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Friday, 17 February 2012


7 West Strand View
- now Watery Lane -
1866 - 73              George Richard Booth
1875 - 1907          John Booth
1910                     George W. Sharples
1913 - 17              Herbert Birtwistle 
1924                     Tom Halsall
1926 - 27              Walter Knowles
1932 - 44              James Hartley
1948                     George R. Beeston
Preston Guardian 1st September 1866
WEST STRAND ROAD, bottom of Fylde Road, Preston.,
Within a very short distance of the Waggon Works, and other manufactories.
On the 21st May 1874

ALL that well-accustomed and modern-built PUBLIC -HOUSE,
erected regardless of expense, in the best possible condition, called
the "Grand Junction Hotel," being well-cellared underneath, and
contains Entrance Lobby, Vault, most elaborately fitted up with 
every convenience; two Parlours, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry,
Brewhouse, Stable and other Outbuildings, a neat staircase leading
up to five capital lofty Bedrooms, Water Closet, &c.

The house is replete with every convenience, newly renovated 
throughout, it does, and will, command one of the best business
premises in Preston. There is land left un-built upon sufficient to
erect a house and shop, and the whole of the property is
Freehold and Free from Ground Rent.
Preston Chronicle  2nd May 1874
Preston Chronicle 1st April 1876
Robert Lupton, tailor, sued Richard Booth for £6 13s.,
 the price of two suits of clothes supplied to him.

The clothes were supplied in June and October 1875, 
and although he made promises to pay for them he
 never did. He was a man of independent means, had 
sold the Grand Junction Hotel for £1, 850, owned
property in Burnley, had several Railway Shares, &c.,
and was able to pay the whole amount off at once.

An order to pay for it at £2 a month was made, to
commence in a fortnight, or in default, 21 days imprisonment.
Preston Chronicle  13th May 1876
Preston Guardian 16th April 1881
Preston Guardian 18th October 1890
Preston Guardian 1st November 1890
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian.
I've left the opposite page showing, because it gives more of the effect for
the Grand Junction advert. I don't know if it says anything about John Booth.
George R. Booth              49 years                Lic. Vict.               b. Bury
Elizabeth Booth                44                         Wife                      b. Thornton
John Booth                       22                         Son                       b. Preston
Mary Booth                      16                         Daughter                        do
Margaret Booth                 14                        Daughter                        do

John Booth                    32 years -widower   Innkeeper             b. Preston
Ethel Margaret Booth      3                            Daughter                        do
Lilian M.Booth                2                            Daughter                        do
Mabel Booth                  1                             Daughter                        do

John Booth                    42 years                  Lic. Vict.               b. Preston
Eliza Booth                    23                           Wife (second)       b. Ketley Bank, Salop.
Ellen M. Booth               13                           Daughter              b. Preston
Lilian M. Booth             12                            Daughter                       do
Mabel Booth                 11                            Daughter                       do
Ada G. Booth                 2                            Daughter                        do

John Booth                   52 years                  Publican                 b. Preston
Eliza Booth                   32                            Wife                     b. Ketley Bank, Salop.
Ethel M. Booth             23                           Daughter                b. Preston
Lilian M. Booth             22                          Daughter                         do
Mabel Booth                 21                          Daughter                         do
Ada G. Booth                12                         Daughter                          do
Elizabeth D. Booth          8                           Daughter                        do 
Edith B. Booth                2 months               Daughter                         do

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