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Saturday, 7 November 2015


76 or 71 Moor Lane
The building to the left of the biscuit factory is on the corner of Victoria Street, and is the original "Prince Arthur Hotel"
Taken from "Preston Digital Archives" on Flikr.

1852 - 54                  John Newton              
1856                         John Seddon          d. 6.12.1856 aged 43 years.
1858 - 59                  Bernard Ormandy
1859                         Samuel Collinson
1859                         Joseph Newton (owner)
1859 - 61                  Samuel Collinson
1861                         Joseph Newton
1861                         Samuel Collinson
1862                         Charles Brown
1862 - 65                 Ann Kew
1865 - 66                 Thomas Rawlinson
1868                         John Kew
1868 - 73                 James Singleton
1875                         Thomas Mullineux
1876 - 77                  William Fishwick  -  owner of property.
1877 - 89                  Thomas Wilson
1889 - 92                  Elizabeth Wilson
1892 - 95                  David Bramley - owner of property.
1901                         William H. Kowarth
1904                         David Bramley
1905                         John Lord
1907 - 13                 James Bell
1924                         James Trainer  almost certainly the son of PNE goalkeeper, James Trainer. If 
                                                                           so, he would be 27 years old in this year. 
                                                                           See 1901 Census at the  "Black-a-Moor's Head"
1932                         John Watkinson
1936                         John Thompson
1940                         Alice Burrows
1944                         Charles Simpson
At the Prince Arthur Inn, Moor Lane, Preston
On the 12th December 1854.
LOT 1    ALL that well-accustomed and substantially built
INN or PUBLIC HOUSE, known by the name of the 
"PRINCE ARTHUR INN," situate in Moor Lane, together 
with the Provision Shop, Dwelling-house, Bake-house, 
and School Room adjoining the same, now in the 
occupation of John Newton, John Calderbank and others,
the premises being subject to an annual ground rent of 
£13 7s 9d, which may be redeemed.
Preston Chronicle  2nd December 1854
Preston Chronicle  5th February 1859
Preston Chronicle 5th May 1860
An inquest was held on the body of a weaver named
Robert Dewhurst, 26 years of age, of 19 Victoria Street.

About 4 o'clock on Monday afternoon last, the deceased, 
who was not accustomed to brewing, was ladling a quantity 
of hot liquor out of a brewing boiler in a brew-house
attached to the Prince Arthur Inn, Moor Lane, when his
foot slipped, and he fell headlong into the hot liquor. He
raised a cry, and a man named John Sharples ran to his

He was got out shortly afterwards, but he was scalded
most severely. He died at about 8.20 the same evening.

He told his sister, Alice Wignall, with whom he lived, 
that nobody was to blame but himself, and the jury
brought a verdict of accidental death.
Preston Chronicle 18th November 1865
On Wednesday last, at the Police Court, Thomas Rawlinson, if the Prince Arthur
Inn, Victoria Street, Moor Lane, was summoned for refusing to admit the police
on Sunday morning, the 2nd inst. Mr. Forshaw represented the police authorities,
and Mr. Watson appeared for the defendant. PC 21 said that at about forty minutes
past twelve on Sunday morning, he, along with another officer, went to the Prince Arthur Inn
and knocked at the door. They waited about seven minutes before any person came to
 the door. A woman then came and asked who was there, and he replied, "The police". She then asked for their numbers, when he said that was of no consequence, and he did not give them.
They were not admitted to the house.
Mr Watson said that he had reason to suppose there was someone in the house, because he heard persons talking on the inside. He had not seen anyone go in or come out of the premises. He 
had not given his number when requeted to do so.
PC 39 corroborated the first officer's statement.
Mr Watson said that he was not aware that the police had a parrticular 'knock' on such occasions,
and added that the person who went to the door asted very properly in refusing
admittance to the two policemen.
She had put a question to them which they ought to have answered, and by their refusing to do so,
she was perfectly right in not opening the door.
The fact was, that many persons went to public houses during prohibited hours, said that
they were police constables, and thereby gained admittance. In the present case there was no one in the defendant's house but his own family. The house was closed at twelve o'clock on the Saturday night, and at the time the officers visited the place, the family were waiting for
the coming home of one of Mr. Rawlinson's sons, who is an apprentice to Mr. Alston,
pawnbroker, Friargate, and they were well aware of how late it was on Saturday nights when pawnbrokers closed their establishments.
Mr. Watson called a daughter and a son of the defendant, who bore out his statement.
The magistrates, having consulted for a short time, the Mayor said, We dismiss this case,
and at the same time I must say that the police officers ought to have answered the question which was put to them. There could be no good in refusing to give the information asked for, but a great deal of good might have arisen by giving it.
Preston Chronicle  22nd December 1866 
by Mr. JABEZ B. JONES on
Wednesday 3rd January 1877, at the PRINCE ARTHUR
HOTEL, Moor Lane, Preston.
LOT 1.    CAPITAL and commanding INN or PUBLIC
HOUSE, situate at the corner of Moor Lane and Victoria 
Street, in the occupation of Mr. William Fishwick, the
owner, known by the name of the "PRINCE ARTHUR,"
together with the Brewhouse, now used as a Stable, 
Buildings and Yard.

