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Saturday, 25 February 2012

MITRE INN, Market Place

Market Place

 passage by the side of the 'Mitre' is the Strait Shambles.
This is copied from the 1684 Map of Preston in the L.R.O.
1684                   Henry Turnley

1724                   According to a legal document in the L.R.O., a Mr. Richard Wilkinson was in
                           possession of the Mitre Inn in this year. The document related to properties 
                           neighbouring the Inn.  (LRO Ref:  CBP 6552)

1732                  Widow Myers - Owners: Henry Cowburne and David Brown (equally)
Bellingham Diaries: February 2nd 1689 - "First at Ratcliffe's then Tirlaghs"
 Larence Rawsthorne Diaries:  May 14th 1687 - "Tirlers and Will Atkinsons"
       ditto   June 18th, 1687 - "At Preston and Talbot, and White Bull and Tirlers"
Section of an article which was looking at some Market Place buildings:
Preston Chronicle 19th May 1855
Preston Journal   22nd February 1775

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