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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


229, 230 - 231  (later 14)  Brook Street
One of very few places in Preston to have three entrances on three different streets!
One in each of Brougham Street, Byrom Street, and Brook Street.
1837                      George Ashton   -  owned by John Winder
1838                      Ann Ashton
1841 - 60              Maria Ann Ashton
1861                      Mr. and Mrs. Blakeley
1861 - 68               William Gregory
1869                      Thomas Blackledge
1871 - 74               David Nightingale
1876 - 81               Edmund Heap(s)
1881 - 82               John Gee     d. 2.10.1882
1882 - 83               Mary Jane Gee (Mary Ann Gee)
1883 - 85               John Chaldner
1885                      Henry Oldhams
1885 - 94               Henry Adams   -  owned the house from 1889.
1895                      James Livesey
1895 - 96              Sarah Flynn
1896                      James Whittingham
1897 - 99              Henry Adams
1899 - 1900          Harry Cliffe
1900 - 01              Samuel Leighton
1901 - 04              Clara Bannister
1905 - 12              Francis Bashall  - Hand-over effected 3rd / 4th December 1912.
1912                     William Hornby
1917                     Francis Bashall
1920                     John Bateson
1930                     Mr. Hesketh
1932                     Percy Galley
1936                     John Simmell
1940 - 44             William Brownlow
Closed down 11.1.1960 (Police Records)
Preston Chronicle  30th January 1841
Thomas Eccles, Thomas Whalley, and George Dearden,
appeared in answer to a summons charging them with
assaulting Mrs. Mary Ann Hunter, landlady of the "Star
and Garter," Brook Street, on Sunday night last.

It appeared from the evidence adduced, that the defendants 
had been present at a temperance meeting, which had been
held opposite the prosecutrix's house on Sunday night.

A man named Gardner, in addressing the meeting, strongly 
condemned the public houses in general, and the "Star and
Garter" in particular. Mrs. Hunter had been listening to the
speaker's remarks, and at length rushed into the street, and
forcing her way through the crowd, attempted to pull him 
down from the chair on which he was standing. The result was 
a general fight, in which the prosecutrix was assaulted by the
 three defendants.

Several witnesses were called to prove that Mrs. Hunter had
commenced the disturbance, but it was also said that complaints
had frequently been made (to the police) by the inhabitants of
that neighbourhood, of temperance open-air meetings, and the
police have been instructed to prevent their being held, by 
ordering the parties to move on.

Mr. Taylor (Magistrate) informed the defendants that they had
no right to interfere with parties who had their rent to pay, and
their livelihood to get, notwithstanding their disapproval of the 
public house system.

He, himself, had a great regard for teetotalism, but he could not 
consent to allow parties to break the peace while advocating
those principles. He would, therefore, order the defendants to
pay the costs of the summons.
Preston Chronicle 16th September 1848
Manchester Times  3rd January 1855

continued ............................................................
Preston Chronicle  30th July 1859
At the adjourned hearing, Molyneux was
committed for trial, on a charge of manslaughter.
Lancaster Gazette  16th January 1864
CONTINUED .............

Preston Chronicle  27th June 1874
Lancaster Gazette  14th September 1889
JOHN GEE, Deceased
All persons having CLAIMS against the Estate
of JOHN GEE, late of the Star and Garter Inn,
Brook Street South, Innkeeper, deceased, are
requested to send forthwith full particulars 
thereof to us.
THOMPSON & CRAVEN, Solicitors,
43 Lune Street, Preston.
Preston Chronicle 21st October 1882
STAR AND GARTER HOTEL, Brook Street, Preston, to be LET - Apply to JOHN EAMER, Valuer, Bridge Street.
Preston Herald  3rd January 1885
WANTED, A BREWER. Apply at the Star and Garter, Brook Street, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  6th May 1891
TO BE SOLD, two Freehold, fully-licensed HOUSES,
For particulars apply, Adams, Star and Garter, Brook Street, Preston.
Lancashire Evening  Post. 10th July 1897
ON SALE, a Liverpool GIG, SUITABLE FOR 14 or 15h horse; perfectly balanced, suitable le for a doctor or private gentleman; price £23, net cost £36; nearly new.
Apply: H. Cliffe, Star and Garter, Brook Street, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  21st May 1900
STAG'S HEAD and PAIR of Curling Stones to be sold.
Star and Garter, Brook Street, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  2nd September 1901
Messrs Jabez B. Jones and Sons, conducted an auction sale at Preston yesterday afternoon. The freehold, fully-licensed house Star and Garter, Brook Street, Preston, was sold for £2,550.
Manchester Courier   5th November 1903
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian
Taken from the 1909 edition of Preston North End's Record Book.
Supplied by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian.