The Public House contains a large, capital vault, two
Bar Parlours, good Sitting Rooms and Bedrooms, &c.,
together with the lock-up shop adjoining the Prince
Arthur, at 151 Victoria Street.
Preston Chronicle 30th December 1876
On Wednesday evening, 22nd January, in the
Club-room of the Prince Arthur Hotel, Moor
Lane, a lecture was given by Mr. Charles Harvey,
on the subject of "Sewer Ventilation and
Sanitation." There was a fair attendance.
Mr. Harvey illustrated his remarks with apparatus
he had constructed, showing the effects of the
varying systems of ventilation now in vogue.
Preston Chronicle 25th January 1890
The fully-licensed public-house, the "PRINCE
ARTHUR HOTEL," Moor Lane, together with 
the brewery, stables, coach house, and buildings
attached, and the two adjoining dwelling-houses
and shop in Victoria Street, the whole containing
about 643 superficial square yards.

The hotel contains vault, parlours, and other
accommodation, and is well-known as one doing
a large retail business, and a large outside trade
in connection with the brewery.
Preston Chronicle 9th April 1892
The above image was contributed by a reader (Simon)
- if you let me know your full name I'll acknowledge it
on the site, but thanks anyway.
Simon found the bottle on a tip that used to exist at
the back of Haslam Park some time ago. 
On the bottle, from top to bottom, it reads:-
I don't know a lot about David Bramley other than that he was the landlord of the Prince Arthur Hotel, Moor Lane, Preston, from 1892 - 1895, and again in 1904. He owned the property.
It would seem that he had a "chain" of businesses, mainly grocery-type outlets. I intend taking a closer look at him later.
If there are any Bramley descendants reading this, please
get in touch with me.
 Lancashire Evening Post   7th February 1906
Samuel Collinson                 31 years                 Lic. Vict.                        b. Preston
Mary Ann Collinson            26                           Wife                                       do
John William Collinson         5                            Son                                        do
Mary Alice Collinson           7 months                 Daughter                                do

James Singleton                   25 years                 Lic. Vict.                       b. Broughton
Sarah Singleton                   28                          Wife                               b. Preston
Mary Agnes Singleton         7 months                 Daughter                                do

Thomas Wilson                   37 years                  Innkeeper                      b. Preston
Elizabeth Wilson                 37                            Wife                                      do
Sarah E. Wilson                  4                             Daughter                                do
Thomas H. Wilson              2                             Son                                        do
Lillian Wilson                      6 months                  Daughter                                do

Elizabeth Wilson                48 years                   Hotel Proprietor             b. Preston
Sarah E. Wilson                 14                           Daughter                                  do
Thomas H. Wilson             12                           Son                                          do
Lilian E. Wilson                  10                           Daughter                                  do

William H. Howarth           29 years                  Hotel Manager               b. Rufford
Alice A. Howarth              25                           Wife                               b. Preston
Ivy M. Howarth                 3                             Daughter                                 do

James Bell                         31 years                  Lic. Vict.                        b. Preston
Mary Bell                          29                           Wife                               b. Barrow-in-Furness
Annie Bell                          4                             Daughter                                  do

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  1. Trying to find if a pub was situated in between the unicorn preston and the moorbrook preston I cannot find any history please help