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Friday, 17 February 2012

GREEN MAN, Back Wiend

Back Wiend
According to J.H. SPENCER  of the Preston Herald, 
in its early history, the GREEN MAN was a public-
house in Back Wiend, and there is a mention in the
Court Leet Records in 1751 of it being in this place.

Subsequently the name and the licence was tranferred
to Lord Street.

N.B.  Back Wiend ran from the Old Vicarage and joined
Back Lane (now Market Street) at the south-west
corner of the market.
Also, according to J.H. SPENCER, the Green Man
was the place where the first Natural History Society in 
Preston held their meetings.
Meetings were apparently on Sundays, and William
Gilbertson, the geologist, and William Helme, the
naturalist, were prominent members.
pers,comm.  I was under the impression it was 
a 'Botanical Society,' that met at the Green Man.
Furthermore, I'm not sure which one of the two 
places it would be at.
Any information to

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