100 CASES of Burke's Three Star Special Whiskey, in single case lots, at control price, 126/- per case.
John Bateson, Star and Garter, Brook Street, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  25th February 1920
WANTED, Spirit jars, with or without Baskets - 
Apply, Star and Garter, Brook Street, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post   14th October 1921

Maria Ashton                           45 years                      Publican
Jane Ashton                             15                               Daughter
George Ashton                         20                               Son
John Ashton                             11                               Son


William Gregory                      37 years                      Railway Guard (Goods)    b. Accrington
Mary Gregory                         32                               Wife                                 b. Pembrokeshire
Mary Alice                               9                                 Daughter                         b. Church

David Nightingale                    49 years                      Lic. Vict.                          b. Preston
Nancy Nightingale                   48                               Wife                                          do
Margaret Nelson                     27                                Daughter                                   do
Jane Nightingale                      25                                Daughter                                   do
John Nightingale                      19                                Son                                           do
Richard Nightingale                 17                                Son                                           do
Hiron? Nightingale                   14                                Son                                           do
Nancy Nightingale                   12                                Daughter                                    do
Mary Ann Nightingale             11                                Daughter                                    do
Sarah H. Nightingale                8                                  Daughter                                   do
William Nelson                       4 months                       Grand-son                                 do
David Nelson                          3                                  Grand-son                                 do

John Gee                               51 years                        Lic. Vict.                          b. Salford
Mary J. Gee                          24                                 Wife  (2nd)                       b. Catforth
Margaret A. Gee                   22                                 Daughter                           b. Preston
Elizabeth M. Gee                   18                                 Daughter                                    do
William E. Gee                       16                                Son                                            do
Thomas H. Gee                     13                                 Son                                            do
Samuel M. Gee                     12                                  Son                                           do
Ann Gee                                 1                                  Daughter                                    do
Leonard Gee                           5 months                      Son                                            do
Ann Kellett  *                          22                                  Visitor                             b. Catforth
 * Could this girl be Mary J's sister? I think so.

Henry Adams                       38 years                         Lic. Vict.                          b. Preston
Sarah Adams                        38                                  Wife                                        do
Isabella Adams                     16                                  Daughter                                  do
William J. Adams                  13                                  Son                                         do
Henry Adams                       11                                   Son                                        do
George Adams                      7                                    Son                                         do
Robert Adams                       4                                    Son                                        do
Hugh Adams                         2                                     Son                                       so

Samuel Leighton                  48 years                           Publican                         b. Sedburgh
Winifred Leighton                53                                    Wfe                               b. Holywell, Wales

Francis Bashall                    50 years                           Publican                         b. Preston
Mary Ellen Bashall               46                                   Wife / Assistant                       do
Annie Bashall                      24                                    Daughter / dressmaker            do
Isabella Bashall                   22                                    Daughter / Milliner                  do
Alice Bashall                       20                                    Daughter / Cotton Winder       do
Richard Bashall                   18                                    Son / Brewer                          do
Francis Bashall                    16                                    Son / Apprentice butcher        do
Thomas Bashall                   14                                   Son / Warehouse boy              do
Henry Bashall                     11                                    Son / School                           do
Joseph Bashall                     4                                     Son / School                          do
Robert Beckett                   56                                    Uncle  /  Cotton Spinner         do

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