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Thursday, 9 February 2012

DROVERS' ARMS, Brook Street

172  (later  142)  Brook Street

1868 - 81           James Gardener (Gardner)
1877                   Mrs. Alice Gardner
1882 - 85           Thomas Jolly
1885 - 86           James Thompson
1886 - 90           John Witherington
1890 - 97           Edward Whiteside
1897 - 1902       Peter Eckersley
1902                   Michael Malley
1904 - 05           Edward Wilson
1907                   Hannah Wilson
1910                   Robert Danson
1913 - 17           Hugh McKearney
1926 - 27           John Fishwick
1932                   Edward Vose       
1936                   Frederick Slater
1940                   Geoffrey Gillett
1944 - 48           Richard Sumner (went to the New Cock Inn)
1952 - 54           James Haddon Henderson Junior  [See J.H.H. Senior here]
1954 - 56           Edward (Ted) and Doreen Green (Doreen was nee Sumner - see above)
                             When they left in 1956, they went to the Midland Hotel, Lancaster.
1950's                Fred and Maggie Blaiklock
late 1970's        Peter and Irene Halton
JAMES GARDNER, Drovers' Arms, Brook Street, applied
for a licence. It was said that the house was near the New Cattle
Market, where there was a deal of passing to and fro. There was 
sleeping accommodation in the house for drovers and others
attending the market, and plenty of rooms downstairs. It was also
well cellared. There was a large club-room which was so
constructed as to be easily converted, if required, into sleeping
apartments. There was also connected with this house some good
stabling. Mr Gardner was the owner and occupier, and had borne
an irreproachable character for many years. Rated at £20.
Not granted.
Preston Chronicle  29th August 1868
A licence was granted the following year, 1869.
Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season
James Gardner                 44 years                 Innkeeper                 b. St. Michael's
Alice Gardner                   40                          Wife                         b. Preston
James Gardner                 15                           Son                                 do
Isabella Gardner                8                            Daughter                         do
Jesse Gardner                   6                            Son                                 do
Mary Gardner                   4                            Daughter                         do
Elizabeth Gardner              2                            Daughter                         do

James Gardner                 25 years                 Beerseller                 b. Preston
Elizabeth Gardner             22                          Wife                         b. Balderstone
Elizabeth Ellen Gardner      2                           Daughter                  b. Preston
Alice Gardner                    1 month                 Daughter                          do

Edward Whiteside          54 years                   Publican                    b. Ashton-on-Ribble
Sarah Whiteside             37                             Wife                         b. Ashton-in-Makerfield
John Whiteside                9 months                 Son                           b. Preston

Peter Eckersley              40 years                   Publican                    b. Preston
Jane Eckersley               38                            Wife                                 do
Harriet Eckersley            13                            Daughter                          do
Abraham Eckersley         11                           Son                                  do
Elizabeth Eckersley          6                             Daughter                          do


  1. My Grandparents Peter and Irene Halton were Landlord and Landlady here too. It was late 1970's.