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Friday, 17 February 2012


1 Greenbank Street  /  70 Victoria Street
- later  145 Victoria Street -
Showing the junction of Victoria Road and Fylde Road, the "Greenbank Tavern" is the pale building
just the other side of the builder's fencing.
Photograph courtesy of Barney Smith. Visit the Preston Digital Archive:
1838 - 41              David Davis
1841                     Robert Hall    -see obituary for his son, James, below.
1849 - 51              John Machel
1851 - 52              Thomas Mitchell
1853                      Elizabeth Baines
1858                      Mr. Bleasdale
1861                     Thomas Walton
1868 - 71              John Bennett
1877 - 87              Roger Banister
1887 - 1904          Sarah Banister
1907 - 13              John Smith
1917                     William Shaw
1926 - 30              Joseph Standing
1932                     Joseph Hindle
1935 - 36             Frederick Wilson
1937                     Tom Swarbrick
1940                     Reuben G. Abbott
1944 - 48             Frederick Simpson
Preston Guardian  8th February 1868
Preston Guardian  31st January 1891
Robert Hull                     33 years                 Builder
Betsy Hull                       33                          Wife
James Hull                      11                          Son             See his obituary, above.
Henry Hull                       9                           Son
Ellen Hull                         7                           Daughter
Mary Hull                        3                           Daughter
Edward Bickerstaffe       16                          Appr. Bricklayer


Thomas Walton              62 years                 Beerseller                  b. Cumberland
Ann Walton                    60                          Wife                         b. Kendal
Margaret Walton            20                          Daughter                   b. Dalton
Rodger Walton               16                          Son                                  do ?

John Bennett                  46 years                  Blacksmith                b. Preston
Martha Bennett              43                           Wife                                  do
James Bennett                17                           Son                                   do
Ann Bennett                   15                           Daughter                           do
Thomas Bennett             13                            Son                                  do
Henry Bennett                12                            Son                                  do
William Bennett               8                             Son                                  do
John Bennett                   6                             Son                                  do
Martha Bennett               2 months                 Daughter                          do

Roger Bannister            64 years                   Beerseller                 b. Hutton
Sarah Bannister             55 years                   Wife                        b. Lancs.

Sarah Bannister            65 years                   Lic. Vict.                  b. Preston
John Smith                   31                            Son-in-law/               b. Pendleton
                                                                Asst. to Lic. Vict.
Minnie Smith             26                            Daughter                  b. Preston
John Bannister Smith     3                             Grandson                          do
Henry Smith                  1                             Grandson                          do

Sarah Bannister           76 years - widow     Tavern Keeper           b. Hale, Liverpool.
John Smith                  41                            Son                            b. Preston
Minnie Smith               37                            Daughter-in-law         b. Pendleton
John Smith                  13                            Grandson                   b. Preston
Henry Smith                11                            Grandson                            do
Margaret Smith                                           Grand-daughter                   do
Thomas B. Smith                                        Grandson                             do
Amy Smith                                                 Grand-daughter                    do
Albert Edward Smith                                  Grandson                             do
   The details re John senior and Minnie have been reversed. See 1891 for correct birthplaces etc.

John Smith                  51 years                  Innkeeper                    b. Preston
Amy Smith                  38                           Wife                            b. Leeds
John Smith                  23                           Son / Assisting in
                                                                               business.        b. Preston
Henry Smith                21                          Son / Joiner                          do
Amy Smith                  15                          Daughter / Shop Asst.          do
Edwin Rhodes Legard 15                          Step-son / Butcher's
                                                                                    Assistantt. b. Leeds
Irene Legard               12                          Step-daughter / scholar        do
Albert Edward Smith   12                          Son / scholar               b. Preston


  1. The licensee in 1937 appears to have been Tom Swarbrick
    Preston Licensee Fined
    A visit by four police officers to the Greenbank Tavern, Victoria-street, Preston, was described at Preston Borough Police Court, to-day, when the licensee, Tom Swarbrick [36], was fined £5 for supplying intoxicating liquor in non-permitted hours. He was also ordered to pay an advocate’s fee of two guineas. William Glover [54], horse driver of Whittingham-street; Joseph Noblett [54] heating engineer, of 1, Poulton-street; and Frank Noblett [30] upholsterer, of Murray-street, all of Preston, were each fined 20s for consuming intoxicating liquor in non-permitted hours.
    Mr R. Robinson, prosecuting, said that 11 3 pm, on January 29th, Detective Sergt. Baines, with three other officers, visited the Greenbank Tavern. They gained admission through a side door in the back yard. On entering a room at the back they saw the three defendants, Glover and the two Nobletts. Each had a pint glass of beer which appeared to have been freshly drawn. D.S. Baines then went into the kitchen, where he saw the licensee, his wife and another man, presumably a lodger, having supper.


    The licensee told the officer that he had served the men a quarter of an hour before. He said they were regular customers and paid for their drinks before ten o’clock.
    Mr Fazackerley said two of the defendants were experts at darts and they had gone to the Tavern to talk over the formation of a darts league in Preston. The licensee though he could invite them to stay as friend.

  2. Sorry - forgot to add that the above was from the Lancashire Daily Post Wednesday February 17th 1937