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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

HOLY LAMB, Church Street

82 - 83  Church Street.
Preston Chronicle  24th March 1821
Preston Chronicle  7th January 1832
Preston Chronicle  21st April 1832

Up to this point it must have been a beer-house only;
the outcome of the appeal is unknown.
Preston Chronicle  20th October 1832
Preston Chronicle  2nd July 1836
 A Change – 
A sign of one of the public houses in Church Street – the ‘Holy Lamb’ which is not a very appropriate name for such an establishment – has just been changed to the ‘Lamb Hotel’ and a correspondent, noticing the alteration, sends us the following :

(Improved Sign)

‘Aught for a change’, so sing both great and small

‘Is better than to have no change at all

See me the public friend, who calls me foe ?

Templar, thy draught so cold forbear to throw –

With a new name that’s void of all pretence.

And a new face that betokening innocence ;

That’s me, but if my good things men abuse

Cast not the blame on me who cannot choose;

Nor think, if ‘holy’ I’m writ down no more.

I’m much less holy than I was before ;

I claim to be no holier than I am;

‘And ‘do thou likewise’ quoth Mc.Neil  his Lamb

 Preston Chronicle Nov 7th 1874

I'll include all the detail for Holy Lamb on that page.

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