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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Ribbleside  (Ribble Bank)
Formerly the "New Bridge Inn"

 The building to the right is the 'Bowling Green Inn'. The curved-roofed boathouse to the east of the inn was retained when the 'Continental Hotel' was built in 1910 / 11 by Thomas Croft and Sons, builders. It then stood to the west of the new hotel.
The other building to the left of the picture is the 'Pleasure Boat Inn' and the building whose gable wall faces the river was the boat-building workrooms of John Crook, who was also landlord of the pub for many years.
The indication of the Continental Hotel should help in established the Bowling Green Inn's
1837                          Ann Wilkinson
1839 - 41                  John Mayor
1844 - 54                  William Dent- In the 1851 Census it was described as the 'New Bridge Inn"
1854 - 60                  Mrs Mary Ann Dent -  The name of the house changed between 1854 & 1857.
1860 - 61                  Edward Markland
1861                         William Leatherland
1864 - 65                 Thomas Poole
1869                         Mr. ?    Fowler
1869 - 77                  Edward Blackoe
1877 - 81                 Cornelius Coward  (see Cricketers' Arms, South Meadow Lane)
1882                         John Crook the Elder
1882                         John Crook the Younger
1883                         Charles Buckles
1884 - 85                 John Caton
1885                         Robert German
1885 - 93                 William Monk
1894 - 98                 William Crook
1898 - 1905             William Bee
1905 - 07                 Thomas ?  Bee
1910 - 11                 Samuel Thomson - moved next door to the Continental Hotel.
 Preston Chronicle   14th October 1837
 Preston Chronicle   30th December 1837
Preston Chronicle   6th January 1838
DEATH:  On the 12th February 1847,
Emily Jane, infant daughter of Mr. William Dent,
of the New Bridge Inn, near this town.
Preston Chronicle  13th February 1847
Preston Chronicle  6th April 1850

Is now prepared to send out Collections of EVERGREENS,
A choice assortment of Greenhouse Plants, and
Hardy Border Plants.
Victoria Rhubarb, 6s. per dozen; Gooseberry Trees, 1s 3d
per dozen; Black Prince Strawberry Plants, 5s per hundred;
Seakale, &c.
Preston Chronicle 23rd November 1850

 Preston Chronicle  28th February 1852
 Preston Guardian  14th May 1853
On the 10th July, in the 43rd year of his life, Mr. William Dent, of the
Bowling Green Inn, Ribbleside.
Some few years ago, Mr. Dent was acknowledged to be one of the most
successful amateur florists in the North of England, having gained as many
as 164 prizes in one month, although he had to frequently contend against
parties whose facilities for rearing floral produce were much more advantageous
than his own. During the period of his greatest success, the largest extent of 
garden in his possession at one time was a strip of land on the south side
of Avenham, 25 yards by 16 yards, from which he produced flowers and
esculents that gained for him several hundred of prizes.
Preston Chronicle  15th July 1854
In 1864/65 Edward Blackoe was the landlord of the George Inn, Friargate,
and prior to that was across the road at the King's Head, Friargate. 
In 1871, Joseph Blacoe (a brother) was the Secretary of the Prince of Wales
Bowling Club that adjoined the Bowling Green Inn. The bowling green 
had been opened in 1870.
Preston Chronicle  5th August 1854
 Preston Herald   1st August 1863
On Monday last, a match of bowls took place at Mr. Poole's, the Bowling Green Inn, Ribbleside, for a handsome silver snuff box, presented, and to be competed for, by the proprietor of the green. The green was in excellent order, and after some capital play, the result was W. Grime, winner of the silver snuff box, W. Clayton, 2nd, 15/-.
The players afterwards sat down to an excellent supper provided by Mr. Poole, upon whom great credit was reflected.
From our advertising columns it will be seen that a "Grand All England Sweepstakes" will take place on the same green on Tuesday and Wednesday next, when, no doubt, many of the "crack" players in England will contest for the prizes.
Preston Chronicle  27th August 1864
A great bowling sweepstakes took place on Monday last, at the Bowling Green Inn, Ribbleside, the retiring landlord, Mr. Fowler, adding £2, and the incoming landlord, Mr. Blackoe, £1, to the amount deposited by the competitors. The entrance fee of 2/6d was intended to limit the number of entries to 32, but it was found impossible to keep it to less than 48.
The bowlers embraced some of the best players from Preston, Blackpool, Accrington, Chorley, Leyland, Farington,
etc, and a good deal of science was displayed throughout the contest. The weather was fine and there was a large concourse of spectators, and the green was in first class condition.
The players were handicapped, but no one was allowed more than two points.
The last two left - Mr. J. Hodgkinson (scratch), and Mr. T. Massey (2), agreed to share the aggregated prize of £4. William Grime was 3rd, 16/-, and 4th, 5th, and 6th received 8/- each.
Preston Herald  26th June 1869
Preston Chronicle   17th July 1869
Preston Illustrated News   9th May 1874
Preston Herald   28th November 1877
 Preston Herald   7th June 1884
 Preston Herald   11th September 1886
Preston Herald   8th June 1887
Preston Herald   7th April 1888
 Preston Herald   30th March 1889
 Preston Herald   5th September 1900
 Preston Herald   22nd December 1915
Lancashire Evening Post  31st May 2013
Lancashire Evening Post  3rd June 2013

William Dent                            39 years                Victualler                       b. Lancaster
Mary A. Dent                          36                          Wife                             b. Walton-le-dale
Mary W. Dent                         15                           Daughter                      b. Preston
Miles Dent                               14                           Son                                      do
Charles Dent                             8                            Son                                      do
Sarah Dent                                4                            Daughter                              do
William Dent                             2                            Son                                      do
Emily* Dent                              1                            Daughter                              do   
  * This is the second 'Emily'  See death notice 13.2.1847, above.

William Leatherland                 30 years                 Engine Driver                 b. Wigan
Margaret Leatherland              29                          Wife                              b. Burnley
Henry Leatherland                    6                           Son                               b. Walton-le-dale
Elizabeth Leatherland                5                           Daughter                       b. Preston

Richard Rigby                         24 years                 Manager for a Publican. b. Preston
Mary Rigby                            23                          Wife                                       do
          (Not sure where the publican, Edward Blackoe was at this time)

Cornelius Coward                  43 years                  Licensed Victualler         b. Preston
Ellen Coward                         41                            Wife                             b. Rufford

William Monk                        53 years                  Landlord                        b. Preston
Martha Monk                        54                           Wife                                       do
Emma Monk                          21                           Daughter                                do
William Monk                        20                           Son                                        do
Mary Monk                           18                           Daughter                       b. Canada
David Monk                          16                           Son                                        do
Pleasance Monk                    14                           Daughter                                do
Ellen Monk                            12                           Daughter                                do

William Bee                          44 years                  Publican                        b. Bolton
Margaret E. Bee                   38                             Wife                                     do
Emily Bee                              7 months                Daughter                       b. Blackburn

Samuel Thomson                   49 years                 Publican               b. Muirkirk, Ayrshire
Ellen Thomson                       44                          Wife                             b. Preston
Isabel Thomson                     12                          Daughter                b. Cumnock, Ayrshire
James I. Thomson                  10                          Son                              b, Alston
Ellen M. Thomson                   9                           Daughter                              do
Grace Young                         24                          Servant                         b. Workington

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