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Monday, 27 February 2012

NEW BEEF INN, 105 Friargate

105 Friargate
Later became the 'Empire Wine Stores' and the 'Imperial'
and the 'Empire Inn'
1851                       James Mercer
1853 - 57               Abraham Pierce
1869 - 71               Charles Nixon
1876 - 84               Mrs. Elizabeth Nickson  (Nixon)
1884 - 86               Joseph Blackley
1886                      Robert Bradley
1886 - 88              Robert Proctor
1888                      Henry Shorrock
1888                      Dennis Chadwick
1888                      John Worsley
1889                      John Whittle
1889 - 91              Charlotte Barry
1891 - 92              Elijah Ashworth
1892 - 95              George Armstrong
1895 - 96              Richard Smith
1896 - 98              Frederick Yates  [As the "Empire Wine Stores]
1899                      Herbert Child
1900 - 01              Albert Green
1907 - 08             .............. Tommony  (see advert for 1907)
1911                      Mr. Taylor
1913                      Michael Tommony  [Empire Wine Stores]
1917                      Florence Ainsworth
1919                      William Taylor [Empire Inn] - taken from Court Records.

Around the time of the last date, the property was converted into a newsagency.
THE BEER-HOUSE called the "New Beef Inn,"
in Friargate, Preston; also a COTTAGE and a
Apply to Mr. A. Pierce, the owner, on the premises.
Preston Chronicle       10th October 1857
THAT well-respected BEER-HOUSE, in one of
the best thoroughfares in Preston, known by the
sign of the NEW BEEF INN, Friargate, near to the
Lamb and Packet public house. An opportunity for 
a safe investment like the present seldom occurs.
For particulars apply on the premises, or to
Mr. WILLIAM AINSWORTH, auctioneer &
Valuer, 3 Stanley Buildings, Lancaster Road.
Preston Chronicle  5th February 1859
Elizabeth Nixon, landlady of the New Beef Inn, Friargate,
was summoned for refusing to admit the police on Sunday
the 11th March.

P.C. Gartland stated that at about five o'clock on the day
in question, he was on duty in Friargate, near to the New
Beef Inn beer-house, along with another officer, when he 
saw the defendant's son come to the back door, look out,
and then shut the door. Shortly after the door was again
opened, and a man let out. 

The witness went and knocked at the door, and Mrs. Nixon 
came, and asked who was there. He replied, "Police," and
she went away, and the officers, on looking up the lobby, 
saw the landlady open the back door, go to Mrs. Swarbrick's
back door, and four men stepped out and went into Mrs.
Swarbrick's house. The defendant left Swarbrick's, and
went into her own house, and then opened the front door.

She asked what the officers wanted and also said that there
were no men in the house; that they remained in the lobby.
One of the men had come for some money. At the time the
officer knocked she was washing herself in the kitchen.

Proved.  Fined 10s. and costs.
Preston Chronicle  24th March 1877
N.B.  The "Mrs Swarbrick" mentioned above was Ann [Cooper] Swarbrick, wife of Thomas, who had a smallware - draper's shop at 106, Friargate at the time.Thomas was my second great grand uncle. 
 pp. Dave Swarbrick
The Swarbrick family played a huge part in the history of Preston's licensed history. 

Elizabeth Nickson, landlady of the New Beef Inn,
Friargate, was summoned for supplying drink
during prohibited hours, and Henry Moon and
John Woodhouse for aiding and abetting her.

P.C.'s Eteson and Harrison stated that at 12.05am
on Sunday the 22nd inst., they were in Friargate.
They went into the New Beef Inn by the side door,
and found the defendants in the bar. Moon was
drinking some beer when they entered.

They were ordered to paty costs.
Preston Chronicle 28th April 1883
Elizabeth Nickson, landlady of the New Beef Inn, 
Friargate, was summoned for supplying drink
during prohibited hours; and John Billington for
aiding and abetting. Billington was seen to enter the 
house at 11.40pm on the 29th July, and came out
with half-a-gallon of beer. Mrs. Nickson was fined
5s and costs, her licence not to be endorsed, and
Billington 2s 6d and costs.
Preston Chronicle  16th August 1884
Preston Chronicle  3rd October 1885
 Lancashire Evening Post  1896
 Lancashire Evening Post   13th August 1901
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian
 Lancashire Evening Post   6th February 1908
Lancashire Evening Post  26th May 1908
Lancashire Evening Post  5th February 1919
Charles Nixon                   51 years                 Stone Mason                  b. Preston
Elizabeth Nixon                 37                          Wife                               b. Warrington
Mary J. Nixon                   15                          Daughter                        b. Preston
Christopher Nixon              9                          Son                                         do
Ellen Nixon                        6                            Daughter                                do

Elizabeth Nickson             45 years                 Beerhouse Keeper          b. Warrington (Wennington?)
Christopher Nickson        19                          Son                                 b. Preston
Ellen Nickson                   16                          Daughter                                  do
John Nickson                   13                           Son                                         do
Elizabeth Ann Nickson      9                           Daughter                                  do

Elijah Ashworth                40 years                 Head                               b. Preston
Betsy Ashworth                33                         Innkeeper / Wife              b. Blackburn
Alfred E. Ashworth           2                           Son                                          do

Albert Green                    29 years                 Manager of Wine Store   b. Tring, Bucks.
Annie Green                     23                          Wife                               b. Manchester

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  1. The "Mrs Swarbrick" mentioned above was Ann [Cooper] Swarbrick, wife of Thomas, who had a smallware - draper's shop at 106, Friargate at the time.

    Thomas was my second great grand uncle.

    Dave Swarbrick