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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

GARDEN GATE, Queen Street

2 Queen Street
Not to scale!  The gap between Leeming Street and the 'Garden Gate' was filled
by St. Saviour's Church.  There were gardens behind the pub, running down to the
backs of houses on Church Street.  Hence, probably the name.
1825                 Richard Barton  (Un-named beerhouse at No.3 Queen Street, Baines' Directory).
1828 - 29         Richard Barton  (Un-named beerhouse in Queen Street, Pigot & Co's Directory).
1840 - 41         Robert Sherliker  - property owned by Walter Foss.
1841                John Higham
1851                John Miller
1851                Stephen Moss
1853                Agnes Moss
1861                James Coupe
1870                James Foster
1870                John Holliday
1870 - 71        John Worden 
1871                William Hoskinson
1871 - 72        Thomas Wilson - (Wilkinson)            
                                          Licence objected to on the grounds of insufficient value (of the property).
                                                   It was only valued at a rental of £13 16s 9d P.A.

At the 1873 Brewster Sessions, the Chief Constable told the Magistrates that this beerhouse had been closed, and the premises bought by the Trustees of St. Saviour's Church, and pulled down.

Apologies for the varying sizes of document in this piece.
It's the technology, you know!

Preston Chronicle  5th October 1872
John Higham                25 years                  Publican
Margaret Higham         30                           Wife

Stephen Moss              47 years                  Beerseller                   b. Preston
Agnes Moss                 47                           Wife                                   do
Margaret Moss            25                            Daughter                            do
Ellen Moss                   20                            Daughter                            do

James Coupe               48 years                  Beerseller                   b. Preston
Alice Coupe                39                           Wife                                    do
    ?   Coupe                 6 months                 Son                                     do

John Worden              49 years                  Innkeeper                    b. Brindle
Ellen Worden              47                           Wife                                    do          (nee Cornwell)
William Worden          21                           Son                             b. Goosnargh
Joseph Worden           17                           Son                            b. Cuerden
John H. Worden          11                           Son                            b. Preston
James Worden              9                            Son                                    do
James Cornwell            75                          Father-in-law              b. Brindle

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