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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


53 Brook Street North
originally The Filberts. Dr
Now renamed:  BROOK TAVERN
1867               Henry Jackson
1867 - 82       John Chapman
1883 - 89       John Metcalfe
1889 - 95       Ellen Metcalfe
1901 - 07       Edward Gregory Hothersall
1910 - 17       Charles Robert Halton
1926 - 27       James Mercer
1932 - 40       William Lakeland
1944              Mabel Lakeland 
1948              William Rowland
1981 - 83       Norman Allen Smith

An application was made on Wednesday 28th August, 1867,
for a licence for the Cattle Market Hotel, a place built by the
Corporation in connection with the new cattle market. They 
had expended a great deal of money on the cattle market and
slaughter houses, and they had also spent a large sum on the
hotel. He thought that if they considered a public house, or
victualling house was required anywhere, this was one. A great
number of people would come to the market, and the house,
being a large one, was capable of providing them with the 
requisite accommodation. It was 50 feet square, and was
42 feet in height. There were nine cellars underneath, 15 ft
high. On the ground floor there was a bar, a bar parlour, a
vault, a sitting room, a kitchen, and a pantry, and all these rooms 
were 13 feet high.

On the first floor there was a dining room 47 feet by 19 feet wide;
3 bathrooms, water closet, and other conveniences, all 15 feet high.

On the second floor there were 8 bedrooms 10 feet high.

The out-premises comprised Stabling for 32 horses, a shed for 
conveyances, and a stand for a number of cows. There was a 
brewhouse attached, and there was no public house within 500 yards.

All the facilities were independent of the Cattle Market itself.
Preston Chronicle  31st August 1867

On Monday evening, a dinner was given at this
hotel, by Mr. John Chapman, the tenant, to
celebrate its opening, when about 100 gentlemen 
sat down to a repast, provided in first-rate style.
Preston Chronicle  26th October 1867


Preston Chronicle  31st August 1867
To Farmers & Pig Breeders
Mr. JOHN CHAPMAN, Cattle Market Hotel, Brook Street, Preston, 
has purchased from John Knowles Esq., Lytham, his celebrated BOAR
"GOLIATH."  For terms &c., apply at the above hotel.

GOLIATH is a splendid Boar, two years old, winner of many prizes,
and well worthy of attention to breeders.
Preston Chronicle  9th December 1871
Council Business
.................As to the Cattle Market Hotel, Brook Street, a house
owned by the Corporation, and fairly let at £147 P.A.  The sum
is reasonable considering the newness of the house, and the
fluctuating character of its custom. But there seems to be
something anomolous in the position of the landlord of the hotel, 
bear in mind - being not only a Town Councillor, but a member of
the very committee which exercises control over his own and
five other public houses. We think that Corporate tenants 
should not be members of the Corporation, and we are decidedly
of the opinion that the occupants of houses should not be  members
of committees privileged to regulate them.
Preston Chronicle   4th August 1877
At the Ripon Races on Monday, Mr. John Chapman's
"Ben Lomond" ran first, and Mr. Matthew Brown's "Jim Walker"
ran second for the Red Bank Plate of 100 guineas.
Preston Chronicle  10th August 1878
The Shire horse sale in 1936.
The hotel can be seen in the background.
Allen Smith had just become the landlord in 1981, just after this event.

Allen Smith, with a young Barry Smith. These new photographs have been contributed by Barry.
Thanks very much!

A Yard of ale being drunk under the watchful eye of the landlord.
Dated between 1981 and 1983, would anyone else like to claim being in this photograph?
A happy chappy, landlord's son, Barry, standing with his icy friend in what was the entrance to the Cattle Market itself.  Beyond the cars you can see the retail outlets associated with the cattle market, including Entwistle's gun shop.
Not many years earlier (late 1960's) the market had it's very own Preston Borough police constables. The very last ones there carried the collar numbers P.C.111 (Watkinson), and P.C. 26  (Harry Pickering). Their office was just to the right of the entrance.
Lancashire Evening Post 6th May 2011
John Chapman              54 years                Hotel Keeper            b. Gamerside, Yorkshire
Mary Chapman             56                         Wife                         b. Preston

John Chapman              63 years                Innkeeper / Farmer   b. Coverdale, Yorkshire
Mary Chapman             65                         Wife                         b. Preston

Ellen Metcalf                54 years                Hotel Proprietor        b. Little Crosby
William Metcalf            28                         Son                           b. Nantwich
Thomas Metcalf           19                         Son                           b. Broughton
Jane Cooper                25                         Daughter                   b. Nantwich
Henry Cooper              28                         Son-in-law                b. Preston

Edward G. Hothersall   52 years                Auctioneer                b. Broughton
Elizabeth Hothersall       47                        Wife                         b. Grimsargh
Ellen P. Hothersall         22                         Daughter                  b. Broughton
Ada E. Hothersall         21                         Daughter                            do
John Hothersall             19                         Son                                    do
Ann Hothersall              18                         Daughter                           do
Gertrude Hothersall       16                         Daughter                           do
Herbert E. Hothersall     7                          Son                                   do
Hilda Hothersall             8                          Daughter                           do
Agnes Hothersall           5                           Daughter                           do

Charles Robert Halton   48 years               Publican                    b. Preston
Ellen Halton                   48                        Wife                                  do
Beulah Halton                16                    Daughter / Milliner                 do
Gladys Helen Halton      14                        Daughter                           do
Zorah Vesper Halton      7                         Daughter                           do


  1. My grandfather was Wilfrid Hothersall, the grandson of E.G Hothersall who also owned ther livestock market (hence the unusual Auctioneer job description rather than publican/landlord). Wilfrid owned the Cattle (livestock) Market until the business was sold in the early 90's.

    1. Hi, I worked for E G Hothersall & sons 1980 - 1985. It was probably my most enjoyable job ever, but the wages weren't great. I remember Wilf, Ted & Cyril the bosses. Also David, Charles, Peter H, David H, Walter L, Sharon L, Angela H, Janet R, Bob, Alf, Doris, Denise, Jack B and I still see a lot of the yard lads now.

  2. BTW the pub is now called the Brook Tavern!!!

  3. Pete, Thanks for this and your comments on other pages. I just managed to mention in the write-up for the CMH in my book that it was now the Brook Tavern. It will always be the Big House to most of us!?

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  5. Good to see a few replies on this blog. The CM has been done up fairly recently and looks really nice inside. The food was great when I went in with family a few months back. Good to see it's surviving these harsh times. Are they letting out rooms now (just reading the above post).

  6. I was recently told by bar staff at Brook Tavern, that The Unicorn on North Rd was previously called The Cattle Market. Know anything about this anyone?

    1. Hi, it's mentioned on this site here...