
Esther Hilditch                          43                            Wife                         b. Haslingden
Jane Hammerton                      19                             Step-daughter          b. Preston
Clara Hammerton                     14                            Step-daughter           b. Doncaster
Louisa Hammerton                   12                             Step-daughter                     do
Thomas Hilditch                         2                             Son                          b. Preston
Francis Hilditch                        19                             Son                                  do

Betsy Fielden                          30 years - widow       Beerseller                 b. Preston

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